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  1. They used the holding break when I went last summer, but I've heard it is broken the majority of the time. When I saw it, I didn't notice lots of variations in the launch, but maybe I just didn't notice.
  2. Every time I create a custon scenario, this pops up on the screen: What should I do?
  3. Even on B&Ms, I don't understand why it confuses people. it's not that hard! The only time I can really understand seatbelt trouble is on the Premire Rides launchers that have seatbelts that click into the side of the lap bar. It is kind of strange if you haven't done it before.
  4. ^Poltergeist is an awesome name, but the ride has so much potential with its theming. I always thought they missed the boat on that ride. If they added a pre-show theming it to the movie, and exagerated the run-down, abandoned house theme, it would be awesome! People keep saying they think SKC should get the Bizarro treatment, but Poltergeist would be awesome.
  5. Why do people have so much trouble with those seatbelts? I always end up helping people in my row buckle and unbucke them.
  6. I'm kind of worried that you won't be able to hear your song very well over the song of the person next to you. It might turn out to be one huge mess of sound.
  7. At SFOG, on Superman AND Batman, there was at least 1 op riding the floor up and down. Simply Amazing
  8. The worst part about HH is that the whole Southwestern Territory section of the park is always packed right when HH closes, so always get your RB and Viper rides in early.
  9. Does Thunder Run even have a second train? It only was running 1 when I went there and I don't remember seeing a transfer track. Does anyone know how long the lines usually are during the State Fair?
  10. I've heard really good reviews about Viper, but I never made it on that ride during my trip. Does it really live up to all the hype?
  11. I get what you are saying, but look at the nightmare on Chiller.
  12. Haha, you guys are talking about 300 and 400 credits? I'm not even over 100 yet! I love SFOG, but I have never seen lines that short there anytime except the day I was there during a Tornado Warning (27 rides on Goliath without standing up ) I'm still not sure why everyone likes Mindbender so much, I found it to be slow and boring.
  13. Let's think about this one...Geauga Lake was Cedar Point's closest competition. SFKK is Kings Island's closest competition. So if Cedar Fair was to buy SFKK... Isn't there some contract on SFKK with the Kentucky State Fair that someone has to operate the park as the fairgrounds or something?
  14. Where did this whole delivered to the wrong park thing start?
  15. ^Maybe they don't have much space at Carowinds and they sent them to King's Dominion for temporary storage.
  16. I'm really not crazy about the building colors either. Great start though!
  17. SFFT put in a Batman clone, which is also at Sea World. If a theme park company on Cedar Fair's level would put in a clone of a ride in the same city, I'm sure they would put in a ride of the same type that is in the same state.
  18. 2008 -We encountered an employee working at games who asked us to give ourselves change because she "isn't very good at math". Yes, she really said that! -Very slow operations EVERYWHERE but Goliath 2009 -Very fast operations on every ride but Superman. I was impressed. It was spring break, and lines were moving incredibly fast, with most under an hour, but Superman was a 3 hour wait with the line at the 1 hour sign and only 2/3 trains running. Didn't they pay for the other station and 3rd train to prevent 3 hour lines? It was all because of 10 minute dispatches and Flash Passes being timed for 3 minute dispatches. -We were at the park the next day, and we were on the next train for Goliath with a 1 train wait total (it was bad weather) when they had to close the ride because of lightning. The employees gave out water from their water container and engaged in conversation with us and others waiting in line. I couldn't believe this was the same park I was at a year ago.
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