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  1. My immediate reaction to hearing the news: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. I've been watching them a bit this morning. I saw a Dragster rollback and the rope drop.
  3. Is the iPhone still on the track of Batman's loop? It's been there for at least a month now. It's one tie below the second large loop support. You can easily see it from the front row.
  4. It's kinda like, say, the tiger enclosure in a zoo. If you don't need to go in there, don't go in there. If you do need to go in there, be aware of the position of all dangerous things (like, say, big cats or 3.5-ton trains) at ALL times, and get out as soon as your business is finished.
  5. I still will never forget that on one of our tours we managed to rent out Olympia Looping for an hour before the Wurtzburg Fair opened. Over half of the people on our tour took one or two rides and then stopped riding because it was "too intense." I had never seen such a large group of roller coaster pussies in my life! So many people I know would kill to have an hour on that ride, and most of them just treated it as a "one and done credit." Such a waste. Next time we do ERT on Olympia Looping, I'll let you know and you can be my riding partner! Speaking of which, when are you guys doing another Europe trip?
  6. Giga: Fury 325 Hyper: The crazy-looking Intamin being built in China Hybrid: Wicked Cyclone Invert: Namtab Woodie 1: Wildfire @ Kolmården Woodie 2: T Express Launched: Taron Anything 1: Kumba Anything 2: Helix Anything 3: Lisebergbanan If we allow NL coasters, it changes a bit. Giga: Projektion's Zeus Hyper: Cold Fusion by Macehivcz (spelling?) (most other Intamin hypers would be fine) Hybrid: Sokobansolver's RMC Mean Streak Invert: Megablast by Buster and Hansixx Woodie 1: Ghost of a Chance Woodie 2: Upper Gorge Express Launched: Gaia by Phyter (I think) Anything 1: The Big Dig Anything 2: Midgard Serpent by Hansixx Anything 3: Projektion's Iron Outlaw You may notice a trend towards extremely long rides there.
  7. That park has always seemed really sketchy. I managed to jump the seat divider on Cyclops once (related: anyone else notice the station was built for a six-car train? Wonder what happened), they let us on Hades 360 without testing it (!!), you can touch Zeus and Cyclops' tracks from the entrance path, and of course there was Opa and now Catapult. But hey, it's cheap as dirt right now to go.
  8. "Lord of the Ringy Dingy Ding-a-ling Dings" has a nice... ring(y dingy ding-a-ling ding) to it.
  9. Yes, I talk a lot. It comes from my various psychoses and my line of work (customer service). Sorry that my loquacious nature bothered you.
  10. Dragster. I was actually underwhelmed. It felt like, "That was it? What just happened?"
  11. What trains does the Coney Island Cyclone run? They're damn comfy.
  12. A perfect roller coaster? I'll take a Schwarzkopf Silverarrow... in my backyard.
  13. It's for the season pass. Specifically, the one that does NOT include parking.
  14. Why bother? Just shop around for a good deal on an ass-load of paint, slap some on-board audio onto the trains at the expense of some seats; this will result in longer lines, which is just another way of saying that your ride is popular and everyone wants to ride it. Don't worry about the actual content riders are treated to- once those restraints are locked you have their undivided attention (pro-tip: no need to throw money away for maintenance either, if it lasts longer than a few seasons, you're doing it wrong). Lastly, the best way to let guests know that a super-lot of planning, time, and thought went into your design is by adding some flamethrowers along the course of the ride. No one will like you or your ride if you don't. I know for a fact that this is a big reason Son of Beast was torn down, and why Geauga's Big Dipper is still rotting away on-site instead of thrilling millions every day somewhere in Africa. The cherry on top of this sundae? By following these steps, you leave the door open to reap even more publicity and ridership if you ever choose to bring the ride back to it's original state. Make sure to change the halfway-decent audio to some melange of garbage and remove the flamethrowers later. Also, bonus points if the audio system makes the trains track horribly and the new restraints are uncomfortable as heck.
  15. Makes sense. When the rides at SF Great America stop being great, they send them to SF America.
  16. ... People constantly send you every coaster-related news puece they find. ... If you already know about said news pieces before they send them.
  17. I would personally sabotage the moving operation. EDIT TO AVOID DOUBLE-POSTING: I wish I could move to Sandusky.
  18. There's the GCI Big Fun that never happened... $3 million for everything, just build a path and hook it up to the mains. Other than that, I'm not sure. I-Box conversions are a good deal, but RMC are booked for the foreseeable future. I do agree with the Hyper-GTX sentiment, though.
  19. Stinger: Originally called Face/Off Renamed to Invertigo due to Cedar Fair removing Paramount licenses Moved to Dorney in 2012 Expedition GeForce
  20. Having experienced a pretty wide range of rides on it, I can say that it's a damn fun ride even when running slow. There's some great hangtime in the rolls on a slow run that isn't there when faster, and the lack of lats between the rolls just accentuates the weirdo hill that follows.
  21. Might be Mako's track. Seems odd for it to be going west, though...
  22. Here we go again. Interesting that they may get an RMC before the Point does...
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