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  1. From the Six Flags website: From what I understand, ride lockers will be located near the entrance of the ride. It will be a one time use only locker and will cost $1. Anything taken in line with you must be able to be secured in your pockets while riding and nothing will be able to be left on the dock.
  2. Actually its only like a 500 foot section this year. Maybe less. Far from a total retrack. Texas Giant is getting it's usual track work. I have seen work on the first turn after the drop...not sure if anywhere else has gotten any love.
  3. Well...Both parks will be busy probably but it all depends on what you want to do. There are only 4 coasters at Sea World (one being kiddie, one being well..questionable)...and Fiesta Texas has 8 with only one being a kiddie coaster. Fiesta also has Flash Pass, so there is a way to beat the crowd..sort of. Sea World is open each day you will be in San Antonio and you really should go if at all possible. It's only about 15 minutes from Six Flags. San Antonio is really a tourist destination, so going at spring break will mean things are probably pretty busy... As far as food and the river walk...you definitely need to go to the river walk...I always try to eat at a place called Casa Rio. It's very historic (First San Antonio business to open their doors on the river walk) and inexpensive. They can get quite a wait, though... Last time I went they were closed for a private function and I had to chose another restaurant and I was very disappointed in it...can't remember the name though. Also if you like burgers, cheese (lots and lots of cheese) and hole in the wall burger joints, you should try Chris Madrid's. It is consistently voted San Antonio's best burger joint. You might also want to check out Hemisfair Park (Site of Hemisfair '68) and the Tower of The Americas. San Antonio also has a critically acclaimed zoo, but I was disappointed in it the last time I went. Hopefully this will be some help to you..if you have any more questions let me know! -Xander
  4. Do you remember when you visited? I don't have any videos, but I'm trying to figure out who this might be..
  5. Six Flags Over Texas is about 12 miles from D/FW International Airport, but i can't find any easy way to get there aside from having a hotel room in the area.
  6. Dude there are tons of cats in the park. And all kinds of other animals, too. You have to remember, it is probably one of the most natural places in that area.
  7. This might be one of the best Photo TRs I have ever seen! Thanks for all the great SFOG photos. It's been a year or two since I've been there...Time for a return trip! Too bad I'll never get that Vu. I got SFMM and SFGAm no problem. One trip to each park. I've been to SFOG 6 times and I never even saw it operate.
  8. Good plan...even if it is a Kodak rule, maybe if someone at the park sees that they'll question them on it and get something done. Since it was advertised that you could do this and buy later, it is outrageous that they wouldn't scan the card. It just costs the company money in the long run. Sorry to hear about your experience. Hopefully they will change their policy (if it's even a policy) in the future!
  9. Well, when people don't jump over the handrails it's quite easy to figure out which way to go
  10. It's actually on the main page of the park.. www.sixflags.com/newengland On the "Did you know" ticker....kind of a good idea.
  11. Don't leave out any photos! I enjoyed them all and had no problem loading it. I'm glad to see that someone else as ridden Speed! I randomly saw it at a small carnival in North Carolina...so we decided to go ride. Best. Ride. Ever. Glad to see that there is a second one in the US now!
  12. There are no links on the SFDK page yet, but I found this: http://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/rides/TonyHawksBigSpin.aspx
  13. Six Flags Over Texas Six Flags Fiesta Texas Six Flags America Six Flags Great Adventure Busch Gardens Williamsburg Hersheypark Kings Dominion Dorney Park Sea World Texas Silver Dollar City And a scary parking lot carnival... Very slow year, but I managed to add 52 new credits. And theres still a couple months to go...who knows!
  14. I think everyone would agree that we cannot compare Tony Hawk's Big Spin to Top Thrill Dragster. This is more like comparing Steel Venom and Wicked Twister (which, mind you, are 3.5 hours closer to each other). I'm sure people felt the same about those rides too. Did people come to Cedar Point to ride it? Sure. Did people think they were very much alike? Probably. Do (did) people have fun on both? Yes. ...And before you do it...do NOT blame the closure of Geauga Lake on that ride. I'm sure someone will anyhow.
  15. You are entitled to your opinion, but please do it like an adult. If you think this is a bad move for the company, come up with a valid argument. Personally, I think this is a great move. Wonderful for the families. If they didn't have rides like this, there would be no park. The target audience is families. Families spend money. If the parks only went after the teens, we would make no money. Teens generally don't have the money to finance an entire theme park chain. SFOT has a great collection of rides for teens and adults, but we are lacking in the family department and we have to have a little bit of everything. Shapiro understands that and we are slowly working our way back to it. Just because a ride isn't tall, or fast, or isn't the scariest ride around doesn't mean it can't be fun. What happened to just having fun?
  16. Haha..I was just about to post mine....all that pointless work It was fun, though.
  17. Yeah...naturally we tried that first. After wasting 30 minutes of our day at Great Adventure we gave up and decided to ask the always friendly and never sarcastic people at TPR if they knew. heh. The ride did open though...had about 3.5 hours of downtime through the day though.
  18. He is referring to the thing on Screamscape that says it could be closed for up to a week...anyone know?
  19. It seems to be getting more common to me, too. I don't know why people worry so much about losing their shoes and then leave their cell phone in their pocket.....meh. It is generally required that you wear shoes on all rides at SFOT with the exception of the floorless rides, though. Health code and safety reasons.
  20. While the lights my be a bit of a distraction, I think all of Branson is a distraction to motorists.
  21. No more chaser lights on Wildcat?! Argh. I loved those chasers!
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