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  1. Great TR so far! That's crazy to see such a long line for a Sky Tower! How do you get into the ERT at KI? Is it just for Season Pass Holders?
  2. If you are out on a Barrier Island or directly on the gulf, the waves should be pretty large, but if you are up a bay or something they will probably be pretty flat. I was out at the gulf a few weeks ago and the waves were very large.
  3. ^Neither of them were actually built by Six Flags. All but three (SFOT, SFOT, SFStL) were purchased later by the company. I was just asking because SFNE and SFA appear to have nearly identical entrances.
  4. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I hope they didn't completely ruin a fast-paced ride.
  5. SFOG will probably not be too bad. I don't think a Flash Pass will be nescecary on a Wednesday. Most lines should be under 30 minutes. The best plan for me is do Georgia Cyclone right at 10:00 (it as near the entrance and they usually open it right at 10), but make sure to be standing at the rope at 10:30. Go all the way to the back of the park and ride Superman as many times as you will want to that day. Then go to GASM and Ninja. Make your way around the park to Gotham city to ride Batman and Mindbender. Then go to Goliath, which should have a 15-20 minute wait by then. Then ride Georgia Schorcher, and then go around the park for smaller rides and re-rides. On a wednesday, you should finish this plan by around noon. Also, be sure to ride Acraphobia. It may just look like an ordinary drop tower, but there are a few surprises, but I'll let you find them out yourself.
  6. At Great Adventure 2 weeks ago. This was after my 23 ride Marathon on El Toro!
  7. If you decide to add SFA, get a Six Flags season pass. It should be $50 at SFOG, you get the coupon books, and save roughly $20-$30 on Six Flags admission. If you are going to SFA on a weekend, I would get the Flash Pass since it is only $15 ($3 per ride), which is hard to beat. You will pay over $50 for line-skipping at other parks.
  8. Great PTR! Was this park built by the same people who built SFA?
  9. You got pepper-sprayed by a guest? What's the story there? lol
  10. I find SFA to be very under-rated. Sure, the coaster selection could be better, but they have a great atmosphere, fun coasters, some of the best theming in the chain, and lots to do. This is obvious for most people, but never having been to a Six Flags park, I wasn't sure if you knew this; buy a Six Flags Season Pass. It is only $50 at SFOG, and it gets you into all of the parks. It's a great deal!
  11. I think you have to make the lift with Dive Machine track, than merge it to the floorless track.
  12. Just for anyone who is interested, a new fansite has been made for this park, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdon Online. Come check out our site and forums! http://sfkkonline.com/
  13. Thanks dmaxsba2408, I'll try that. You can make steep chain lifts on Dive Machines, but not on floorless coasters. You may be able to work something out with trainers though.
  14. I download lots of parks with custom scenery. Do I have to delete them to get it to work? DBru: I create and save the scenario, and it pops up when I am in the main park menu and try to play it.
  15. I wouldn't feel safe at all with a lap bar on a drop tower.
  16. So where did the evidence come from that makes everyone automatically think it will be a B&M Hyper?
  17. Texas Giant will be closed next summer, so don't go expecting the credit.
  18. Haha, I'm sure there will be a line. It's Universal, and with their crowds, capacity could be 3000 and they would still have a line. This system just drastically increases capacity. Are the lap bars going to come down automatically like on Top Spins so they don't need attendants to check them, or will they be like normal lap bars?
  19. Does it really matter? Intamin made a pretty big mistake, and I'm sure they learned their lesson from Six Flags' Law Suit. All that matters now is that SFKK has a bad reputation from that accident.
  20. Now I'm pretty sure it might be plausible. I like the look of a coaster way more with a normal style than a vertical lift. I think a Giga with a vertical lift would look plain ugly.
  21. I lived by this park until 2006, and my last visit was in 2007. From what I've heard, Shapiro has really let this park go downhill since then. I never had problems with operations, and the only time their operations weren't at maximum capacity when they should have been was the year Poltergeist was down to 1 train for rehab.
  22. But the GP doesn't care. People think that people die/get injured on coasters even when they don't. The last thing a park needs is an accident actually happening.
  23. Thanks, but it didn't work. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  24. Yeah, in line for Goliath at SFOG people were arguing over how long 1/4 of an hour was. They finally settled on 30 minutes. lol
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