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  1. YAY, you're back. I'm glad to hear that things are settling down, it sucks how your parents reacted that way in the first place though...
  2. Reyes, i had no idea they made angry little girls shirts for guys... ... or do they? *raises eyebrow*
  3. OK, wow, this is weird. Im having a convo with someone about this right now. I think competitive cheerleading is definately a sport. Infact, i believe it has the second highest injury rate for sports in colleges. (after football). Check out these vids: I mean, thats some crazy stuff right there. IMO, more talent is involved there than any other sport. I mean, i can pick up a basketball and play basketball just fine. But i sure as hell can't pull off no roundodoff handspring arabian roundoff handspring doublepunch-front roundoff whip, whip, full, whip, double tumbling pass. I wish.
  4. Think of it this way. Do you think a baker makes a loaf of bread? Or is it the yeast reacting with all the other ingredients combined with the heat which makes it? The two can overlap sometimes depending on how you look at it. I think his problem is more with people believing certain details but then ignoring other parts or simply adding their own ideas into it, and not the actual idea itself. Like how the Bible says God created man and animals and everything terrestrial, and basically leaves it at that, but here we see many people seemingly having a belief that is "unscripted." I think, and yeah I could be wrong, but I think he has a problem with people saying they believe in the stories in the Bible, but then changing or adding on to those stories as if they were either left vague or simply incomplete. I know I've always found it odd how some passages are written off as "outdated" and then others are clung to so tightly, even though they were all supposedly divinely inspired by their god. Thankyou
  5. Wow, i'ts nice to see a story like this where the affected party isn't suing them out of thier ass.
  6. ^ Not if you use the singe rider's line. (heck, that on alot of their coasters now.) If you have 4 or so, you'll usually be within a train of eacother. I was dissapointed to see a clone-ish of X in Japan. I think its sad when any truly unique coaster gets a clone.
  7. I agree I don't get how people feel this way. I mean, you either think the bible is true, that god created man, or science is true, and that we evolved. How do you pick and choose things out of a bible? It would seem that you either think it was based on truth, or it wasn't. And if you don't belive God created man, as it says in the bible, why would you believe anything else it says? (Like the fact that there is a god at all)
  8. ^ I Just meant the backwards compatibilty part, not all the Wii hardware. Like, i know that the Wii has hardware emulation (So i guess its just faking a gamecube, nothing more or less), while the Xbox 360 has software emulation, which is why only some games work on it.
  9. Somtimes i throw some Lemonade into my Rasberry Iced Tea.
  10. They look the same, as far as i can tell. From my understanding there is just gamecube hardware inside the wii for backwards compatibilty.
  11. That's exactly what I believe. I mean, I think something must have put monkey's on earth, but I also think we evolved from them. Isn't the theory that we are closy related to monkeys, and that we have a common ancestor? I don't think it was that we actually evolved FROM monkeys.
  12. Tazo Razzoberry Tea from the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. Oh, and a big choclate chip cookie because it was Tiff's birthday (and because I'm poor)
  13. Its photoshopped, i understandd that, but i got bored! Rawr.
  14. After that Jahan the Beast picture? Oh baby, ill have a go. hah, jk. Lova ya Dennis!
  15. Its saturday night, and I'm at home. Boo. Dennis doesn't have his phone on him. Boo.
  16. ^ DIE!!!!!!! five-hundred-twenty-five-thousand-six-hundred minutes... five-hundred-twenty-five-thousand moments so dear. five-hundred-twenty-five-thousand-six-hundred minutes! How do you measure, measure a year? Have you ever gotten that song stuck in your head? You WILL be singing it outloud at somepoint. I hear it all the time at school, people randomly humming it. RENT
  17. Plain White tee, $20 at Abercrombie Outlet. Its SOOOOOOO soft.
  18. THe only coaster i ever whipmed out on was Superman, and that was when i was JUST tall enough to go on. I was like, no way! I knew too much about it from the travel channel to want to go on. I was also scared to death of perilous plunge after it checked the lady, and they were REALLY anal about saftey.. to the point where it was scary.
  19. Lines arn't really a big deal for my friends and me. I mean, if we notice a line is long as hell, we won't go in, but if we do, we're fine. I remmeber onetime X's line didn't move for, liek, an hour. I guess they didn't have the sliptter person so people were just going to the ride, and the splitter guy came and we had to wait it out until the ramps were emptied out before the line would move again. Dang we got comfortable in that line. We were a bit annoyed when it kept moving again. haha. But if you don't go witht he right people, it can be hell. Still, i prefer an emptier park.
  20. I don't nderstand what everyone's deal is with Paris Hilton. Sure, she's famous for nothing, but thats not her fault. I mean, atleast shes not like some girls, *cough* Lindsy Lohan *cough* who are doing drugs and stuff. Besides, she knows how to acessorize. Every little girl needs somone to look up to for acessorizing!
  21. Crest Whitestrips feel interesting. Only 25 more minutes...
  22. ^ & ^^ I have NO idea! i hadn't talked to her all day! Shes sortof mental.
  23. I havn't talked to my mom all day, and just now she walked into my room and through a laundry basket at me... Seriosuly, it doesn' teven phase me anymore.
  24. ^ Aww, you guys matched your assecories.
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