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  1. Well if you sell parks, you are risking someone like Cedar Fair coming in and closing the park to eliminate competition (Guega Lake or however it's spelled) If Cedar Fair could get their hands on SFKK, SFA, or SFStL cheap, they would more than likely be a repeat to eliminate competition from King's Island, King's Dominion, and Worlds of Fun, which is not what you want.
  2. If they did turn SFKK into a water park, it would be one less theme park out there, which is disappointing with a greater number of parks closing than being built, but I think from a business perspective, it would make more sense. Six Flags could add Chang, T2, Greez'd Lightning, and Roadrunner as new coasters to other parks, and the water park would do well without the cost burden of the amusement park. I think the better option would be if SFKK got a new Park President who could get that park's act together. For some reason, the worst-run park in the SFI chain that I've been to has the best customer service out of all of them.
  3. Why does everyone think SFA should go? I found it to be a very nice park, and it's in a very large Metropolitan area. With a little more investment and advertising, they could be the dominant over King's Dominion.
  4. Six Flags Over Georgia x3 Sea World Orlando Universal Studios Florida x2 Islands of Adventure Wet n' Wild Wirlin' Waters Six Flags America Six Flags Great Adventure Freestyle Music Park x3
  5. The problem with building a theme park from the ground up is that these days, people expect 10+ coasters in every park, which just isn't practical for a new park. Back when Six Flags built parks from the ground up, you could build a mine train, log flume, carousel, a few more flats and stores, and people would be happy. Most companies can't afford spending $500 Million+ on a new theme park. It's just too hard to recover the investment.
  6. Interesting... For those of you who have visited recently, how busy was the park? I wouldn't say it was mobbed, but it was fairly crowded when I went. Time Machine started out with 1 train, and had a 2 hour wait by around 2, but they added a second train soon after that and you could walk right into the room where they assign your deckade. For some reason, the trains weren't following the deckade of the door you were at. (We waited at 80s door and got 70s on the train). All other coasters were 15 minute waits almost all day. The park seemed to be very crowded around 2, emptied out SIGNIFIGANTLY by 5, but got crowded again around 9 for the fireworks.
  7. I went to FMP last Saturday, and had an amazing time! I'll post a full TR later. I really don't get all the complaining I've heard about this park.
  8. Flash Passes only cost $15 at SFA, so I would definately reccomend it.
  9. "That sign says the wait is 1/4 hour, so we'll be on in 25 minutes." Last Time I checked, there were 60 minutes in an hour, but with Six Flags' operations, a 15 minute wait sign probably means 25 mins at most of their parks.
  10. I actually really liked Scream! I'm not sure why everyone hates it. So what if it's built over a parking lot.
  11. ^Not nescecarily considering how few coasters were installed in 2009.
  12. I got stuck on Superman: Krypton Coaster at SFFT for 2 hours in 2005, and had to be evacuated of the stairs, and there wasn't a single news story about that, no one thought they were going to die, and no vacations were given as compensation. I can asure you, it was just as hot as it would be in California, but we survived. The news really over-reacts. Coasters get stuck every day and riders have to get evacuated. I don't understand why something as simple as this makes national news. I'm sure the riders were very well compensated. Yeah, it may be a scary experience being lowered from a coaster car that is hanging and at a 45 degree angle, and sitting there for 4 hours probably wasn't fun, but this shouldn't be making national news.
  13. 35 pages of discussion on this in 1 day? It looks to be a pretty cool ride. We haven't really seen many premier launchers lately, so this is a welcome ride for me!
  14. I don't get why everyone is making such a big deal about this. (Everyone meaning the news networks.) Coasters break every day, and people have to be evacuated, and you don't see that make national news.
  15. ^They were stacking 2 trains on Riddler when I was there. That must have been an awesome crew to keep 3 running smoothly.
  16. ^It was a joke. Wow, so now King's Island has 2 coasters closed because of recent accidents? I bet the GP is having a frenzy over this one. lol
  17. $80 is definately worth it! That is what you will pay for a Gold Flash Pass at Six Flags, which is the closest thing that Six Flags offers to the front of the line pass. $130 total seems like a great deal. Great PTR btw.
  18. The best plan for me is do Georgia Cyclone right at 10:00 (it as near the entrance and they usually open it right at 10), but make sure to be standing at the rope at 10:30. Go all the way to the back of the park and ride Superman as many times as you will want to that day. Then go to GASM and Ninja. Make your way around the park to Gotham city to ride Batman and Mindbender. Then go to Goliath, which should have a 15-20 minute wait by then. Then ride Georgia Schorcher, and then go around the park for smaller rides and re-rides. On a wednesday, you should finish this plan by around noon. (I've done it all by 2 on a saturday) As said above, Aceophobia is a can't-miss.
  19. Most kiddie coasters. It's too emberassing for me to walk into Wiggles World of Loony Toons Town at Six Flags. The credit isn't worth it for me. I'd rather ride something fun like El Toro anyways.
  20. The water park is big enough. I really hope Screamscape is wrong.
  21. ^Wow, they've done a lot since the last update I've seen!
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