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  1. I'm impressed. I didn't think they'd go thought the trouble of putting on-board speakers on the ride... I wonder what the music will be like.
  2. So i just now found out this was a roller coaster... I totally thought that Pony Express was a new horse ride or something... wow. Either they don't really make it too clear in their advertisements, or i'm just slow. Either way, it looks fun. =]
  3. Well I've heard at least one other song playing in X's line. The Time Warp. =] Good times, good times...
  4. Who's down to vote for McCain? He wants to get rid of gas taxes in the summer, and OMG... i'm totally down. =] Its around 3.70-3.80 here i think.
  5. I've named mine Reginald for now... As in "Reg, Reginald Fairfield!". Does anybody know what i'm talking about? I want to think of am amazingly British name that doesn't scream brittain. =]
  6. So i went on a trip with a bunch of friends up to sacramento, and i came back home to this... My parents may be jerks most of the time, but they know how to spoil me. It really is the most perfectest car for me, though. Good gas mileage, can haul four people, and its pretty damn quick and fun to drive (I have the S version)
  7. < New avatar. Its me, but all glowy and stuff!
  8. I need to intervene here. I personally doubt any stereotypical gay would EVER in the right mind wear jean shorts... ever. ever ever ever. Grrr... i hate jean shorts... Oh, i'm wearing AE cargos (very rare to see me in shorts, but i'm all bandaged up) Alfani boxer breifs. (i just got out of the shower) =]
  9. Dang, you're actually doing it, and it looks pretty good. i figured you'd just give up five minutes in and do stage makeup or something. =] It looks cool, though!
  10. ^^ i was under the impression that less weight meant less speed... which is why you needed a set number of riders before they would let psyclone run... Interesting because X even had some vallying problems at one point... But i'm sure they have this all worked out. can't wait.
  11. Because there are still gay people. And straight people, for that matter... i mean, as much as it seems like it, this isn't the actually "post in here if you're homo" thread.
  12. iIdidn't read any of this thread really so i don't really know what the general vibe is about this movie but from what i've heard from most people it isn't too positive, so i just wanted to say (in a very long run-on sentance) that i actually liked it. *gasps for breath* I mean, i can't think of anything where i didn't really like. it didn't blow me away or anything, but i'd love to see a sequel.
  13. Dreamgirls (i saw it in theaters in 07 so i'm counting it) Juno Hairspray Across the Universe Well, apparently my memory doesn't go back past Hairspray, but there you have it. Its a bit musical, haha, and i bet Sweeny Todd would end up on that list if any of my friends actually wanted to see it. Grrr. < Not sitting in a theater alone.
  14. I've played SSX Blur a few times, i liked it... I guess its just a rent to see if its your style or not...
  15. Balls of Fury (wii) Best Buy gift card. $230 Digital Camera Lazy christmas, right? everyone just gave me, like $40, haha. Whatever, i took balls of fury back and got store credit i'm going to use on guitar hero... once they have it in stock.
  16. R rated 101 Dalmatians? That would be interesting. Sheltering kids just makes them socially awkward and strange. I went to catholic school for seven years, i would know.
  17. They could move Zoey 101 to the N and have Jamie Lynn get an abortion, shave her head, forget to wear underwear when getting out of a car, get a DUI, get pregnant again, lose the kid in a custody battle, before graduating that school of hers and becoming a lesbian. That would be some good TV.
  18. The old concept art scares me. I mean, the park looks amazing in those sketches, but look how it turned out... I hope they don't dazzle us with a bunch of concept images just to disappoint everyone again... But i think they've probably learned their lesson.
  19. I always thought she was the only normal Spears. Guess i was wrong... I reserve the right to laugh all i want at this girl, though. I would feel sorry for her... But I'm sure she could have lied low for a while and not tried to get publicity out of it, instead of selling her story to OK magazine. But then again i guess people were going to find out anyway, might as well get the money, because who knows weather that Zoey 101 check will still be there for her in nine months. Hey, at least Britney can have another kid to take "care" of.
  20. I just discovered Ugly Betty a month or two ago... and i freakin LOVE it. Its really the only scripted show that i watch regularly.
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