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  1. I know its been a long time but I thought why not build on it a bit more so today I did,
  2. This is so cool but RCT2 was right there are rollercoasters!!! Dinghy slide is found in 3categories, water, thrill and rollercoaster I think But on another note watch those windows not getting repetitive
  3. Did you notice the roots of the trees aren't coming out the the rock but from the gap between the rock and the dirt its on? So still no tree out of a rock
  4. HOW TO IMPROVE FOLIAGE! First: Never have foliage on rocks, ever seen a tree come out of solid stone? I haven't^^ Like I said before make it more natural, look at pictures to see how real plantlife is organised by nature, there are more shrubs than trees to start with, this is something most people don't respect and just for the speed of building go and fill up with full size trees, instead try placing a few trees on more "tactically" chosen spots where you think their height is best suited, then take the "high" shrubs place those where you think it looks natural, for example under a tree(you want zero-clearances for this) then start adding grass and flowers, vary in long grass short grass stuff like that, chose the colours of your flowers wisely, this makes or breaks the feel of your foliage believe me, never go too bright or too dull for example no brown flowers, more like a nice red or yellow. Again think on wich underground you do this, if you want a clean look go for the grass, forest is best with dirt/grass and for rougher and more bare terrains with little foliage I recommend dirt and sometimes a spot of rock without anything on it and make these patches of land more interesting with quarter-tile landscaping. Always work your way down in height on foliage, start with the big ones and work your wayaround those to make it look good. If this won't help you or anybody in the future concerning foliage issues I don't know what I'll write next time Maybe as a final tip go check guys like bacchus and nin on NE because their foliage is kick @ss. And yeah I'm a perfectionist and proud of it^^ -BelgianGuy-
  5. That was the idea yes The coaster is near a cliff, rocky beach So I'd figure to make a semi cave station And I intend on making some vending machines into the queue
  6. Just started this as a joke to make an intamin coaster with a non-inverted immelman and just kept building on it and these are some results Its all very unfinished so it'll improve
  7. No it didn't Its just to help you improve really because I think you can do better than this but you just need that comment that doesn't say oh love it but makes you realise you can improve so I personally thought the bunny was out of place^^
  8. I'm sorry but I'm still no fan of the foliage, make it look more natural, TBH I think it looks random use more quater-tile grass to fill up some grass tiles, also use more variation in land colours that often helps aswell But the layout is very cool and I agree some buildings wouldn't make it look bad
  9. I don't want to stress on the bad but I'm the teof guy that only posts something that's at least 95% done I see that you have a cool layout but you'll need to get the folige right to make it pop, my own weakness is foliage so I tend to be very critical about that specific subject And sorry to go off topic but if a screen in generally bad and I don't like it I'll say it no matter what(this isn't the case here, just the foliage needs work)
  10. Didn't goliath build all this so you're taking credit for his park?
  11. He hacked a twister coaster , that way he can have blockbrakes
  12. Is it me or does that look like a "soft" ride I mean its a secret weapon and it looks like a kiddie coaster
  13. I've just completed the design and sended it for voting so fingers crossed Hopefully within 2weeks we can download it from nedesign.com as a design
  14. Can someone tell me in what episode this can be seen because I really like HOUSE
  15. At first it looks like the Dragon is gonna win by a mile but near the end its really close, I won't tell who wins but meet each other along the way aswell, as for the rest the pacing is realistic throughout the rides in terms of what speed is good for a pretzel and Immelman a loop a barrel roll, stuff like that. LOL a worthy screen is something I myself am proud of showing, something that looks pretty much finished and shows some certain level of skill. And I think this is one of those rare screens
  16. Since I was feeling a lot better today I've managed to do some more work I've been able to complete another worthy screen
  17. I think your first Sunrise point was way better than this, this just looks unfinished from top to bottom, there aren't much details to look at. On a side note I also play to have fun but I'm my own worst critic, I constantly want to improve instead of just building something I've done before. As an example I've never made a dueling coaster untill I started my design The Dragon and The Snake, that is by far my best work layout, archy and foliage wise ever. I don't see the point playing when it all looks the same, but as long as you're having fun its ok I guess
  18. TLM I'd just like to say your work is good but you don't evolve or get better, you just make the same stuff over and over again, its always the same style without any evolution in level
  19. That NE potential will have to wait for some time, I've got the flu and probably the mexican variety so this is on hold for some time Lucky I went to the docter soon enough so there's no danger I'm just sick as hell
  20. I know the blue clashes with everything but thats on purpose, it had to be dared because the complete area looks damn well fine with it, I didn't fit in the screen but it does if you look at the complete colour scheme of the design itself, it works in the bigger picture. Anyway I had this screen finished sooner than expected so I'd like your opinions on this one, How you think this compares to each other?
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