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  1. Although Shapiro is no longer our CEO, I'm sure Weber and all of Managment at Gadv KNOWS that we need flats. So stop asking for them. I think just one more coaster to give us the "Fearsome Five" (Ka, Toro, Nitro, Bizarro, and ?) is all we need. Does Cedar Point really NEED another coaster? I don't think so. We have the room to expand so why not when everything we need is on the way. Why would we stop asking for flats when asking for them is what got us this close to GADV actually getting them? The Houdini Facebook page, posting on SFGAdv's Facebook, asking on the fan call, and other internet posts got Houdini open. Fan call requests, Posts for flats on SFGAdv's Facebook, and posts on other sites are what got us this close to flats. We've gotten far enough to be recongized by Six Flags Blog, why would we stop before flats actually come?
  2. This does happen to me sometimes if I go to a park alone, but having a friend makes it much better. I also like to change things up sometimes when I'm at parks I visit frequently. For example, go to King's Island alone and have a goal of getting on Diamondback as many times as you can agressively. Next visit, go with a friend and do the park slowly, see some shows, and ride some flats. My intesest is kept better when my park experience is different each time like above.
  3. When I saw it used, they said your numbers couldn't be more than 10 away from the previous number. This allowed for things like people leaving and people not being in the same order in their group. It's not a perfect system, but it worked well.
  4. It was on Screamscape. That's probably part of where it came from.
  5. Isn't everything at Six Flags supossed to be "family friendly" now? That concert didn't look like it had any intentions of being "family friendly".
  6. I think the best solution is handing out the tickets at the front of the line and checking the order of the numbers at the end of the line. No ticket, no ride. Ticket out of order, end of the line. I've seen that system in use several times at Six Flags and it worked very well. They could even laminate the cards and reuse them to save money on the copies of the tickets.
  7. Wow, you got lucky with Goliath's line! I've had to wait through every single switchback they have set up on several occasions.
  8. Maybe it's for this: http://screamscape.com/html/hersheypark.htm
  9. That's good news. Seeing those made me want to walk up there with a can of paint and fix it myself.
  10. Wow, this park looks awesome, and Legend looks amazing! Great job on your first park!
  11. I was told by someone last night that they are going to the Harry Potter World theme park this summer. I told them it was just a themed section in IOA, but they refused to believe me and I eventually just dropped the argument. I hope a lot of people aren't too disappointed. What Universal did build looks amazing to me, but it may not be the scale everyone is expecting.
  12. The download has missing object data. Can you post JAGIGLT ?
  13. I saw some of the camo uniformed people in our local McDonalds the other day so I'm assuming they are still wearing them. --Robb "We see Magic employees all the time in Valencia..." Alvey I'm glad they're keeping that. I didn't think it would last very long. Does anyone know if they ever fixed the sides of Terminator's trains?
  14. I think the trim is probably a good thing. Hurler was painfully rough in April.
  15. Is that total number of people working at the ride (including person at entrance to queue and station entrance) or number of people actually working on the ride platform?
  16. Does Terminator still have the camo ride op uniforms or did they go back to the neon?
  17. Cool TR! Last year when I was at SFOG, there was tons of line jumping at Goliath and someone around us called the security number. They showed them who the line jumpers were, and the line-jumpers denied that they cut in line. The security guy said he can't do anything to them unless a park employee sees them cut or they admit to line jumping, so it's a pretty worthless system.
  18. Wow, it looks very nice. Are there 1 or 2 trains on this ride? Does anyone think that queue will ever actually fill for a historic kiddie coaster?
  19. Sometimes when that happens to me, I go to Son of Beast Trainer and Close the park through that trainer. They all leave and you have a fresh start without guests whining about wanting to go home.
  20. This is LCG, haha. I remember the Intimidator Rants from a while ago. I got a good laugh out of those. But that video...
  21. I think that their attendance could have been way up this year. I am a little over an hour away from FMP and very few people knew what FMP is last summer. If they put their ticket prices around $20, I know a lot of people who would have gone to the park this year that didn't know it existed. I have been in Myrtle Beach twice since the proposed 2010 opening day when I would have gone to the park if they were open. I think their problem was just a lack of advertising to semi-locals. I hope something can be worked out and this park saved. I'm not too optomistic though.
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