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  1. I've been on most of the coasters at SFNE by myself. Bizarro, Goliath, Batman, Mind Eraser, Catwomans Whip, Cyclone, Flashback... Just to name a few. Also Superman at SFGAdv.
  2. I personally love this show. I've seen every episode so far. I love how almost never know whats going to happen next and just when you think things can't get crazier, they do! I just really hope Freak Show ends up being as good as Coven was.
  3. I love these drop towers! I thought I was never going to get the chance to ride one because I missed out on Great Adventures, Magic Mountains, and Cedar Points all by one year. Thankfully, I ended up riding Demon Drop at Dorney and loved it!
  4. Hey everyone! Today I take you to Little Amerricka! Disclaimer! Due to forgetting my Camera on the bus & my phone dying, this will be a small report! I've remember when I was younger reading about this little Wisconsin park on this site and when they bought the Lincoln Park Comets trains a few years ago. Never In my dreams would I think I'd actually have the chance of actually getting the chance to come to the park. This was a surprise park on the tour! Only a select group people knew we were actually going to the park! When we left Timberfalls, we were told we were going to drive a few hours, grab dinner, and continue our journey to Six Flags Great America. Because of lack of sleep, I almost immediately fell asleep on the bus. A little while later, I woke to Elissa talking over the bus PA saying soon we will be stoping for dinner at Little Amerricka, a park that has 4 credits! Before we knew it we were at the park. The park stayed open a few hours late and had the whole park to ourselves! After taking photos in front of the entrance gates, we were free to roam the park. The park is a very small family park that has a lot of old school charm! The park is made up of 4 old school coasters that you don't just see at any major theme park and a bunch of old school flats. It's like they took a park from the 1950's and dropped it into the middle of Wisconsin! Meteor is the parks junior woodie! While it has a old school design with its hand controlled breaks, it's actually the parks newest coaster. The park has some pretty cool family rides mixed in with the old school rides. Like a mini parachute drop ride and a mini monorail! They also have Wild & Wooly Toboggan! This was the first toboggan i've had the chance to ride. I thought it was a decent ride for what it was. They also had one of these really cool old school mouses! Sean looks like he's having to much fun! After getting all the credits, the park served us dinner of burgers & fries and then it was time to hit the road. I personally had a great time at Little Amerricka. It's not every day you go to one of these great little amusement parks out in the middle of nowhere. It had a great atmosphere and great employees that went well out of their way to make us happy. I'd like to thank everyone involved in making our short time at the park one that i'll never forget! Questions -Have you ever been to the park? -What did you think of it? -Is there anything that stood out to you? -Have you ever been on a Toboggan? -If so, What did you think of it? Next Update: Six Flags Great America!
  5. Wow this is pretty disappointing to read. I wonder what happened to the park since last season. Hopefully they step up their game for the 2015 season and make some improvements. On a brighter note, I'm in the process of writing the Little Amerricka PTR! I'll post it either tonight or sometime tomorrow!
  6. If you have another person in your room with you, develop a plan to have one person distract, while the other person comes up from behind and scares. Focus on scaring one person in the group instead of the whole group. This way you have a greater chance of a more effective scare verses a minimal scare to the whole group. Try to work on reseting. Basically what it is is once you've pulled off your scareon one person, move to someone else in the group and only focus on them for that short period of time. Or if your haunt sends small groups, move back to your starting position. Also, while getting in someones personal space is a very effective way to scare, follow what MayTheGForceBeWithYous tip about being award that some peoples natural reaction when being scared is to hit, slap, or punch. So just be careful. Also, if you see that someone is really scared, you can mess with them a little bit, but there comes a time where to them it's just not fun anymore and they might feel as they are becoming personally attacked. Just another thing to be careful of. Hope you have fun working at your haunt! Let us know it goes!
  7. Looks like construction is moving along nicely! It's only a matter of time until the lift hill track installed!
  8. I always thought the back seat of Cyclone at SFNE had a nice Oh Sh*t moment on the first drop. The ejector air on it was amazing!
  9. Hey All! It's time for another update! Today I bring you to the Wisconsin Dells where we checked out two pretty fun parks, Mt. Olympus & Timber Falls. Neither park was anything I excepted it to be. Mt. Olympus is basically made of up of a few coasters coasters, a few go cart tracks, and a water park with a Sky Coaster in it. While Timber Falls is made of up an awesome wooden coaster, a pretty decent log flume, a mini golf course, and a Sky Scraper. We started the morning off at Mt. Olympus with an ERT on Hades 360 and a surprise ERT on Little Titans! Good Morning Beautiful! =D I thought it was a tad strange that they didn't change this sign at all during the conversion. Atleast they know its rough as hell... OMG the name finally makes sense!!! As someone who works at a theme park, seeing that none of the coasters have any type of danger zone fences or restricted area fences kinda freaked me out a bit. Like none! at all! They also have an Upcharge Screamin Swing. After getting our fill of the "aggressive" Hades, Sean and I decided to head over to Extreme World to find out what was going on with it. I guess all thats open over there now is a super sketch haunted house, a reptile house, and the bungee jumping. The SCAT Tower and Sky Coaster were both closed. They said they were in the process of selling it to another park, lets see if that happens. The closed SCAT Tower Scariest 5 minutes of my life! Mt. Olympus's water park from across the street. After the terror I endured at Extreme World, We decided to head back over to the Mt. Olympus to check out the other coasters the park had to offer. Be advised, I really didn't have much time to take many pictures of the park due to the fact that the Bungee Jumping took a good hour and a half of our day and we also didn't spend the whole day at the park. By the time we got back, the park was starting to pick up, and with one train operation and slow dispatch times, you could only imagine how long it must have taken to get on certain rides. We saved the best for last, Cyclops. I knew people loved the last car of this ride for its ejector air, but I wasn't holding my breath. Jumping into the train and seeing that it was only a seatbelt and buzz bar made me a little nervous, but lets be serious, what in the dells didn't make everyone nervous. lol. It doesn't look like it has ejector air... But it does! Lots of air! 3 Lifts in 1 photo! =] Bye Bye Hades 360! Overall I enjoyed Mt. Olympus. It was a fun little park with what looked to have had a pretty good water park. Hopefully the park added some adult flats to the line up and keep working on retracking Hades. Next we went to Timber Falls. Sadly I didn't have time to take photos at the park because it was a very quick stop and I was really tired from the night before. Avalanche was a great, fast paced little woodie that gave some great moments of air. The log flume was great. It interacted with many parts of the mini golf course, had a few caves, and got you pretty wet. We also checked out the parks Sky Scrapper which ran a pretty decent cycle. Overall, I had a pretty good time at the park. We ran into a bunch of friendly ride ops, especially one who was operating the log flume, she was wicked funny! It had a few solid rides, and seemed to be pretty well maintained. Questions -Have you been to either park before? -Do you have any horror stories from either? -What do you think the parks could do to attract more of an audience? -Hades 360, thumbs up or thumbs down? -Cyclops, was it everything you thought it would be, or do you think it's overrated? -What are your thoughts on Avalanche? Thanks for reading! Now that I don't work during the week anymore, I should hopefully be posting more trip reports! Up Next: Little Amerricka
  10. Lemonade- Alexandra Stan I seriously love this song! lol
  11. I had a few good rides open my birth year (1990). These are the three i've actually ridden. I can honestly say that say that I had a pretty good time on all of them. Sure they may be a tad bumpy or rough, but that's half the fun! 1. Viper- SFMM 2. Predator- Darien Lake 3. Boomerang- Knott's Berry Farm
  12. Honestly I wasn't impressed with Hydra at all. I thought it was going to be a solid coaster but i just found it to be really boring.
  13. At work (SFNE) we call all the coasters something different almost everyday. -Bizarro -Bizzy, Superman, and we also pronounce it Bizz er o. -Batman: The Dark Knight- Batman, Batty, Da Dark Knight. -Mind Eraser- Mind or ME. -Catwoman's Whip- Catty or Da Whip. -Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape From Arkham Asylum.- We keep this one simple and just call it Gauntlet. lol -Thunderbolt- Thundie -Goliath- Deja Vu, or Pronounced like Goalie ith... Don't ask. lol - Pandemonium- Panda, Pandie, Zombie Coaster. We also call some flats different names too -Crimewave- Da Wave -Teacups- Da Cups, Terror Twist or Twistie -Buzzsaw- Da Saw -Splashwater Falls- Splash -Splish Splash Zone- Splishy Splashy -Ships Ahoy- The Ship -Krazy Kups & Wacky Wagon- Wagon Party Just to name a few.
  14. The one ride I got denied for was Roller Soaker at Hershey Park. I rode it earlier in the day but when I tried to ride again in a different car, we couldn't get the seatbelt buckled. Thankfully I was going to be on the last car of the night and no one else was in the station. The Attendants were super nice about it and even offered up another car because apparently every car had different length seat belts. I decided to just wait and take photos. Needless to say, I'm glad that ride is gone!
  15. Thunderhawk (1923), Giant Dipper- Belmont Park (1925), and the Coney Island Cyclone (1927)
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