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  1. Closest to my house physically would be Titan. Better than Vapor Trail i suppose
  2. Well, when you have 3 weeks to find them and they have to be 5' 10'' to 5' 11'' it makes things more difficult. D.C. seems to take quite a while to approve our hopefuls, too. WW is the hardest one we've had to cast in my opinion.
  3. Oh lord. Who Cares? If you like listening to the music, listen. If you don't like it, don't listen. It's pretty simple. Anyhow... I like Fall Out Boy. The first video was pretty funny. The other two were lame. You could tell he was really reaching to try to make it funny.
  4. Yes, there is a roadrunner costume, and it is awesome. It's apparently very hard to wear though.
  5. Ha! Thats pretty funny. Shouldn't drink the water!
  6. We actually have to send pictures of the people who are going to play the justice league characters to DC Comics for approval.
  7. Judge Roy Scream for sure. But don't ask
  8. so..this article says that at SFOT we'll be letting people out to eat in our picnic pavilions. 1) That isn't what I understand from my supes and such. 2) Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Just when I started to understand.
  9. I have both, and yeah...I really like XM a ton better. Much less talk between songs, plus all around better stations and playlists.
  10. I wouldn't hold on to those letters. Next year is going to be fun...
  11. Heh..that sounds about like how the meeting went here, except they uninvited anyone below full-time. Gr. Oh well, I probably wouldnt have made it there by 8 AM the day after Christmas, anyhow. Shapiro and our GM came and rode Titan, though. Everyone in the park seemed to think he was pretty nice when he came by. Overall everyone says he was impressed with SFOT, but was quite upset with the amount of rides closed for Holiday in the Park, which is good because this year was a little outrageous. We had a 14,000 guest day on Friday the 30th. We need more than like 12 rides plus looney land to handle all those people. I guess we'll have more next year...we'll see. It's too bad I hate papa john's pizza.
  12. 2006: Park and Current Planning Satus. All trips tenative, naturally, and pretty much depend on funds. (May-June) Six Flags Over Texas (100%) Six Flags Fiesta Texas (100%) Six Flags Saint Louis (90%) Six Flags Great America (90%) Indiana Beach (90%) Beech Bend (90%) Holiday World (90%) Frontier City (80%) Bells (80%) (July) Silver Dollar City (90%) Clebration City (90%) (September) Disneyland Resort (30%) Knotts Berry Farm (30%) Six Flags Magic Mountain (30%) (November) WDW Magic Kingdom (60%) Epcot (60%) Animal Kingdom (60%) Disney Studios (60%) Universal Studios Florida (60%) Islands of Adventure (60%) Sea World Florida (60%)
  13. The "White Trash Christmas Tree" is maintenance's tree in the Parade of Trees. Each department rents space and the proceeds are donated to The Salvation Army.
  14. Sometimes there are safety issues involved with rerides not being allowed, keep that in mind. We cant let people reride because of the G's on Titan..
  15. The only thing that bothers me about what Snyder is trying to do, is that it seems that he doesn't really know the company all too well... Alright. Partnering with one exclusive food provider. Well, Six Flags has partnered with ConAgra Foods and Ben & Jerrys. Sounds about the same Outsource concessions and sell related equipment. Our concessions are already outsourced. Jay Vending sucks. Official Sponsorships: Energy Provider - Direct Energy is the official provider... Six Flags Credit Card - Go watch the banner ads on the website for a while, you'll see they already have that. Cellphone, Cable, and Satellite providers - The SBC Experience (Cellphone, satellite, and such) has been at SFOT for a month and a half or so now. It just seems to me that he isn't really trying to change all that much, he just wants the credit for it.
  16. Oh yeah..well 5 kinda..depending on how you look at it. Racer was fun but i was in such a hurry when i hit it that i tend to forget about it, lol.
  17. HA! I'm glad I got the credit. I've always thought it was cool that the park's 3 woodies shared a common theme, but oh well. Man, that kids area was already awesome...
  18. Packard Bell?!?! Wow. It's been a while since I've seen that.
  19. *stares at colors and imagines Kerian squirting mustard and ketchup onto a plate, and then mixing them in the center to form orange.* "Ahh! Pretty and bright colors! And I shall call it "Dragon Ka"
  20. Smarts mean nothing if you dont apply them
  21. I'm pretty sure its going to get me shot one day on the way to work or something
  22. Forgive the government for learning from their mistakes. I know that doesn't happen very often but wow...
  23. Haha..heck yeah. Theres my Coaster Loser Sticker (Maggie), My Hick Sticker (Don't Mess With Texas) and my Political Sticker (Don't wanna offend anyone so I'm going to keep that to myself.) When I tell people I drive a truck everyone looks for the Ford Ranger or something. Its great when I drive up in that. And whats even better is, right now in Operations at SFOT we're allowed to either dress cowboy-ish or in uniform during Texas Heritage Festival. Yeah, Xander dressed all cowboy, getting out of this butch truck. It's quite amusing.
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