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  1. Not quite. A list: Steel Dragon Pepsi Max Desperado The TOGO deathmachine in Vegas (I'm not going to dignify it by calling it by its name!) Bandit TTD Kingda Ka Xcelerator SheiKra Apollo's Chariot Silver Star Nitro Wicked Twister The third hill of Millennium Force
  2. The Intamin T-bar restraints before they retrofitted them with the unnecessary leg thingies.
  3. Speed holes? I dunno. I think that Intamin put them there for mechanics to get at the wheels.
  4. Well, XLR8R is a prototype, and it almost never is down, but the "second generation Rocket" TTD is often down and sprayed exploding launch cables all over everybody once.
  5. I have a question. On Intamin hypercoaster trains, there are two circular holes in the nose. Is there any purpose to these? Al "They can't be just for show" Snitzer
  6. You forgot an "a" Al "Grammar police" Snitzer
  7. This is a silly question. Can you count a coaster if you rode it in NL? Al "That would change my coastercount up from 9" Snitzer
  8. I have RCF2... I could upload a few tracks. doppelifter.txt 2 lifts... 1 lift 2.txt 1 lift...
  9. I would like "Zeeky Boogy Doog!" as a title. Thanks. Al "Obsessed with the Demented Cartoon Movie" Snitzer
  10. A floorless standup-- How the heck would that work? Al "Completely puzzled" Snitzer
  11. B+M are superior for one good reason--the zero G roll. That element is, in my opinion, the best element ever. The B+M Flatspins are also great. And B+M coasters never crash. Of course, Intamin can build a hypercoaster better than B+M can, and the Rocket is a plus, but it just fails to make it to the top. Al "Intamin came close" Snitzer
  12. I can't get the download to work. [LIMLaunched]The Rocket.trk I'm trying again.
  13. THis is a 30 second LIM ride that has the following elements: Top Hat, Loop, Inclined Loop, Overbanked Turn, Non-Inverting Corkscrew, Cutback, Inline Twist, Helix. The launch speed is 66.66 mph.
  14. I'm thinking that the "bidding wars" could become a big problem (for people who don't like realism.) Also: TOGO Sit Down (with new Painful Hill) or Rocket w/Inversions.
  15. I still can't believe this. I was on the Yankee Cannonball and both sets of brakes failed. The thing went around for about 5 times while they got a mechanic to fix it. The best "breakdown" ever was when I was on a Roundup. It starts spinning, lifts up a little bit, goes back down, stops spinning, and the ride operator gets on, screams at this guy, forces him to exit, then starts the ride again. Now the guy must have apparently gotten back in line, because she turns around, yells at him instead, and forgets that the thing is still spinning. The best part is that this was the first ride of the day, and that the Cannonball broke.
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