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  1. If all goes well, I'll be going to Holiday Lights at Lake Compounce again this year!
  2. I think you misread that. Yeah. But I think he has Goliath mixed up with Millie. Maybe not, he might be talking about Goliath at Walibi Holland. Both coasters are made by Intamin AG and have the same style of track.
  3. YAY! I'm so excited to see everything this years show has to offer!
  4. One experience I had was one day a few years ago, A few friends and I were exploring Lincoln Park, in North Dartmouth, MA. We got permission from the land owner. The park was shut down in 1987 for financial reasons. The coaster was known for its fair share of accidents and deaths. In fact, the last ride of the Comet (the parks signature coaster) was an accident. Four people were injured when the braking system failed just as the cars were entering the breaks causing the last car to jackknife. A year before a man was thrown from the ride and in 1964, a man was killed due to standing up during the ride. In 1964 while the ride was ascending the lift hill, a car became disconnected from the rest of the train, casing it to roll back down the lift, derailed sideways, and dumped 6 guests out onto the pavement 10 feet under the ride. Comet History I've heard a bunch of different stories from a girl falling out of the ferris wheel and one of my fathers friend getting hit by the flying cages ride and getting killed. Anyways back to the story, one day my friends and decided to do some exploring during the day, when walking around the coaster, we all heard what sound like a lift hill. We have all worked on rides in a theme park before so we all just kind of looked at each other and brushed it off. As we were walking away from the coaster, we then started hearing what sounded like a coaster going down the drop and some faint screaming. It wasn't like a horror movie scream or anything, but enough to make us all stop in our tracks and look right back at the coaster. It really freaked all of us out. Another time when I went at night, we heard what sounded like carousel music. One of my friends was filming and actually caught it on tape. I'll see if he still has the tape and if he does, i'll post it here.
  5. Hey Everyone, So I was watching some coaster videos on youtube and it eventually lead me to some "real" theme park ghost stories. So after doing a little digging on here, I didn't find any kind of topic about this so I figured i'd make one and if you guys have heard any of your own ghost stories. Now i've heard of a bunch of different stories from almost every major theme park chain, from the Haunted Mansion at Disney World really being haunted, to Cedar Point's Hotel Breakers. Lets hear what you guys got!
  6. Depends on how one classifies the "drops" on Sequoia Adventure Very good point. I always thought of them as inversions. RCDB also classifies them as inversions so I guess i'll go with that.
  7. Hey guys, so I just re watched the video of this epic ride and noticed something no one else has pointed out yet. It may be just the angle but it seems like this ride may have two beyond 90 degree drops! If this is true and I'm not mistaken, which I very well could be, this would be the first ride in the world to have two beyond 90 degree drops in it!
  8. This has always been a touchy subject for me. I don't mind it if happens every once and a while while waiting In a long line, but it happens every time the line moves then I start getting annoyed. It's not so much me getting mad at them for not moving so I can get on the ride faster, but just not paying any sort of attention at all.
  9. Rumor has it from a few LC employees that the area inside those photos are not for a new ride. Honestly though, who really knows. That area looks really large for an Air Race and to small for a coaster. The only way I see it being a little woodie going over there is if it wraps around to the left side of the first photo. Does anyone know off the top of their heads whats over there and if theres enough space to support a small out and back?
  10. Thanks everyone for the support so far! Welcome to the 1966 season of Sassaquin Pond Park! The last two seasons have been amazing for the park. The park has more than tripled its daily attendance from 150 guests per day to more then 500 guests per day! While it is defiantly an improvement, our goal is to start getting at least 1,000-1,250 guests daily to come though the gates. To start improving these numbers, we have started adverting in the national news papers and at colleges around the country. We have also started shooting some T.V. commercials! Anyways onto the photos! The midways may seem empty this season, but the lines are far from empty! As you can see, Americana is still a fan favorite and proving to be one of the parks most popular rides! One change that you will see this season is to the park skyline with the addition of the Giant Slide! Giant Slide has proven to be an instant hit! Its rare that this ride will ever get a line because it has an extremely high ride capacity of around 800 guest per hour! Another big change this season is to the Thunderbolt. Can anyone tell whats missing? While Thunderbolt is growing in popularity, the ride never really has more than a one cycle wait. So to cut down on maintenance costs, we decided that the ride will operate with one train until it is needed. As you can see, most guests don't seem to mind the change as the ride is still a walk on. The new park skyline! I hoped you enjoyed a look at the 1966 season. What do you guys think is coming in 1967? Make sure to comment blow letting me know what you guys thought of the park and what you want to see next! See you in 1967! -Kevin
  11. Hello everyone. Welcome to 1965 Season at Sassaquin Pond Park! The first season was great for the park! Attendance wise, we saw a little over 350,000 guest come through our gates. Back in the parks heyday in 20's, they saw about 100,000 guest annually, so this was a big accomplishment for the park. We know that the park still has many areas we can improve on, so during the 1964 season, we talked to guests to find out what they wanted to see come to the park. Many guests expressed their concern that there was very little food choices, so this season we added a few new food and drink stands to try to meet up with the parks increasing demand. Here are the brand new Hamburger & Lemonade Stands! We have also added a new Drink and Fries Stand! In terms of rides, some guest said because of the very warm summers in Massachusetts, that they wish the park would open a water ride of some type. Other guests wanted to see the park add a new family thrill ride. And then you have those thrill seekers that want a new roller coaster! We took many of these suggestions into consideration. For this season, we bring you three new attractions! The Teacups- This family attraction is great for kids of all ages! 48 guest at a time are seated in to one of 12 teacups and are able to control how much they spin! Magic Carpet- This family thrill ride is a must for all the thrill seekers in training. The 12 person gondola rocks back and forth until it finally makes it all the way around and completes a 360 degree rotation! Blue River Falls- This thrilling log flume type attraction will take you on over 3,600 feet of watery adventures through dense forest. The climax of the ride is a 60ft hill that will drop you all the way back down to the ground at speeds of 35mph. You're sure to get wet on this new thrill ride! Sadly, this year because of the very harsh winter we've had up here in Massachusetts and due to the scale of massive construction projects across the park, only our Tea Cups was ready to open on opening day. While Magic Carpet construction was completed, it was still in its testing phase and wouldn't be ready for another 2 weeks. Blue River Falls on the other hand was ready just in time for the summer season to start! Here are some photos of the park over the course of the 1965 season. Enjoy! Welcome to another season of family fun! As you can see, the Teacups were ready on opening day, but the ride still needed some last minute landscaping. As you can see, the parks Grand Carousel is as popular as ever! Americana has also turned out to be a family favorite, sometimes seeing lines of up to 20-30 minutes! Even the Whip is starting to see long lines! Looks like Magic Carpet is almost ready to open! Here is the construction area for Blue River Falls! Looks like some flume pieces have started to arrive! Work all the way up to the first lift hill has been completed! Work of Blue River Falls has been moving at an amazing pace. Not even a two weeks later, workers are already working on the 60ft drop! Blue River Falls flume construction is now complete! As part of our conservation project at the park, we saved many of the trees we removed during land clearing to replant them around the new rides and the park! Also as you can see, line construction has also begun! Testing has completed! Looks like the ride will open any day now! Here are the first group of riders! Looks like they got soaked! Here's an over view of the whole area! One final overview of the park! I hope everyone enjoyed Sassaquin Pond Parks 1965 Season. Make sure to comment below letting me know what you thought about the park. What do you think we should add to the parks line up next? Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the 1966 season!
  12. It's probably just the angle of the picture, but the bottoms of that loop seem to be way to close together for a winged train. Lol
  13. I love it when parks do off season videos like these. It's always great to see a woodie get some track work done. It's even better to see all 3 of there woodies getting work. Hopefully I can finally make it out there this summer to see how they turned out!
  14. ^ That was my favorite place to eat in the park! I was really disappointed when I found out they closed to down.
  15. Currently it's a brisk 34 degrees here in New Bedford, MA. Rumor has it that this is supposed to be a really bad winter for New England, hopefully this isn't true.
  16. Stingray- Giant Wheel Park of Suzhou Togo Sitdown Looping Coaster
  17. I'm glad to see them still investing in other flat rides while still trying to make this coaster come to life. Hopefully it happens sooner than later.
  18. Since Mack Kiddie Coaster isn't a real kind of coaster produced by them, I'm just going to pick one of their models that is geared towards kids. In this case its a Mack Youngster Coaster. Flying Horse Family Coaster- Chimelong Paradise Premier Rides- LIM Shuttle Loop Coaster
  19. Personally, I love this season so far. There has already been so many twists that I wasn't expecting and I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm really curious to find out all of Dandys back story. That's basically how every season has gone. They have a bunch of different sub story lines happening at once which end up in the end resulting into one major story line. Once and a while they will focus on one or two people in the show, but right when you think you know is going to happen, they switch it up on you. For example when Twisty was the chosen freak. This is one of those shows that you really need to focus on every single little detail, if you don't, you'll most likely miss something important pertaining to that person or to someone else. I'm glad you're starting to enjoy the show!
  20. Last time I checked it was $2.89 New Bedford, Massachusetts and around $2.93 in Springfield/Agawam, Massachusetts.
  21. I currently have an 16 gb iPhone 4s. I've had it since late 2011 and its been nothing but great. My one complaint I have with it is that it doesn't have the storage space I need anymore. I ordered the 64 gb iPhone 6 a few weeks ago and it should be here any day now. Does anyone have any complaints with them yet?
  22. Granted, but you will not be able to download anything onto it, no apps, documents, nothing. I wish I got to pick what rides would be installed into every six flags park every year.
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