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  1. 1999 Dodge Ram Extended Cab V8. Yeah. I'm not the reason for rising gas prices or anything. Oh well, the truck isn't my choice. I'm not saying I mind driving it, but I'd rather have a car. The $70/week in gas just isnt so fun. Even the homos drive trucks in Texas!
  2. Well, I never thought I'd be saying this but..Goodbye Astroworld. http://biz.yahoo.com/rb/050912/leisure_sixflags.html?.v=5 You've taken a lot of crap from people over the years, but smart people realize you're still better than a lot of the SF parks. Sad Note: Download our Six Flags Astroworld Video Segment Here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/videos/video.htm
  3. 1. Mr Freeze @ SFOT or Magnum at CP 2. Balder
  4. 1. Mr. Freeze (SFOT Only!) 2. Magnum XL-200 3. The Boss 4. Wildfire 5. The Beast 6. Raging Bull 7. Shock Wave (SFOT) 8. Thunderhead 9. Millennium Force 10. Maxair/Delerium Honorable Mention - Gemini..What a great, fun ride!
  5. I like boys who like boys. Xander "Yay, I get to be a statistic now!" Lee
  6. And to think, I waited 45 minutes for that SLC. Oh well, I had already ridden everything (It was my second day at the park, after someone (I can't really remember who) made me really mad. I really did have a good time at that park, but unfortunately the parking attendants and guest relations left a fairly sour taste in my mouth. GR was horrible about getting an employee from another SF park into thier park. They were so rude, and basically told me I had to pay...I ended up having to call ESO at SFOT to get anything done..and then they were like "Oh, just go to the handstamp reentry and show them your ID and they'll let you in." Interesting. Anyhow, this thread was a blast. Sad to see it over COME BACK TO TEXAS!
  7. Lakeside was an impressive little park with a great woodie, and a pretty wild wild mouse. It's beautiful at night, with neon and such everywhere. I enjoyed myself much more there than I did at SFEG...probably because I wasn't nitpicking about what the SF employees were doing that they shouldnt be I did, however, enjoy Twister II and Sidewinder (Oddly enough, my favorite coaster there). I did find the photo of the conifer (Blue Spruce?) with the hibiscus interesting, but after looking at pictures of the waterpark I realized they seem to have native trees with very colorful flowers and such. Looks like a nice park.
  8. True. Heh, your avator. Halfpipe. I'm not a halfpipe freak Anyhow, now that we know where one picture is from, I'm still sitting here saying "Hmmm...wtf. Did Robb and Elissa dare SFEG, or play it smart and go to Lakeside, or skip the parks all together and see Colorado? Or did they trick us with the photo?" Maybe I need sleep.
  9. Yep, that does appear to be true. Nice job, I'd have never noticed that. That really doesn't look like a sign (in robb's pic) but I can see it now. I was believing the big purple monkey theory. Maybe I'm stuck in the 60's? Meh.
  10. Now to place the other clues..I can't figure out what on earth TWA would have to do with Colorado. Unless it is an Acronym for something and isn't the literal TWA.. *goes back to the drawing board*
  11. Yeah. You know, each picture is probably from a different state over the years. They're just laughin it up.
  12. Well, I'm pretty sure Noah's Ark Waterpark rents clear tubes...so..thats a thought. Never been there before, so I have no idea otherwise.
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