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  1. SFMM Cedar Point Geuaga Lake Knoebels SFGAdv King's Island Dinsey Land Diseny's California Adventures I'll definatlye be hitting up Knotts for their haloween shindig, and maybe Universal Studios (where i have never been)
  2. HAIRSPRAY. I'm glad to inform everyone taht JOhn Travolta didn't kill this movie. Its really a great adaptation of the musical its based on (minues a couple songs). I loved the cast. I expected to hate them because i didn't thenk they would be abele to pull off the songs, but come to think of it, tracy is the only singer that really matters in the show, and they went for a non celebrety for that role, so thats good. So, anyway, i loved the movie. It really went by really quickly. Wheres my damn Avenue Q Movie?
  3. Well somehow my background pic on my myspace got interchanged with some picture of some random mexican girl, so I saw that as an opportunity to make a new myspace background.... And here it is!
  4. I like them. But, hey, wait until they make an imperfect pair (which you won't even be able to tell because they're already supposed to be setroyed) and run out to your local Marshalls / Ross. You can get 7 Jeans or True Religions for about $60! Shhhh....
  5. Ok, my first kiss. Hah, it was proabbly when i was 12 or 13, and we were playing truth or dare. Sombody dard this girl (probably around 16 back then) to make out with me. We did, and it was eh. I usualy try to avoid other people's spit so i wasn't too into it... or atleast i don't remember being...
  6. Let me just say this: No game shall EVER be better than High School Musical: Sing It! Im totally serious. i cannot WAIT to freaking bop to the top on my Wii with a bunch of friends.
  7. ^ Yeah, I really didn't notice that until after i started supporting, and by then i wasn't willing to back and change somthing. Its just a little difficult to get airtime when you have to constantly turn to stay in a small area. Thanks for the niceness everybody, and keep the comments coming.
  8. I would probably have to go to The Pike in Long Beach (when it was actually a themepark, duh) to ride the Cyclone Racer. My dad used to tell me about the park, and its only a few miles away from here.
  9. Dont speak with no facts. TTD's launch is not as strong as MANY launches out there, it just lasts longer so it feels more intense. Let's use some math: Top Thrill Dragster: (120 (mi / hr)) / (4 sec) = 13.4112 m / s2 acceleration= 13.4112m/s2 Storm Runner (72 (mi / hr)) / (2 sec) = 16.09344 m / s2 accleration= 16.09344m/s2 (Stronger than Dragster) Dodonpa (106.9 (mi / hr)) / (1.8 sec) = 26.5492089 m / s2 acceleration= 26.5492089m/s2 (stronger that Dragster) Xcelerator (82 (mi / hr)) / (2.3 sec) = 15.9379478 m / s2 acceleration= 15.9379478m/s2 (stronger than Dragster) Stealth (80 (mi / hr)) / (1.9 sec) = 18.8227368 m / s2 acceleration= 18.8227368m/s2 (stronger than Dragster) Hypersonic XLC (80 (mi / hr)) / (1.8 sec) = 19.8684444 m / s2 acceleration= 19.8684444m/s2 (stronger than Dragster) Must I continue? EDIT- He beat me to it but my list shows others that aren't listed on the one he listed. AKA- TTD is even WORSE than #6 strongest in the world. I think the only way to calculate this would be to take a speed they all get to and see how long it takes them to get there. there are problems with taking the top speed and total time. A ride can initially launch very fast, but then might hit the higher speeds more gradually. Example: a car accelerates from 10-20 miles per hour faster than the same car would accelerate from 110-120. Now i don't feel like doing a bunch of math here, but i think that if you took the speed and time of the car's 0-60 time and compared that to the car's 0-100 time, it would show that the second trip would be less forceful, even though its the exact same launch.
  10. The Movie Recording of You Can't Stop the BEat from Hairspray. After hearing the movie's Wihtout Love... well im glad they didn't ruin THIS song, too.
  11. oh PLEASE. Everyone has the ability to buy insuarance if they want to. Just becasue some people don't work hard enough in school to get a job to afford it doesn't mean they are treated unfairly. Think about how biased this movie really is. He's not going out and picking random people. He is SEARCHING for storeies that will fit his own personal agenda. I would rather have the people who work hard get good medical attention than everybody in the country get delayed, crappy service like somthing a universal healthcare system (somthing that moore seems to be a supporter of) would deliver.
  12. Heck yes its scary. the difference between this coaster and most is that, instead of screaming in fear during the ride, more takes place on the breakrun/after the ride. That is, if you sit in the front seat at night. Being a southern californianer... im not quite used to bugs, right? So being splattered with dozens of them while going 120mph wasn't exactly... uhm... fun? Thing is, i didn't realize what i was getting hit with until the return trip down. Then i started screaming my ass off, but at the same time trying to keep my mouth closed... *shudder* God that was soooo disgusting.
  13. I named this coaster after the bestest dog in the whole wide world, so I hope I did him justice. Enjoy! Building supports through that mess was total hell. The ride has more overbanks than anything else. I tried to create as many headchoppers as possible, within reason. Best layout pic i could manage to get. "Killer inner spectrum support conglomoerates, dude" ~Dennis. Pet owner. Shadow.nltrack
  14. Eh, i saw it a couple of days ago... I didn't really... get it. They never really tried to be funny, but at the same time they never really made you care about what was going on... I guess nothing about it was bad, but at the same time they didn't do anything really well. Overall, it was just dull. I'm suprised they spent so much money on suck a weak script.
  15. ^ Literally gay? Interesting... I swear i didn't tell them on myspace or anything... OMG, i have freaking NINE hours at school a day this summer. I mean, i didn't fail anything, but my dad wasn't happy with my grades in Spanish, Geometry, and English, so im retaking them. Bleh. All my classes were honors and now im taking nonhonors courses for summer school,so hopefully it'll be easier.
  16. I have a (red) RAZR, now. Eh, i don't especially like it, but it serves its purpose. I really want a smart phone like the iPhone (except that doesn't have a keyboard, so its useless to me). Oh well, it might not by an iPod/internet browser/phone/toaster, but atleast i helped fight AIDS. Hah,Thanks.I'm really into electronics and gadgets and crap like that.I'm already saving up for an iphone =D Now that the iPhone is out, how about you ship me your "old" phone, bud?
  17. ME and DENNIS (sonfofbeastsucks) at Kings Island! Ew, rollercaoster hair...
  18. I heard that was the movie that practically killed movie musicals.... But you can go see it on broadway now... I read somthing about that movie somwhere last week, and i forgot where... But it was about brining it to broadway, and i guess they wern't staying too true to the material so they could actually make it... you know, good. ----------- OK, this is definately a love it or hate it movie. But my favorite movie of ALL time has to be... RENT
  19. You are NOT stealing my boyfriend. I'm going to PKI for the first time with *cough* DENNIS on friday. I wish this mofo would open...
  20. YAY, you're back. I'm glad to hear that things are settling down, it sucks how your parents reacted that way in the first place though...
  21. Reyes, i had no idea they made angry little girls shirts for guys... ... or do they? *raises eyebrow*
  22. OK, wow, this is weird. Im having a convo with someone about this right now. I think competitive cheerleading is definately a sport. Infact, i believe it has the second highest injury rate for sports in colleges. (after football). Check out these vids: I mean, thats some crazy stuff right there. IMO, more talent is involved there than any other sport. I mean, i can pick up a basketball and play basketball just fine. But i sure as hell can't pull off no roundodoff handspring arabian roundoff handspring doublepunch-front roundoff whip, whip, full, whip, double tumbling pass. I wish.
  23. Think of it this way. Do you think a baker makes a loaf of bread? Or is it the yeast reacting with all the other ingredients combined with the heat which makes it? The two can overlap sometimes depending on how you look at it. I think his problem is more with people believing certain details but then ignoring other parts or simply adding their own ideas into it, and not the actual idea itself. Like how the Bible says God created man and animals and everything terrestrial, and basically leaves it at that, but here we see many people seemingly having a belief that is "unscripted." I think, and yeah I could be wrong, but I think he has a problem with people saying they believe in the stories in the Bible, but then changing or adding on to those stories as if they were either left vague or simply incomplete. I know I've always found it odd how some passages are written off as "outdated" and then others are clung to so tightly, even though they were all supposedly divinely inspired by their god. Thankyou
  24. Wow, i'ts nice to see a story like this where the affected party isn't suing them out of thier ass.
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