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  1. I see's it. And yeah, not sure if its because there's not a lot of traffic hitting it yet but it really is crazy fast.
  2. Sounds like Busch Gardens did the right thing! They offered you tickets to come back to prove to you that you experience was an unusual one, and to try to make your next experience right. If these were your third and fourth visits chances are, in their minds, you'll be coming back. Free tickets for these days are your refund for these days. You can't honestly expect them to refund you for previous visits as well. You just chose not to accept it, your fault. If you decide to take this to an attorney over a couple hundred dollars they will most likely laugh at you, and gladly take your money. I can guarantee you that they have paid a firm to judge what the capacity of WC is and that there is a limit. If they limit this more you'll see it reflected in the ticket price, and I'm sure you'll be back on here to complain about that. Theme parks are a business. Surprise! Did you know that lightning can commonly strike 10 miles away from a storm, and has been known to strike up to 20 miles away from an associated storm? Probably not, but Busch Garden's does. Hence keeping your safety in mind. If Mach Tower was that important to you, you should have called ahead. As with any new ride it can have glitches. I always call ahead to confirm that any ride that is THAT important to me is open. A closed ride is not going to ruin my day. "Malfunctions" = ride safety system. Rides have sensors and computers. They keep you safe. Do you ever have computer trouble? Car trouble? It's the same thing. No technology is immune to the occasional glitch. It sounds to me as if Busch Gardens offered you more than enough compensation for your visit (After all, I'm sure you stayed all day in the parks anyhow and now expect a refund). Did you go to First Aid at the park? You should always report any injury to them so that they can look at it and do any necessary safety inspections. If you plan to leave right after that, I'm sure they would have given you a complimentary ticket to come back and walked you out of the gate. Please feel free to post any more pointless, misguided rants about theme parks that you might have. I'll be here all day.
  3. Haha, all I know so far is Fresh Choice at Dubai Mall at Burj Khalifa.
  4. Freeze and Batman will not be closed until after the end of Fright Fest...
  5. Such a cool trip guys! Ride an obscure coaster, see some of the most beautiful things in the world, and on top of that be able to help people while you're there. Thats the way to travel! I love it
  6. Wait wait wait...you can't take pictures or video while riding the train?
  7. A security officer at SFGAdv told my friend he wasn't allowed to take pictures of the rides (Medusa, not a kiddie ride or anything) in motion. So this kind of stuff does happen.
  8. That was my first thought too, Robb. I'm gonna have to check this place out the next time I'm in Orlando...some thing just isn't right about it.
  9. I'm sure plenty of people will enjoy it for it to be a worthwhile addition to the park.
  10. I'm at SFOT over Boomtown (Mine Train/Mini Mine Train/Gunslinger), Judge (Judge Roy Scream, Cloud Bouncer, Texas Chute Out), and Tony Hawk's Big Spin Don't be afraid to say hello!
  11. Which in theory sounds wonderful, but it just does not work that way.
  12. Sitting on shoes is considered a safety issue. Basically, if you have a large pair of shoes under you and for some reason they were to come loose, there would be a chance of them hitting another passenger. Also they change how the restraint holds you in, again if they were to somehow come loose, you would have a lot of room between you and the restraint. Of course we all know all you have to do is pull it down, but some people don't. Basically, it's just like having a fanny pack in the way at the front...just wont hold you in the way the ride was designed for you to be held in. Not to mention, if someone lost their shoes while riding and there was a policy of making them sit on them, you would see the ride shut down all the time to retrieve lost shoes and that would be frustrating for everyone. Now, do I think that shoes would magically come loose and fly off the ride if you were sitting on them? No. But that's a whole different story.
  13. First of all, it has not been testing for a week. Today brought the first cycles of the season... And no, the track was not reprofiled to my knowledge...just refurbished.
  14. So jealous that you got to see Fantasmic! All 4 days I have been at DLR over 3 separate visits it has been cancelled. I have such bad luck. I need to get back out to Cali..but I'll probably wait until 2009 to see what new pops up. I really need to do the San Fran area parks next time...so much driving. But thanks for letting me live vicariously through your pics for the time being...heh.
  15. Six Flags Over Texas has not been neglected and has been maintained very well as a whole. What you are seeing as neglect is Six Flags starting to run their company like a business and only install rides when it makes sense...not to drive up attendance for one year, only to see it plummet a year later with no new attraction. You don't make money that way. The park has made many capital improvements each year, some visible (new rides, shows, etc) and some not so visible (new water lines, siding, paint, roofs etc), all of which come together to make a great theme park. It isn't all about the rides, remember. It's about the experience.
  16. Absolutely. The park and all attractions (minus Shock Wave which is still undergoing refurbishment) reopened yesterday.
  17. The park will open today. Much of the staff is going in by 7 to get everything ready to go.
  18. It is expected to be VERY busy Friday so I would recommend a Flash Pass if possible. Tony Hawk is still in the process of having piers poured. Shock Wave also remains closed for refurbishment. Basically, don't miss Titan or Mr. Freeze for sure. From there it really depends on what you like. I love Mine Train, Judge Roy Scream, Texas Giant etc..but that's just me. Hope you have a great time!
  19. Right now due to maintenance Mr. Freeze and Batman only have one train...their second trains should be ready to go by Spring Break. Titan, Texas Giant, Judge, and Mine Train have two.
  20. You are welcome to have anything in line that you are willing to throw away before you board the ride.
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