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  1. I hope you really get that accolade even if its a bronze its something to be proud off but don't be stunned if it doesn't because using expansions hurts you score significantly as it did for BGSA, Check your pm's
  2. Try colouring your land tiles under the foliage with brown dirt and dirty grass, it'll make it look a lot better and make it look more jungle at the same time
  3. Some little thoughts on the new mainstreet for a park I'm building on...
  4. You might want to put some supports under that flume's drop^^ other that it looks ok
  5. How I would love to see spinner cars on that coaster you haven't got an idea how much the ride would improve as a spinning wild mouse instead of a regular one... Otherwise the park is looking very promising and the english village looks very authentic
  6. While it all is very good and nice in execution you do have a B&M overkill and sometimes I miss some main theme because everything looks very generic atm, for the rest I have no complaints and the angles for the pics are great
  7. Even though the park is ncso try to have a little more detail in them like some variation in textures or something like that, also try to stay away from ground level when building rides and maybe use a water body for the flume so its not just the rides that some water, hint maybe you could add a man made waterfall next to the drop...
  8. Something like loch ness I'd see work perfectly in this park tbh, its just if the park is in a financial troublesome time its a very large investement to commit to not knowing the park is still popular enough to keep it going even with the coaster. If you'd build an arrow looper in these lines I suggest giving it a very specific theme like an asian or medieval theme that only includes the coaster and can be added on later with a flat or 2 and maybe a restaurant... For the waterpark I'd say wait a few years because I think the really cool waterslides are just invented recently so I'd wait for the really awesome toilet bowls and giga tubes and all those cool things...
  9. Nice coaster but I suggest maybe a catwalk wouldn't be out of line here, The layout looks good from what I can see so far and the supports are kickass 1thing I'd like you to take notice of is that th rocks are very dark and it doesn't look very natural on top plain grass like in one of the screens, maybe colour the land to rock or something that fits better so it will look more gradual and keep a natural flow to it, maybe add some shribs and low plantlife to spice up the rocks a bit, The rest is really awesome but I'm afraid the buildings in the park are a tad all the same style so watch out for that style overkill you could hit if you keep this building style going in the entire park Also so on a side note: your logo's are really cool
  10. When it looks great and I could never pull it off it looks like I've seen it before a dozen times to be honest with you CD5, the quality is great and of a very high level but I'd to see something new that isn't a flatride placed in a nice area because for me a themepark schould not be all themeing and you desperately need more rides... Concerning a buyout I'm all fan of SF buying it and placeing a B:TR in this park because it screams for a major ride again, something that looks good on a billboard or in a commercial
  11. Your off to a really good start but now try to make your buildings a little more detailed, for instance try adding a trim on the rooves with deco pieces and stuff like that so it looks more refined. Its not really a problem right now but try to prevent the buildings from looking repetitive, this mostly cuz they're all brick and all have the same roof texture, this might be a problem in the future... Also try to make your buildings more making a pattern like a row instead of all seperate buildings that way it'll look more mainstreet and more themeparkisch if you get the point, just look up some pics of mainstreets and you'll know what I mean
  12. Ghost it does look better now and I hope you really planned this thouroughly this time, it actually looks like a real station now... As advice for the progress for this park I suggest download a few savegames of really good parks and study how they are layed out so you keep a natural flow to your park, base your layout of real rides without making it a recreation so it still shows your own little twist, look at pictures from real life and be inspired by it so it looks a lot more clean and actually right in a way the colourbook you had before never could look the part you probably intended it to be. Just listen to people's advice and adjust wherever possible without losing your individual style. Also try to vary up the landscaping because I'm not so much into a full flatland and it makes it look very artificial if you get my idea. @mcjaco: sorry to tell you this but I'll keep on speaking my mind if I think something is bad/good. This is the way I am and I'm not planning to change that to be more popular on an internet forum... -BelgianGuy-
  13. @themeparkman25 Dude do you really read? I said look at real buildings and park, as you suggested but looking up pictures for him is a thing I won't do its his park and if he wants it to look good he needs to put in the effort of getting good documentation and stuff like that, not me, really the posts we're all criticism but all did say what he could do so don't lecture me on giving good criticism because I did say how he could take a better turn on this as did nin and goliath... What's the point of a topic if I can't speak my mind and I actually want you to give me a solid answer without wyning about being nice and not being subtle enough
  14. I'm sorry to say but it looks nothing like a six flags park and I think you mainly chose that name because its one the most known park chains, As for the layout do as nin suggested and make it out&back For the buildingsand themeing I'd start over from scratch cuz like goliath said it looks like you made this in 10min and just slapped some scenery on top of each other, Look at real buildings and look at good parks like nin's SFMM, In my eyes the thing this park lacks the most is effort and real skill if I'm really honest because your work hasen't really improved for as long as I've been on these forums this mostly because you don't really learn from what people tell you if they give constructive criticism...
  15. Guests want rides not a nice walk, they can go to a regular park for that, GIVE ME AWESOME RIDES^^ overall looking really nice, since you last added a junior coaster maybe add something more thrilling within the next 1-3years because you'll need something big if you want to raise the attendance, maybe a drop tower would look nice on your skyline, or a morgan hypercoaster would be cool aswell, While I say thrilling I'd not place something that goes head over heals, maybe something between a real thrill and a family ride like a hypercoaster
  16. Here's some more of the witch that haunt the world of "SOUL EATER" Joma Joma Dabarasa
  17. Looks very promising but I'd build some railings where the coaster goes over the road, you don't want your coaster to be totalled be a van of coaster enthousiasts^^, even if its just a walkway for people build some railings cuz children could hurt themselves with something like that
  18. Snake Snake Cobra Cobrabara VECTOR ARROW Note: this area is warped by the presence of a very powerfull witch hence the colours
  19. If he's going to place a boomerang plz wait till the CFR of the thing is ready and released because that just looked awesome...
  20. No I'll really focus on the witches and shibusen itself fitting the story, not focus on the mission in the first episodes
  21. Yes this will actually be a full scale disney like park The shibusen castle taking the place of cinderella I'll have a death city mainstreet, Land of the witches and Death city outskirts with stein's place and other stuff like that
  22. Google "Soul Eater" Its an anime series I've had some earlier names from, now its going to be a dedicated park to this anime serie I really love... and to explain: The "kishin" is the demon god, Shibusen is the organisation that prevents him from getting stronger or even stop him from being alive...
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