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  1. It probably won't affect them too much since they are more of a different style park, but they will probably lose a lot of the coaster enthusiasts this year. (even though that's not a huge loss). I have the choice between King's Dominion and Busch Gardens this summer, and I know where I'm going!
  2. Wow, I really can't believe how awesome this looks! lans trip:
  3. They only have 2 trains for the ride. I don't know how many cars they actually have, but RCDB says 8 cars per train.
  4. It looks insane, but that really worries me if Robb is blacking out. It doesn't take much to make me grey/black out, and that completely ruins coaster experiences for me. Thanks for the coverage!
  5. They have a parking lot specified for it, so they can wait and not worry about having to circle around like at some other parks. There is a shuttle from the front gate.
  6. While this comes as no surprise, it is a bummer. It was a great park with great potential and the closest theme park to me. I'll have to drive all the way to Carowinds now.
  7. The Rockwall Upcharge. It is relatively close to Wild One.
  8. I saw stuff, but I didn't really think much of it. I'll look more closely when CBS posts the episode online tomorrow.
  9. I thought that Joel would at least tell him he could meet with someone from the company who works on attraction design. Joel seemed impressed when he saw the design.
  10. Wow, I thought is was the park's concept art at first! Great Job!
  11. I didn't catch that! Who was playing? I also thought it was a very good show and I hope that he can use the experience to help all of the employees not just the ones he worked with. Remember that guy at Silver Dollar City who scanned tickets and worked with strollers? When they had a break he talked about how he wanted to be CEO and pulled a laptop out of his L O C K E R with a RCT3 design of a coaster he wanted Herschend to build.
  12. I just watched the show. It was pretty good, and they sure did make Herschend look good. I almost died when that guy pulled out his laptop with RCT3 though. lol I think it was Albert.
  13. Now that I see what those are really about, they both seem like a pretty good idea. They have a bowling system like that for kids at my local bowling alley and it works pretty well. I like the carnival game structure of the bowling as well. The laser maze will probably be fun as well/
  14. Great PTR! Thanks for sharing. If the Chinese Acrobat show is anything like the Chinese Acrobat show SFFt used to have, you really will be amazed. It was a phinominal show!
  15. I think they should do that at every ride. I don't know if they still do this, but at SFFT on Superman: Krypton Coaster they had additional lines set up for the front and back, or you could be assigned a seat in a middle row if you didn't want to wait the extra time. This is a great system since it also makes sure every seat is filled.
  16. The security issue is a problem at every Six Flags park I've been to. Even when they catch people, they just send them to the end of the line, and they cut again. They need to stand by their policy of ejecting people from the park.
  17. WOW, the coaster looks awesome! Can't wait for my visit. Why did the audio on the lift stop though? Did it break already?
  18. I thought that mindset too at first, but SFA very rarely gets crowds. Something is wrong there.
  19. So many parks would close though if the merged happened, and there would be little competition in the industry. Cedar Fair has their debt issues as well... I agree that Two Face would have matched the theme better in Gotham City and should have been placed there, but I think their mindset at the time was a putting a coaster in a spot that was kind of a dead spot in the park.
  20. I wouldn't say the park is a complete crap hole. It has it's good and bad's. Best thing that would be good for this place is rehabbing a lot of our thrill roller coasters. I won't get into a whole conversation about that. But what we all need to be looking at is the possible merge, as discussed before in this thread. The vote for Apollo's buy out for Cedar Fair is coming up in a week. If they get the company, is there next step to merge Cedar with Six Flags? In the last conference call, Mark Shapiro did say some good things to keep people interested in Six Flags Park's future, but to really make the parks a true fun filled experience you need money, that the company does not have. All they have been doing is ride revamps. I'm still waiting for them to Put (Jokers Jinx) and (Poltergeist) in indoor buildings and give them better themes, but it hasn't been mentioned. You could do so much with those rides inside, rather than trying add theme to an outdoor ride like Medusa and Superman. Six Flags needs a partner to help them out with that kind of stuff. First off, If Six Flags merged with Cedar Fair, SFA would more than likely close. They are too close to King's Dominion and KD is the better park. I don't think Poltergeist or Joker's Jinx should be enclosed. They are fine as they are, and if Six Flags wanted to add theming, there are cheaper alternatives, which Six Flags has not persued.
  21. Six Flags merging with Cedar Fair was just a complete rumor, and it was confirmed false by Mark Shapiro himself. I don't know why Six Flags would agree to do such a thing anyway. I think that the given location is actually a pretty good place for Thomas Town since it is right in the center of 3 major coasters. It will give younger kids something to do close to where the big coasters are that the teens are riding. Then the family can stay close together and do most of the park together.
  22. It's working fine for me. I really hope a seat didn't fall off, and if it did... I will never feel the same riding any Inverted coaster.
  23. I rode Scream 17 times straight in 2008 and didn't have any problems. I don't even remember it feeling rough.
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