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  1. I wonder how much money they could have saved by not building a queue house.
  2. Great Adventure Online confirmed that the ride was open today.
  3. The ads don't bother me on typical themed Six Flags rides like the Boss, but if they start putting ads in Terminator pre-shows, I'm going to be mad.
  4. There are 2 pre-show rooms and one pre-show is in the hallway between the two.
  5. ^How long did you wait for Terminator?
  6. The ads really don't bother me. If they help keep the park open, I'm all for it.
  7. B&M Hypers when they aren't trimmed to death *cough* Raging Bull *cough*
  8. Kraken 18 times in a day. Revenge of the Mummy 22 times in a day.
  9. I live an hour away from the park, and most people here think the park is closed for good and never re-opened. We were bombarded with Hard Rock Park commercials, but if I didn't watch Screamscape, I never would have known it re-opened.
  10. Me: SFMM is building a wooden coaster called Terminator Salvation: The Ride Friend: You're Wrong! They don't build wooden coasters anymore! Me: Ya they do, it's being built by a company called GCI Friend: So where are they moving it from? They don't make wooden coasters anymore. Me:
  11. I am working on recreating SFNE, has anyone seen custom scenery for Thomas Town or Wiggles World? Thanks -Nitrofan
  12. I didn't go, but I saw a member on Discover Myrtle Beach who said he/she went and has over 500 photos that they took and will post them in the morning. http://discovermyrtlebeachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2304&pid=9141&st=0entry9141
  13. I'm not too crazy about the name edge, but I like the scenery in your park!
  14. The park looks great, but why aren't you using scenery for buildings? The way you are doing it with paths and land for roofs isn't bad, I was just curious.
  15. Coaster-Net closed their file exchange page. It's really a bummer, because they had some amazing recreations. Thank You Legendary Matt.
  16. I'm sorry to bump this, but I was looking for that re-creation, and Thrill Network closed their downloads page. Is there another site it is on, or another way to download it? Thanks
  17. Does anyone know of any good sites that you can download recreations from? I've tried Coaster Grotto, but I can't find any other good ones. Thanks
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