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  1. As far as I can tell, the reason for Goliath's roughness lies in the train design. The rolling stock looks ill-equipped to handle any lateral or axial rotation, leaving that to the actual seat dampers.
  2. My short list of things needing the RMC treatment: Mean Streak Boss GhostRider Predator @ Darien Lake The Beast
  3. That coaster was already mentioned on page 41. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=490&start=390 But anyway, yes, it is a dumb name. Found another one. Wang Zhong Wang.
  4. I will have to go with Suspended Looping Coaster Over Water. Not only is the name extremely generic, but the ride isn't even over water. Plus, it's made by that Metallurgical Manufacturing company. I apologize if I did not link to the RCDB correctly.
  5. Mine was Montu, followed shortly by Kumba. Not a bad initiation, no?
  6. Ikr it's my home park and the staff is not friendly at all, except for maybe a few of them That's the funny thing. They have some of the rudest staff of any park anywhere. If they had a golden ticket award for the rudest and worst staff and they won I would have no complaints. I would be shocked if they didn't win that award actually. Yeah, that was rather funny. I guess those die-hard (by the way, if any die hard SFNE fans are offended, my apologies) SFNE fans were hard at work. I'm a Bizarro fan, not a SFNE fan. SFNE is like that a$$hole neighbor who has the sweet pool. You put up with the obnoxious behavior because of his pool parties.
  7. Beat 68 times on Bizarro. I was bored one Wednesday and had a Platinum FlashPass.
  8. No basketballs. If you are breaking up a group with your consecutive ride, step back into the queue and let them go if the park allows it (SFNE does) or just go around. No basketballs. Don't be an obnoxious prick. No basketballs. If you're trying to break up the monotony of a line by relating an amusing anecdote to everyone around you, please take a moment to ensure your anecdote is amusing to people other than you. No basketballs. If someone asks if a ride is "scary", explain what it does in terms they can understand. For example, Nitro can be described as "it goes up and down, just like a wooden coaster, except smoother and bigger." No basketballs. Only pose for the on-ride photo if it is a particularly amusing or innovative pose. No basketballs. Get the souvenir cup if it makes sense. No basketballs. Use common sense. Did I mention no basketballs?
  9. Jesus F Christ, automatic termination? That seems a bit harsh. At Whole Foods, you just get written up.
  10. I thought it was Kumba, until Wicked Cyclone showed up. I think I'm in love with that thing.
  11. I keep hearing the name "Centurion" thrown around, and all I can think of is this: EDIT: Forgot image. This piece of junk.
  12. I am dead certain when I get my Necomimi ears that mentioning coasters in the break room at work will be popular. Also, ... when you have an on-ride photo keychain on your car keys. (Mine's currently "Are we there yet?": a photo of four people, including me, looking extremely bored in Bizarro's car 9.) For that matter... ...if you title your on-ride photos.
  13. Actually, given the fact that the zero car for Vekoma is in back, I wonder if it might actually be smoother.
  14. Speaking of Bizarro, I rode the other one upwards of 400 times so far this year. It's running better than it has been the past few years, but I'd only give it an 8/10 in terms of ride. I cannot ride Mind Eraser, though. Every time I go near the Queue, the nearby tea cups demand that I come over and spin the bejeezus out of them. Then I need to cool off with more Bizarro.
  15. Not sure about crowds, but Bizarro has a staff of six working it (ride-op, four restraint checkers, Flash Pass operator) and dispatches fly. They can get one train out the door before the second hits the final tunnel. EDIT: Look what I found. https://twitter.com/SF_newengland/status/497435329012707328/photo/1
  16. Debatable. Finally, more enthusiasts are realizing how awesome this park is! Canobies my favorite, totally underrated. I find it much better and more entertaining than lake compounce. I honestly love Mine a bit more than Cannonball. Both rides are amazing, though for different reasons. Mine gets the edge because it's cool inside.
  17. SFNE: 2015: Iron Cyclone. Last car on Bizarro is turned around backwards for no reason. Skyway closes. 2016: Retheming Bizarro to SROS, mainly because the backwards car idea was stupid. 2017: Backwards Batman. All flats except Scrambler are removed. 2018: Launch coaster in place of Flashback. Scrambler is removed for no apparent reason. Mind Eraser is demolished unexpectedly in what the park amusingly calls an "act of God". 2019: Park spontaneously explodes. To be fair, it's less ridiculous than a lot of stuff on here...
  18. No Mine of Lost Souls? That's the best thing in the park!
  19. Well, **** you too. Seriously, though, the best ending IMO is either Bizarro @ SFNE (centrifuge-tunnel-airtime) or Outlaw Run. Worst? Probably Corkscrew @ Cedar Point. It really felt like they could have added a helix.
  20. Bizarro's trains are currently running the blue (slow) wheels, so there is not as much air to be had. I hope they put in the i305-style trains. Oh, and add back the flamethrowers.
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