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  1. Looks very good but the architecture reminds me an awefull lot of CD5's park tbh
  2. Last pic's very cool but watch out for the window overkill, the structure is very cool and not blocky in any way and has good amount of variation, just the windows are killing it a little IMO. If its hotel like thing maybe keep the amount of windows but change some of the windows to another type because now it make the walls look a bit flat because the windows make it look the same everywhere... Fot the beach chairs I suggest making them out of the wood planks item, you just need 1slanted connecting the floor 1horizontal and again a slanted one up, then support them with deco pieces
  3. Negative critcism motivatesme tbh, it makes want to show I can do better than what they think of me, but thats how I work^^
  4. Very cool addition with the racer slides, One thing you might to look out for is the foliage getting repetitive, maybe try a wider variety of trees in certain section of the park, also on the sand parts with the palms maybe add some low foliage like tall grass lke you see in the dunes, or add some sticks lying on the beach who where brought there by the currents of the water, this could be well done with deco-pieces because atm the sand looks pretty empty apart from the peeps, maybe you could also use building blocks to make seats or beach sofa's
  5. TLM I'll never be able to please you won't I? First of all you guys complained for me writing posts that where way too long when I wanted to be constructive like about your foliage work in Metallica park, I've always added some note in wich it could be improved not you guys are saying that I don't give advice wich is at all not true, I do admit I might be one of the most critical members and definatl hrd to please when it comes to RCT2, but thats only because I set myself a very high standard wich also shows from my screens, I do reflect this standard on other people, and for my latest postsI didn't really want to say too much about adding stuff because I don't want to influence other people's style of building, I just point out what aspect can be improved or schould be dealt with, and if I my say so if I can't be a critic than what's the point of a game forum? Isn't it meant for others to say what can be improved because as I've stated before with saying "Oh I really love that screen" you won't help sombody improve, I rather have people pointing me my flaws that I can wok on them instead of being praised and not learning from it.
  6. Combine this with coasterdynamix and you could build your own freaking theme-park in your spare room like this, I sense this is the new era of rollercoastertycoons, Scrap the trains, Bring me the coasters^^
  7. Thats because it was never to be like you said you'd expect them to be... It are 2 completely different creatures and that showed in the coasters(or at least was meant so) While the dragon has its very powerfull wings so it can fly around the mountain the snake had to crawl close to the ground and stay low for most part(inversions not included) They where never designed to really meet eachother rather than the end of both layouts
  8. basically the simplicity of the archy and overall undetailedness where an issue, but as stated, WW hurted my score very significantly
  9. Use a trainer! 8cars schould do the trick... Or if you want to play without cheats just ask a good entry fe and keep a constant marketing going on, worked for me....
  10. Yes I do have positive things to say, but by saying "OH I REALLY LOVE IT" you won't help the builders, I try to point them on some little things who make it even better
  11. Srry mcjaco but that doesn't mean anything, If he's going for new stuff to try and show why doesn't he show anything worth looking even if its just some crazy hack...
  12. Sorry but I'm not likeing it, There is no theme or foliage, the station is boring and blocky and the supports aren't realistic, Take a look at some good parks over at NE and try themeing it more cuz now its just a coaster over plain grass
  13. Mastersax, the basics are really there, now try to make it more detailed because atm the walls of the station are really dull, try adding some more texture...
  14. Released as honorary mention... http://forums.nedesigns.com/index.php?showtopic=21563
  15. Released as an honorary mention on NE http://forums.nedesigns.com/index.php?showtopic=21567
  16. You can watch it ingame because it is released as an honorary mention http://forums.nedesigns.com/index.php?showtopic=21574
  17. got 8.5 so no bronze If they had won anything they'd already be on the front page^^ This just got submitted so I'm hoping for a bronze
  18. The landscape could either ruin it or make it awesome, I'd suggest make some variations in height so you can have some plateaus you can build on, it looks more natural that way...
  19. Both failed Ryu and Hebi missed 2full points Manta missed 1full point And I hope you'll be able to see the park ingame very soon
  20. Well technically coasterdynamix only needs to make a new train type to be able to make flyer with them so maybe there's an idea right here^^
  21. Sorry but a design is a single ride, this will be rated as a park, so it can not achieve design, it can reach bronze, silver gold or spotlight...
  22. Don't be tooo sure, they're really high when it comes to standards
  23. Those entries are like from 3years back if I recall and their standards have gone up since then, I don't even think those parks would make a front page anymore...
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