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  1. ^ Speaking of Dragster, I get a kick out of the fact that the catch car is sprayed with cold water post-launch to cool it off.
  2. I'm going to go with Gao at Mitsui Greenland. Most jet coasters are pretty forceless.
  3. A good wooden coaster should feel out-of-control. I'd love to see more sudden drops-o-doom, like CCI liked to do after the MCBR.
  4. At least Cedar Fair has the balls to not give a park anything. Six Flags just repeatedly shafts SFA with crap, all the while smugly proclaiming that every park gets something. Sigh...
  5. They're really building a skyline here. All it needs now is a 600ft Intamin Aquatrax Polercoaster called "The Point" shoved somewhere to the right and they'd be all set. Also RMC Gemini and call it "HawkHawk". (If you couldn't tell, I'm being facetious here. A PolerCoaster called "The Point" would be pretty kickass though.)
  6. I don't think it's a stupid conversation, I think it's a very interesting one, I just don't know why people have to get so worked up about it. I see your point about Toro's hills, and the shaping of Lightning Rod's second hill does look similar, however you'll also notice that the downward slope of Toro's hills aren't anywhere near as steep as LR's first drop. So basically it sounds to me like we're describing a hill that starts out as extreme as Toro's ejector hills, and then gets MORE extreme from there. And that I just don't think is possible. Slopes as steep as 73° are always approached rather slowly to keep the forces from getting too extreme at the back of the train. Just to add my .02, Millennium Force hauls over that main drop and it is 80 degrees. It has a lot to do with drop radius.
  7. Yep. The number of lanyards and things that have flown up off the front end of WC's train (and often caught by the back) is astonishing.
  8. I still say that the policy for line-jumping should allow anyone noticing the line-jumper to take one (1) free smack at the offending party.
  9. Most excited for: Taron, Wildfire. Most excited to ride next year: Lightning Rod.
  10. I wonder if the track roar has something to do with the name they chose for it? T-rexes are supposed to have quite a fearsome roar.
  11. It is also worth pointing out that tubular steel is expensive. This box design can be fabricated from steel plates, making it much cheaper. Just my .02
  12. ARM: Drop tower Arrow: Thunderation B+M: Nemesis CCI: BoulderDash Chance: Hyper-GTX / Zipper (tie) Dinn: RMC support structures Fabbri: Spinning Madness GCI: Millennium Flyer trains Gerstlauer: Heiße Fahrt Giovanola: EuroStar Gravity Group: Voyage GravityKraft: Timberliners Herbert Schmeck: the Coney Island Cyclone Hopkins: Policy Lake Mining Co. (The log flume at Canobie) HUSS: Giant Frisbee Intamin: Maverick Interpark: Wild Wind John Allen: Racer @ Kings Island John Miller: Upstop wheels KMG: XXL KumbaK: SLC trains Lagoon: Cannibal Mack: Helix Maurer Söhne: SC-2000 PAX: Wild Train (you know which one) Pinfari: XP56 Prior + Church: Aeroplane Coaster PTC: Station air gates Ride Centerline: whatever they feed Alan Schilke when he comes into work RMC: the I-box track Sally: Mine of Lost Souls (best dark ride ever IMO, partially because no shooting random stuff) Schwarzkopf: Olympia Looping / Mind Bender @ Galaxyland (tie) SDC / S&MC: Windstorm / Hurricane S+S: the El Loco standard model Traver Engineering: Cyclone Racer TrioTech: I know jack about these guys. Vekoma: SLC (with new/KumbaK trains) Zamperla: Air Race I'm sure I'm missing some. Oh well.
  13. So, half the stuff won't work correctly and they will nickel-and-dime you out the ass. Sounds like Six Flags to me.
  14. I always thought it was based off Rampage at Alabama Adventure. Or is that the other way around? Anyway, fact: At peak efficiency, the ride-ops on the Matterhorn can push out two trains a minute.
  15. This would be about as stupid as some park changing the name of their new ride due to some idiot getting hit and killed by a green inverted coaster that is right next door to the construction zone.
  16. Oh hell no. Those restraints focus all the force onto a very narrow band of your thighs. The central box also takes up all the legroom.
  17. Are surface-to-air missile users that big of a problem? I would think those would be on the park's banned-items list.
  18. Visited the park today. Bizarro is running well. The iPhone is gone from Batman's loop, but is replaced by what looks like a handheld vaporizer. It can be easily spotted by the front row; watch for it about 3/4 way through the first inversion. It's just sitting on a track tie, nestled up against the spine. The ride-op for Houdini was hamming it up throughout the pre-show. Very funny guy!
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