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  1. Yes. I love me some Taco Bell! Have you ever worked at a theme park?
  2. RIP Catapult. That construction area looks pretty large, maybe its for a coaster...maybe a stand up coaster. =P
  3. I thought they were much further into construction by now. I hope they start picking up the pace so they can attempt to make a Memorial Day deadline. Good thing this coaster should go up fast.
  4. Wow! Looks like a fun park! I can't wait to see it grow in the future! Congrats on a great first season!
  5. It won't be open. According to the website, the park is closed for maintenance.
  6. That looks like such a fun flat! I hope they some how they develop a way to mass produce that ride and sell them to other parks!
  7. ^^Cool photo! I wish that we had one of the old first drop for a side by side comparison.
  8. SFNE has some pretty photogenic coasters! Bizarro's Lift Hill! So Pretty! Bizarro Batman: The Dark Knight Batman Rainbow! Cyclone!
  9. I actually really like the color scheme of T3. I really hope the trains are a color that complements the ride. If it's only black I'll be ok, but I hope they are two different colors. Do you guys think they'll be any hope of getting 10 row trains again? Why were the trains shortened in the first place?
  10. I remember riding Kingda Ka in the rain once. Right after we launched, a light rain started. It wasn't a good time. lol That same day I got to ride El Toro 6 times in a row in the pouring rain. It was great as long as you wore sunglasses and a hoodie! =]
  11. I'll be working tomorrow night dressed up as a Spartan. Make sure to say hey if you see me! I'll either be at Batman, Slingshot, Mind Eraser or Terror Twist!
  12. Here are a few coasters that I will really miss. -Great American Scream Machine (SFGADv). I remember when I was little going to the park and looking at it from the parking and thinking one day i'll be able to ride it. Luckily In 2005 I got my first ride on it and kept riding it until the last week of operation. It never me a bad ride no matter what seat I sat in and it gave a great pop air in the front row going into the MCBR. -Batman & Robin: The Chiller (SFGADv). I never got the chance to ride the Batman side of the ride, But thankfully I got the chance to ride Robin in 2005 and rode it 10 times. Those Zero-G rolls were some of the best inversions i've ever ridden! -Rolling Thunder (SFGADv). I have fond memories of riding this ride when I was really little. It was my first big kid coaster so it will always have a special place in my heart. -Cyclone (SFNE). This was one of my favorite coasters ever. This for years would always be the first coaster I'd go. I remember it being one of the first coasters I rode with my father back when it still had the old first drop. Fast forward to 2011 when I got hired at SFNE and was in the Sky Coaster Crew which included, Sky Coaster, Catapult, and Cyclone. Cyclone became the first coaster I ever learned how to attend and operate. 3 years later, I've known almost every other coaster in the park, but i'm never going to forget all the memories and good times I had working on the ride and riding it in the back row! As far as other rides go, I will always miss Chaos, Catapult, Sky Coaster, Timewarp, Double Trouble, and Nightwing all from SFNE. So many good times! =]
  13. Even though I only rode it once, I loved Perilous Plunge at Knott's. It gave a pretty extreme ride experience for a water ride and some great airtime in the back row! I will also always have a special place in my heart for Blizzard River at SFNE. IMO its a great river rapids ride that features tons of hidden surprises such as indoor and outdoor waterfalls, pop jet fountains, and mist that makes it hard to see whats coming around the next turn.
  14. With all the downtime Stinger at Dorney has, it's only a matter of time till its gone.
  15. I LOVE THIS PARK! Please do another update or create a new park. I would really like to see more of your work!
  16. I went to Dorney in 2012, but ever since then i've had no desire to go back until they add a great stand out coaster. Well actually, I wouldn't mind taking more pictures of the fake third tower on Dominator.
  17. The first time I rode Sky Rush at Hershey park, I thought I was going to be ejected out on the first drop! I wasn't expecting that much airtime!
  18. Off the top of my head, I believe I have only been on 5 different SLC's. Ill rank them 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. 5.Gauntlet at Magic Springs- Awful color scheme, one train operation, multiple broke seats, slow dispatches. This SLC also hurt the most out of any I've been on. It had tons of head banging and would make this strange sound as it went though the half loop. 4. Mind Eraser at Darien Lake- The over presentation of the ride just looked really bad. All the line fences were either bent or broke, tons of rust pots on the supports, and trash everywhere. While the ride did give me a slight headache, it wasn't as bad as Gauntlet. This ride also ran with only one train with very slow dispatches. 3.Mind Eraser at Six Flags America- I rode this back in 2004 or 2005 so it could have gotten better or worse with time, probably worse, but I remember this being a decent ride. I remember the lift being faster on this version then any other I've been on, also while it only ran one train on a semi busy day, it was clear that they did have a second train as it was on the transfer track, unlike the number 4 and 5 and they had a fast attendant which lead to decent dispatches. This coaster did knock me around a bit but I did have fun on it. 2. Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England- I personally love this ride. Since I've worked on this coaster for the past two seasons and have ridden it the most out of any of the 5, my opinion of it may rank it higher than others will. This coaster is always running two trains, always has a great crew working it and getting high numbers, and while it does knock you a round a bit, it does deliver a good ride experience. I personally think its a great ride! 1. The Great Nor'Easter- The new trains made the ride so much more enjoyable. I actually was able to keep my hands up and not have to stay in the brace position! While it does throw you around a bit, it is in no way painful and is just overall a great ride. It does have a strange locker policy that says you can not have anything in your pockets at all. And the entrance person has a metal detector wand and scans you as you come through. But it's understandable considering how much it interacts with other rides. Overall it is a great ride! I believe it also has to do with this version being shorter in height. T2 is 101.7ft while most other models are 109.3ft according to RCDB. While it might not seem like much of a difference, it most likely made it so all the other models could make their inversions and elements a little bit higher adding to a slight increase in track length.
  19. SFNE by far. 2008-2010 I went at least 30-40 times. Then in 2011-Now I've worked there, so i'm probably up to 400+ by now!
  20. Hello everyone! My name is Kevin, I'm the owner of the park. I wanted to personally welcome you to the first season at Sassaquin Pond Park! In the last update, we went over a bit of the history of Evergreen Forest and its closure. Now i'm going to show you the amazing progress we made over the off season getting this park back up and running. During the winter, we completely rebuilt The Whips floor and roof. The Grand Carousel held up decently well over decades, but it did get some new paint and some new landscaping. For the 1964 season, Sassaquin Pond Park introduces 4 new rides! -Swinger- This isn't your ordinary swing ride. The adventure begins when you sit down in one of our single open air seats, then the ride will start spinning at high speeds round and round in circles. It's a must for all thrill seekers in training! -Bumper Cars- This family classic allows you to get into head on collisions with your friends and family! Its fun the young and old! -Americana- This 60ft ferris wheel will take you and your friends or family high above the trees delivering beautiful views of Sassaquin Pond. -Thunderbolt- This thrilling 70ft wooden roller coaster will take you flying through the trees and speeds reaching 45mph. With 14 seconds of airtime, this is sure to be a experience you won't soon to forget! Here are some photos of the construction and opening day 1964! Here is an ariel view of the land clearing for the 1964 expansion/re-opening! Here are the bumper cars under construction. The ride is completely assembled! Now all thats left is the paths and landscaping. You may not know, but Evergreen Forest was famous for its perfectly cut hedges. This is something we plan on incorporating into every ride to keep this once famous tradition alive! Here is the all new swinger. This ride isn't a permanent model, but after all the landscaping planned for this ride, you won't be able to tell the difference! Here is a photo of the ride almost completely landscaped! You can't even tell its portable! Meanwhile, Americana is also already up! With a bit more landscaping, these two family friendly rides are almost ready for riders! Here is Thunderbolt. Soon this scream machine will be ready to roll! After 28 years, the park has finally reopened! Here are some guests enjoying the amazing views from the top of Americana! Staring down the 60ft drop! What a thrill! Heres a glimpse into the 1965 season! We will continue the expansion outwards towards Thunderbolt. I wonder what's coming? I hope you enjoyed all the construction updates and the reopening of Sassaquin Pond Park! Feel free to post any suggestions to what rides you'd like to see come to the park over the next few years! Or what you would like to see get improved in general! See you in 1965!
  21. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at posting a park on here. I've been playing RCT3 off and on for years so I figure why not build a park on here from the ground up for everyone to see! The first few updates may be pretty small because there just isn't much there as of now, but soon the park will grow. Enjoy! The Story of Evergreen Forest. Evergreen Forest was a very small local picnic & garden grove that opened in June of 1909. The park located on the banks of Sassaquin Pond located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. In the 1929's, The park added The Grand Carousel, a 30 passenger ride featuring hand crafted wooden horses. While this brought in the crowds for a few years, the owner, Mr. Abrue, realized that it wasn't going to be enough. So to meet the demand, In 1931, The park added the Whip! I managed to find a collection of photos of the ride while it was under construction! Welcome to Evergreen Forest! Here is the beautiful Grand Carousel! Hold on a second. What's going on in the background? Heres a look up at the cranes as they construct The Whip! Whats been constructed off the distance. The scaffolding is up so they could start work on the frame and roof that will house the ride. Its so weird seeing it with no roof! The frame work is almost complete! The ride itself is complete. Looks like all they had left to do was the paths and landscaping. The Whip is finally complete! There's even a on-ride shot in the collection! While The Whip did help attendance, it didn't help enough. In the fall of 1935, the park was forced to close its gates. In the fall of 1963, a local man named Kevin Pedro purchased the park. One major change that was coming to the park was its name. He wanted the park to reflect the surrounding area and not the abandon park of the past that it recently became. The parks new name became Sassaquin Pond Park. His goal was to breath new life into the park while retaining its charm. He knew that the park needed a lot of work. The Grand Carousel & The Whip have been sitting motionless for 28 years. He decided to completely overhaul both classic rides so that future generations could enjoy them. The park has also begun construction of some new rides that will be sure to entertain the young and old alike! I hope you enjoyed a brief history into the park. Stay tuned for the reopening of the park for the 1964 season! Make sure to comment below letting me know what you thought of the park. Thanks!
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