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  1. As much as I would love the park to get a B&M hyper at the park, I just can't see it happening. I think a chance hyper would be the best choice for the park if they ever decide to go over the 200ft mark. I'm sure it's been talked about before but personally I would love to see RMC redo Boss. The park as it stands has 3 wooden coasters, so to turn one of them into a steal wouldn't be the end of the world. This would also kill two birds with one stone by solving the roughness of the ride, while also giving the park the new signature coaster that it's currently missing. LOL! That has to be it!
  2. Thanks David! If I ever go to Florida or if you're ever in the area, id love to hang out. I'm not sure if you remember but I briefly met you at bizarro bash at sfne in 2011. I was the employee that worked at the park that met up with nick. Also yes I did have the cinnamon bread at sdc, it was amazing!
  3. See the loose artical policy doesn't bother me because I'm so used to it at sfne and sfgadv. I really think a new stand out signature coaster would really help the park stand out. From what I saw, they already have a pretty decent flat line up, a water park that looked like fun, and a bunch of fun coasters. Now all they need is something to get people to notice them.
  4. Hey everyone! Today I'm taking you to Six Flags St. Louis! We only spent a few hours at the park because we needed to drive up to Wisconsin, but a few hours was all we really needed. The morning started off with a fun back stage tour of Mr. Freeze which allowed us to go into the restricted area as well as the launch tunnel. After the amazing back stage tour, the park opened up American Thunder for our enjoyment. The park also went out of their way to walk us to Boomerang so we could be the first riders of the day! Anyways onto the photos! Walking into the park, you get a great view of Bonzai Pipelines! I see you Batman! =D We waited at Mr. Freeze's AMAZING entrance for our tour guide. I can't wait for our tour! Into the restricted area we go. =] Part of the rides electrical system. A look at the top hat and spike! This ride had great theming! Beautiful =] This was easily the best part of the day! I see you mr. lims! Looking towards the station. Someone likes tacos! and someone clearly does not. =[ I loved this giant screen inside of the station! After the backstage tour, it was time for ERT on American Thunder! This was a fun coaster. It had a nice amount of airtime and speed, while not being extremely thrilling. I thought it was perfect for this park. A train full of happy riders! I also loved the quick direction changes and large twisting drops. After the ERT, we were walked over to the parks new hotness, Boomerang! For those who don't know. Boomerang was relocated from Six Flags Over Texas and given a new neon green and orange color scheme. For a Vekoma Boomerang with really old trains, it was actually pretty fun! After Boomerang, it was time to actually ride Mr. Freeze. I'm not sure why, but I liked this one much more than the one down in Texas. Ninja was another ride I was really expecting to be much worse then it really was. I didn't think the ride was that rough. It had its moments, but it was a good ride overall. It had a pretty cool layout too. =] I loved this for some reason. Sadly Superman was closed during our visit. I love Intamin drop towers, so needless to say I was pretty disappointed about it. Sadly we didn't have enough time for the parks Sky Coaster, but that's just another reason to go back to the park. If any park has a Scooby Doo themed ride, I'm on it! This was one of the coasters I thought was pretty underrated at the park. I thought this coaster has a great layout, great airtime, and great speed during the entire ride. I wish we had the chance to get some night rides on it because i'm sure they'd be great! The park also had this beautiful ferris wheel! Review I thought this was a great little park. The park had a really nice atmosphere and charm to it.All the employees were extremely friendly and a few even went out of their way to help me when I accidentally dropped/lost my wallet in the bathroom as we were leaving the park. Thankfully I got it back with everything still inside, but it is customer service like that that makes you remember a great time at a great park. The park also had a bunch of fun flats like Excalibur, which I've always wanted to ride when it was at Great Adventure, but never had the opportunity. The one thing I did notice about the parks ride line up was that it was missing a signature coaster, sure they have Mr. Freeze, Batman, and Boss, but I feel like it's still missing something. Also Boss needs to have some work done on it ASAP. This was one of those rides on the trip that looks like a ton of fun and I really wanted to love it, but I just couldn't. Overall, I have a great time at the park and I can't wait to head back sometime within the next few years to check out the new additions like Tsunami Soaker and get my Sky Coaster and Superman credits! Thank you to everyone who helped make our time at the park as amazing as possible! =] Questions -Do you think the park is missing a signature coaster? If so, what would you want to see the park add in the next few years? -What do you guys think about Boss? -What is your opinion on the park? As always, please make sure to comment letting me know your answers to the questions above and make sure to check back soon for a new update! Next Up: Wisconsin Dells!
  5. I could be wrong but didn't Outlaw Run cost somewhere in the 10 million dollar range? If so, they seem to be pretty affordable for the amazing rides they deliver.
  6. ^Really? I didn't notice it. Do you guys think that a lighting package on the tower might blind/bother guests riding zuma?
  7. Not really... Why waste money and staff two extra people when the line is only 5-10 minutes long? It would be a completely different story if there was a hour wait but when was the last time you saw that outside of fright fest. Staffing more people then what is really needed just because a few people the line is moving to slowly is just silly.
  8. ^^ I'm sure the reason behind slower dispatches now verses the first 5 year of the rides operation is because less ride attendants. When the ride opened it most likely had 4 attendants, not the two it almost always has. The amount of attendants can drastically change the speed of dispatches.
  9. Great trip report! I loved this place so much. It completely blew my expectations of it out of the water. I can't wait to go back and check out the near vertical death slide again!
  10. ^Yes we did! Climbing that arch was one of the freakiest things I've done in a long time. I wasn't a fan of how it had almost no supports except for a few wires!
  11. Hey everyone! Its time for another exciting update! This time I take you to City Museum in St. Louis! If you've been living under a rock and have not seen a trip report of this place already, It's basically a giant jungle gym for adults. A brief history on the place is that the building use to be a shoe factory back in the day. In 1995, the building was bought and began its conversion into what it is today. The museum opened its doors in 1997 and has been entertaining guests ever since! Now i've read many, many, many trip reports on this place and I was extremely excited to check it out! But words simply can't do this place justice. Enjoy! Before we went to City Museum, it was time for lunch at the famous Lambert's Cafe! I loved this place! They give you large amounts of food and they also had people walking around giving you a bunch of different sides. It's time for the feast to begin! My first ever view of the Gateway Arch! All you need is a launch tower and you'd have a great sky coaster! We've arrived! This is what it looks like when you first walk in! The inside had a bunch of hidden walkways, ramps, slides, things to climb on, and even caves! Here I am climbing one of the crazy contraptions. Here's Stacy giving it a go! They also had this near vertical drop slide with an airtime hill! Hey Laura! This human sized hamster wheel. This random sumo wrestler that Doug totally owned! And this crazy shoe slide! The outside area had a bunch of crazy things to do. This place was truly nuts! I loved it! They had this giant slide that lead to a little underground cave. They also had this real decommissioned plane that you could crawl through! This place even has a sketchy ferris wheel on the top of the building! It gave great views of the giant grass hopper at the top of the building. As well St. Louis. As many of you probably don't know, I'm scared of heights. I only have an issue with them if I do not have a restraint of some type. So this old school ferris wheel wasn't my cup of tea. They also had this really awesome fountain that you could play in! I leave you with this awesome group shot of almost everyone on the tour hanging out inside the dome of the building! Question Time! Have you been to City Museum? If so, what was your favorite thing inside of it? I hope you guys enjoyed the report! Please make sure to comment below and let me know what you thought! Next Update: Six Flags St. Louis!
  12. See I personally love viper. I've ridden it a few times over the years and I've loved every single ride. I also didn't find the ride to have as much head banging as I thought it would. It was one of my favorites at the park.
  13. I love SFNE, SFGAdv, and CP's skylines. They're all so beautiful in their own way.
  14. ^Most people that work there do not have the accent. That accent is really only found on on the eastern side of the state.
  15. I'm really excited to see finally get finished! We need a decent indoor amusement park up here in the northeast!
  16. I mean at least this is only the mobile version. If they decide to create RCT4 for PC/Mac, I really hope it doesn't look like this.
  17. ^ What's Geyser Gulch? I don't think I noticed it when I was there.
  18. ^ I understand that. I was saying the in regards to the giga debate because it's not the tallest and fastest in the park. In regards to the park adding a wooden coaster thats taller than toro, I personally think it's a bad idea. The park just lost a wooden coaster that catered to a younger audience than toro. They should build something that fills that void before taking on a hyper woodie. Just my opinion.
  19. Since when does a ride have to be a record breaker or the tallest in the park to be marketable? There are tons of rides added to a bunch of different parks every year that don't fit that standard and are still very marketable.
  20. Hey everyone! It's time for another update! After a few hour drive from Magic Springs, we arrived at Silver Dollar City right as the sun was beginning to set. I was really, really excited for this park for so many reasons, but the main reason was obviously Outlaw Run. Honestly I can't think of another word to describe this park other than amazing! I can honestly say I enjoyed every single one of their coasters and park is absolutely beautiful. I'm going to try something new and rate all the credits individually instead of talking about them in a photo description. The Credits Fire In The Hole- This is one of those dark ride coaster combos. I thought it was a pretty cool little ride. There is a section that does drop and get you a little wet which did take me by surprise the first time I rode it. Overall I'll give it a 6/10. Grand Exposition Coaster- This was the last credit we got. We tired many times to get it during the day but it was closed for a while. While it is a kiddie coaster, it was a pretty decent ride that attracted many guests and long waits. Overall I'll give it 5/10. Outlaw Run- After following the construction of this ride all off season, I was pumped I was getting the chance to finally ride it. I thought this ride was amazing. It became my number 2 wooden coaster right behind El Toro. It provides great airtime, crazy elements, and maintains its speed throughout the ride. Overall its getting a 10/10 because it's just that amazing. Powder Keg: A Blast In The Wilderness- This was always one of those coasters that has been on my bucket list due to its uniqueness. For those who don't know, it's a launch coaster that also has a lift hill. It also has two different track styles because it also used to be a water coaster. The ride also features a moving track segment that brings you up to the launch area. As you can see there are just so many things that make this ride special and I thought it was great. It wasn't the most intense launched coaster but it did have some great speed, airtime, and lats during the old track segments. I'll give this a 8/10. Thunderation- This ride was a surprise to me. While I knew the ride was around, I didn't know that it was so underrated! This is seriously one of the best mine trains i've ever been on. It uses its terrain so perfectly that you really don't know whats going to happen next. The ride also gains a good amount of speed at one point as it goes through the helix and keeps that speed for a little while. Overall I'll give it a 7/10. Wildfire- This was another coaster that has been on my bucket list for a while just because of its beautiful location. This was also my first B&M standard looper so that was a plus. To put it simply this ride is great. The ride provides some great forces, you even get some air on the first drop. The ride does have one trim by the entrance to the cobra roll, but its not always on, and even when it is it doesn't really make a difference. Overall I'll give this a 8/10 As you can see, I loved every one of the coasters for my own little reasons. The park also offered some other great flats like a S&S Swing, A Disko, A Wave Swinger, and one of those mini climbing observation towers. Now onto the photos! As you can tell, it was a pretty wet morning. The park give us a backstage tour of Outlaw Run! As you can tell, it allowed us to get very up close and personal to the ride. The park even allowed us to sign the coasters first drop! You can't get pics like this every day! The ride does use the landscape quite nicely. This funky little turn was one of my favorite parts of the ride. So beautiful! Standing this close to the ride really shows how massive it really is! Words can't explain how amazing this ride really is. <3 Fire In The Hole, as well as the whole park in general, had amazing theming! Oh yea, we also got a back stage tour of Fire In The Hole! I see you Mr. Squirrel. Hey Thad! Part of the workshop for the ride. Another view of the shop. Some cars that were being worked on. Wheels! Storage track for the ride units. After the tours, we were free to roam the park on our own. Unfortunately, it rained most of the morning so I didn't take a ton of photos. But I did manage to take a few once the weather cleared up. We figured why not give this a go! =] Powder Keg was a nice little surprise! I thought the launch was going to be more intense, but either way I still loved the ride! A train of riders about to blast into the wilderness! I loved the theming of the ride! I wonder how many times this piece of track has been used. After an amazing buffet, a bunch of TPR members decided to his up this fun little attraction! Don't fall Stacy! After we got all the credits, we decided to head over to a few little other attractions that Branson had to offer. Sadly the Titanic museum was way to expensive for us. But we did get the gift shop credit! The main reason why we took this little adventure! This sky coaster was pretty great! I've come to the conclusion that the smaller sky coasters are much better then the larger models! While it's not the largest model, it was alot of fun! After our side trip, we decided to head back to the park to take a few more laps on the coasters before the park closed. I personally thought this was one of the coolest signs i've ever seen at a park! And last but not least, Outlaw Run's lift hill at night! Overall I LOVED this park. I thought this park was perfect in every way possible. From the extremely friendly staff, to the amazing theming all over the park, I would highly recommend everyone to go to this park! I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in making out time at the park as amazing as possible! Question Time! What did you think of the park? What was your favorite thing about the park? Be it a ride, attraction, or cinnamon bread? =] Is there anything you think the park should improve on? I also want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading my Trip Reports! Please make sure to Comment letting me know what you thought about the report and what would like to see improved on for my upcoming reports! Next Update: City Museum!
  21. See I rode Thunderhawk in 2012 and thought it was a POS. I thought it had a great lay out, but the overall ride was way to rough that it made it extremely painful. And that's also coming from me, a guy that loves rough woodies!
  22. The only coaster I did the walk of shame for was Roller Soaker at Hershey Park. I wasn't wicked upset about it because I did get the credit earlier in the day. Also we would have been on the last train of the day so no one but the ride crew and my friends really saw me walk away. The crew was really nice about it though and seemed kind of confused as to why I couldn't fit because I wasn't as big as I am now at the time. Oh well, the rides dead anyway.
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