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  1. ^ As of right now, the park only has two coasters. Maybe that will change in the very near future. Thanks for all the kind words! The future for the park seems very bright right now. We have been seeing a record high attendance for the past few seasons and it looks like the park will finally hit over 1 million guests this season!
  2. This has always looked like a fun ride, it's a shame I can't make it our to Florida until march. =[
  3. Hey everyone, Kevin here. So over the off season we saw our 1969 additions come to life. It was great to be able to watch the construction of 4 new rides, a new show, and a new eatery over the winter. The first new ride that was installed was the Flying Trapeze. This new children's ride will swing riders around forwards AND backwards! Red Barron will take our little fighter pilots on a high flying adventure by the water! Flying Elephants is our family friendly ride that allow guests to see what its like fly on the backs of these magical elephants! Here is the all new Circus Show & The Big Top Resturant! And finality Clown Cars will let the whole family jam into a car and spin you in circles! Circus World got a new fountain and garden area. Thanks to the addition of Circus World, this seems to be the busiest opening day on record! Its rare to see the Teacups with a line due to its high throughput. Even Swinger has a long line! If lines stay like this, we may have to do another major expansion in the near future! Thunderbolt is still popular even years later! Im glad to see Flying Cages starting to finally get a line! Cyclone riders about to take the plunge! Looks like the new family favorite seems to be the Flying Elephants! I'm really glad that Circus World is a huge hit! Let's hope numbers stay up all season so we can do all the things we have planned for next season! Thanks for spending opening day 1969 with us! I hope to see you again next season!
  4. ^Thanks Andy! I loved all your reports you really got some amazing shots! I didn't think the park would get that packed during our visit. Thank god for Fast Lane Plus! Hey everyone! It's time for a little post tour theme park fun. I joined Marcel, Doug, and Werner on their trip to two parks, Conneaut Lake Park being the first. I have heard a little about this park in the past, mainly bad things. But after hearing that the parks wooden coaster Blue Streak had reopened a few years back, I was excited to check it out. Welcome to Conneaut Lake Park! Here we are walking down the main midway. It looks like it seen better days. Here is the main reason why we're here! One cool aspect is that the ride still uses manually operated breaks. It also runs an old NAD train! The ride is hidden in the woods and very hard to get great shots of. The ride looks extremely run down and painful, but it's actually a really fun ride! It has good speed, some great moments of airtime, and is decently smooth given how it looks! This is the new haunted house attraction the park added, honestly they did a decently job with theming because at the time I thought it was just another run down building. I got pretty excited to see that this park also had a toboggon. But after getting a closer look at it, it was clear to see the ride hadn't operated in quite some time. It was really sad to see that the parks Beach Club charred remains. It was strange to see half put together rides like this just lying around the park. It seemed like a real safety hazard. They did have this fun old school Tumble Bug ride that was still operating. It also ran a really long cycle! It was a good first time on this classic flat! It was weird seeing a real life abandoned mini water park. It was very gross to see all the nasty, diseases ridden water just left there for years. This train ride looked like tons of fun, but sadly we didn't have time to ride it. Just another abandoned plot of land. While most of the time it looked like this ride was closed during our visit, it was actually open! On our way out i snapped a few more photos of the SBNO Toboggan. One final shot of the tower. Overall, I had an ok time at the park. It basically seemed like you were at an abandoned amusement park that had been left to rot for years and then had the chance to reopen a few rides. Blue Streak, Devils Den, and Tumble Bug were really fun rides, but that's all the park really has going for it. I know the park has been trying their best to improve the park and bring it back to its former glory, but I don't see that happening for years. If the park even makes it that long. I really do hope the best for the park because it does have a ton of potential to be a really fun family park, as you know, they do have ton of challenges a head of them. I hope I get to visit this park in a better condition one day. Questions Have you ever been to this park before? What are your thought on it? Do you think there is any hope of it surviving? Thanks for reading everyone! Make sure to check back soon for the next update! Next Update: Waldameer Park
  5. -Kevin (Park Owner/Manger) Hello everyone! Welcome to the 1968 Season Last season we saw a very slight increase in attendance from the Flying Cages. From doing surveys, our guests wanted more thrilling rides added to the park. So thats just what we gave them! We also received multiple awards for being the Cleanest, Most Beautiful, and Safest park in the Country! We are honored that our guests love our park so much! Lets take a look around the park and see whats new this season! Another season at this beautiful park! It seems to be a pretty busy day at the park! But then again Americas line is always long. I'm glad the new white in blue color scheme on the Bumper Cars made it much more popular now that people know its there! Looks like a busy day at Blue River Falls! Speaking of Blue River Falls, It received a little bit of love during the off season. We added a catch pool for both drops for all the excess water that the ride loses during its cycles. Keep an eye out on this ride though, from what i hear, the park has a few more surprises for this ride over the next few seasons! Thunderbolt looks to be getting full trains again. If the lines keep up on this, then we'll have to put the 2nd train back on! Sadly, Flying Cages hasn't been getting the ridership we hoped it would. Hopefully this changes soon because it hasn't seen a line since its opening day! Remember how I told you guests wanted more thrilling rides? Well here it is! We are thrilled to welcome Cyclone to Sassaquin Pond Park! It's a beautiful modified out and back coaster that also takes advantage of a natural valley! It also features an elements such as a trick track and a double down! This is sure to be many guests favorite part of the ride! Looks like this ride will be a hit for the park! As I was about to leave for the day, I saw construction workers starting on a new project! What ever it is, it looks like its going to be huge! Especially if they are starting this early on it! Well, that's all for the 1968 season. Stay tuned for a big update that covers the construction for the 1969 project and opening day. I'm very excited for this project as its going to fill a void that the park has missing. I'm sure everyone in the whole is going to love it! Until next time! -Kevin
  6. Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that there will be a new update coming soon!
  7. Great video! I'd love to see more videos like this from you when the park opens next season!
  8. ^Almost every ride at every park breaks down atleast once a day. It's just a matter of you see it or not.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words! Regarding the Blue River Falls, The logs don't take that turn at a high speed at all. As soon as the log levels out, it creates a huge splash and slows down right at the start of the turn. I'll see what I can do about covering some of the food shops. =P
  10. That wasn't even a transportation ride. It only had one station. Edit: Also it was removed until the end of the 1996 season. Six Flags wasn't in the picture until 1998. So it wasn't Six Flags that removed it, but rather Premier who ran the park during that time. Actually it was bought by the company 1996 and then was six flags branded in 2000. Actually, Riverside was purchased in 1996 by Premiere. In 1998, Premiere acquired the Six Flags Parks and it was (Flagged) branded in 2000. So Six Flags had nothing to do with the Monorail leaving. Honestly who really cares? It wasn't that great of a ride. All it did was take you on a trip down into rockville, did a U-Turn, went straight though a backstage area, and did another U-Turn around by the entrance to Crack Axle Canyon.
  11. That wasn't even a transportation ride. It only had one station. Edit: Also it was removed until the end of the 1996 season. Six Flags wasn't in the picture until 1998. So it wasn't Six Flags that removed it, but rather Premier who ran the park during that time.
  12. I really wanted to do the one in Branson, but sadly it was far to expensive for my liking. Thanks for trip report! I've always wanted to go to Titanic exhibit. I use to be really into the history of it as a child, so it's always cool to see artifacts from the real ship!
  13. Hey everyone! The 1967 Season has brought a few changes to the park this year, so lets just jump right on in and see whats new! It's another season at Sassaquin Pond Park! =D We've decided to add a bunch more trees in the Blue River Falls area of the park. We want you to feel like you've stepped out of the park and are really traveling down a wild river! The Bumper Cars received a new paint job over the off season to make it stand out more. Due to its hidden location, It's old black and white paint scheme made it look more like maintenance building then a ride. We feel the new blue and white is much more welcoming. Do you agree? =] Americana and Thunderbolt have been instant hits ever since the day they opened! Looks like the skyline has changed a bit since last season! Flying Cages in the new ride for the 1967 season! This new family thrill ride looks like a normal ferris wheel, but it's not. This high speed ride will allow riders to control they're ride. They can chose to let the cage rock and flip on its own, or they can lock it into place so they will flip during certain parts of the ride. This ride is sure to be a hit! The ride is a portable model, but like Swinger, we have hidden the trailer and other parts of the ride to make it look more permanent. We think it looks much better this way, don't you? We think these upgrades will really enhance the guest experience and add for an overall better day at the park. What other upgrades do you think should happen at the park in the near future?
  14. There was probably 15 days out of the whole season last year that I wasn't at SFNE last year. But thats just because I work there. lol
  15. Wow great report and video! I love how at 1:02 in the video, it the carousel plays a song from RCT1!
  16. This had some really great stories in it. Granted most of them aren't probably true, but the stories about Tower Johnny and Tram Girl are pretty interesting. Thanks for the link!
  17. The Great Nor'Easter at Morey's Piers was my last new credit. I honestly loved new style of trains on it. I was the best SLC I've ever been on.
  18. Hey Everyone! It's time for my last update from the 2013 Texas/Midwest Tour! I really want to thank Robb, Elissa, and everyone else that helped out on the tour. I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to go on this tour and meet a bunch of amazing new friends. I know it sounds corny, but I will honestly never forget this trip! Cedar Point I spent a total of 2 and a half days at the park that I'm just going to condense into one large report. The first half day was spent getting settled into Hotel Breakers, getting a back stage tour of the Train, Mantis, and Millennium Force, riding a few rides, and then meeting up with some old friends! I see you Cedar Point! Here's the view from the Hotel! First things first was the awesome backstage tour the park set up for us! Here is a view of one of the train sets. It was pretty cool being able to see some of these sets up close and personal. It also gave the chance to see some things normal guests may not notice while riding some of the coasters. Like all of these fun little carts! This tour allowed us to get really close to Mantis and get some awesome shots of it! I'm really glad I got these shots before the transformation! I always forget how loud B&Ms are until you stand right next to them! Now its off to Millennium Island! I must admit, Millennium is a pretty coaster. This is a sight you don't see everyday! Millennium as it flies overhead! Did I mention we got to get really close to the rides? I thought this was really pretty. One of the rides many over banks. Looks like the dinosaur didn't like Millennium and threw it up. I guess he likes Bizarro more. After the back stage tour, a few of us headed to the TGI Fridays in hotel breakers for a few drinks! After a few drinks, It was time to get riding! This first ride was Gatekeeper! The line was full for the ride and looked to be somewhere around 2 hours. Good thing we had Fast Pass Plus for during our entire stay which allowed us get on the ride in less then 15 minutes! We decided to ride this twice, once on each side. Honestly it didn't impress me and at some points actually hurt me because my restraint was so tight. The ride wasn't awful, but just eh. At least you get some good views by the station! After riding Gatekeeper twice, Sean and I left the park to meet up with a few friends. Three of my old bosses from SFNE recently moved out to Sandusky, so we decided to meet up and go to a bar to catch up! It was deff a good time. The rest of the photos aren't in any particular order between the next two days. I don't know what it is about S&S Tower Complexes but I just think they all look beautiful! This time around I actually got my Wind Seeker credit. I missed it in 2011 because of the million delays it had opening. Shoot the Rapids was closed during our visit due to the accident that happened 2-3 weeks earlier. Since i've ridden it before, it wasn't a big loss. As you can see, some of the rides had crazy long lines. Like I said earlier, thank god for Fast Pass Plus! Gatekeepers line was nuts! This is going to look very different next year! The line brings you very close to the ride! I might be in the minority, but I didn't think Mantis was a bad ride at all. It's actually my second favorite stand up! I was really sad to see this closed. I love the stand we have at SFNE. You don't really notice how tall Power Tower is until you're standing right next to it! At least it's photogenic! The beach at the park is so beautiful! I see you White Water Landing logo! This has got to be one of my favorite rides in the park! Every time I come here, I end up marathoning it at the end of the night! To wrap up the report, here is James, Sean, & I before the Millennium Force glowstick ERT! Overall I had an amazing time at the park. Even though it was super busy, we still had time to get on everything we wants to multiple times thanks to Fast Pass Plus! Even though we all had a great time, it was very bitter sweet. Now that the tour was over, it was time to head back to reality and leave some good friends from all around the world! I'm glad I had the privilege of meeting you guys and I hope we can one day meet up and continue doing what we love, riding coasters! Questions What do you guys think of Cedar Point? Great park or overrated? Millennium Force or Bizarro? Why? What was your thought on Mantis? Did you like it as a Stand Up or are you happy it's transforming? Whats your favorite ride at the park? Thanks for reading and as always check back soon for a new update as Doug, Marcel, Werner, and I do a post tour trip! Next Update: Conneaut Lake Park!
  19. This is something I would also really enjoy seeing. I loved watching those interviews!
  20. That episode is included in the Season 8, volume 1 DVD set. I'm not sure if it's the same ghost, but how many little girl ghosts could be running around a park? BTW, TAPS also investigated Sylvan Beach but I haven't seen that episode yet. It was some time after Grant left the show. Hasn't the park something like 3 or 4 deaths? Plus I've read stories about a girl drowning in a lake or pond that is or was on the park grounds. So for all we know there could be a bunch of little girl ghosts running around! lol I've never heard of Sylvan Beach. What are some of the stories? What stories have you head about that area? The only story i've heard was they cursed Chiller. lol
  21. I've been trying to find that episode for ever! Do you know is thats also the same ghost they call "tram girl"?
  22. Hey Everyone, Today I bring you to Six Flags Great America, the last of the Six Flags parks on the tour. Going in, I thought this park was going to have a big corporate concrete jungle feel to it. Thankfully it didn't! After all the years, the still managed to retain a lot of charm. This park differently met all my expectations. From Flash Passes for both the dry park and water park, to an AMAZING ert on Viper Backwards, we all had a great time at the park! This park held a few firsts for me, -First B&M Wing Coaster -First Backwards Wooden Coaster -First Double Decker Carousel -First Schwarzkopf Jumbo Jet -First time having a water park Flash Pass Just as a heads up, I accidentally deleted a good amount of photos while failing to attempt to put them on Facebook, so sorry in advance! Enjoy! Such a beautiful entrance plaza! First things first, X-Flight. I read a lot of people say this ride was extremely boring. Honestly, I thought it was a great. It wasn't to forceless, it kept a decent speed, and had pretty great themeing and fly throughs. I also loved how you could get really close to the ride for some great photos! We had ERT on this in the morning and I was super excited to for it. Honestly , no matter how much I tried to like it, I just couldn't help the fact that it was so boring. Atleast it looks cool though! I love Intamin Impulse Coasters so I was really excited for V2. I was a little sad that the holding break is disabled, but I got over it as soon as I rode. I also love Intamin drop towers. I was pretty sad Superman: Tower of Power was closed at SFStL so I got a few rides on this one to make up for lost time. Iron Wolf's old station before Goliath was announced. I really wish I had the chance to ride it at this park. While I heard it wasn't a good ride, I guess its better then an empty coaster station on my visit. =P This line looks so lonely. Speaking of old abandon rides areas, This was interesting to see. This was also very strange to me. While I guess it's a good Idea, I wish they would spend a little more money on it and make it decent. for example, expand the roof with the same type of material as the other, or just get ride of the old one completely. I do admit from this angle it does look pretty good, but once inside. Yikes I loved American Eagle. I just wish the line to get to the ride wasn't such a mess! I honestly felt like I was walking for 10 minutes going back and forth, up and down ramps, and up and down staircases. It was strange. Hopefully this area of the park gets a little bit of a re vamp in the next few years to make these very small issues better. I'm not sure why, but I really love this sign at night. I hope you guys liked my small update. Questions What is your opinion on Six Flags Great America? Do you like it or hate it? Why? What are your thoughts on Raging Bull? What do you think is the best flat ride at the park? Does anyone know why they didn't get rid of all the antique cars track down by American Eagle? Thanks for reading everyone, and make sure to check back soon for the last park on the Texas/Midwest Tour! Next Update: Cedar Point
  23. I really wanted to ride the parachutes at the park but i'm pretty sure it wasn't open when we went. I definitely would like to check the park out again one day if I'm ever in the area and ride some of the flats and get a few more runs on Meteor! It looks like i also gotta take a ride on the train if its as good as you say it is!
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