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  1. Aiming for silver is a little high on hopes think, There just aren't enough details in your park, landscape variations and overall complexety to get anywhere near silver. For example TPLA is nearly finished and a few friends on NE who have seen it completely in-game say its a good bronze or maybe a close silver so I suggest to be a lot more critcal towards yourself if you want that accolade. Just to give an examplemy new pak is in game year 27 and I've got 3rides so far and they aren't even finished, just the basics have been build. If you really want that accolade and are intrested I'd like to help you out. just mail me on this address: xstijnx_arakis@hotmail.com So we can have a chat on what you could improve for your park^^
  2. Its not because I've build it that its gonna be any less rough but thanks anyway^^
  3. Looks good for a start but it misses refinement, Maybe focus your inspiration more on real life pictures if your going for foliage thats aiming to be realistic,
  4. My new park is really coming along nicely for the moment so I'll share the fun with you guys -BelgianGuy-
  5. Well I'm not far enough to really start a topic for this park but I can show you guys this^^ I filled in the marked land, reason its not asia tpye of buildings is because the buildings behind the hammerhead are part of the mainstreet... here you go and plz tell me what you think^^
  6. GOOD NEWS: A friend over at NE fixed the park and its up and running again, So I'll give you guys the last update till the final release its an overview of the par that just shows all the rides and some areas need some filler forest, and some retouching but the park will be finished very soon...
  7. Your right TLM its marked land for a shop type chain of buildings, I plan on making the entrance of the park near this spot so it'll probably be a mainstreet where you see the hammerhead towering over
  8. Since its been a while that I showed any work lately I might as well give you guys this little work in progress... Meet EMPEROR
  9. Loks pretty good xizor bit the red patk is an eyesore TBH, maybe try a more earthly tone for your paths, they aren't the main focus of a park.
  10. I so have to win the lottery ad buy that ing in real life^^
  11. Sorry Xizor but you need landscaping and better foliage, the layout looks so-so if you want to go for a realistic style, and like stoksy said make some custom supports
  12. I'm sorry to sound harsh but are you serious about NE? Think about this line very well, Go check my screens from the manta design knowing that submission failed for design accolade.
  13. Sorry but I won't post a download of anything I don't think worthy of posting. I'll only post this if it gets fixed and is 100% finshed, I've never started a project just to drop it before its finished nd this won't be any different, DBru I'd like to be able to black out some space of adventure bay cuz the map is way too large to ever complete with only seaworld type rides
  14. This is currently dead in the water at 90%. I have a serious case of error trappers in the park and I can't seem to fix them so this park is currently cancelled, I'm sorry for anyone who was anticipating this to be finished but this won't be a reality until I get it fixed -BelgianGuy-
  15. WOW, you don't only have the patience needed but also the eye for details, something I've never had when playing RCT3, good job on this one
  16. Coaster looks cool but I wouldn't call this finished, Where's the foliage and the rest of the themeing if I may ask? The layout is very good and the supports aswell but I think this has more potential than what you've done with it so far, maybe a headchopper before a cobra-roll or after if you get my point Also the supports have NO footers, maybe try and add those first aswell
  17. Sorry to say but I've seen much better of you, I really don't like the center building, its looks way too bare and has no detail or whatsoever, also make your foliage more natural and not so bare aswell, on the other hand you know what themeing is nd I applaude you for that
  18. Sorry but I need them to be big or you can't see all the details I've put i so far
  19. If you want I can build it adventure bay aswell, I know how to do it right now so its easier
  20. hanks for referring to the supports, its fixed, and no there isn't anything better for catwalks ATM UPDATE: 2new screens 1: finished coaster plaza 2: under construction at the other side of the coaster MOD EDIT: Pictures deleted due to size. All pics must be 800x600.
  21. do I see an invisible pretzel loop in that screen? anyway its awesome
  22. More unfinished screens, plz tell me how to improve and the screen of the pretzel is just foliage and some minor themeing thats done so its very unfinished EDIT: when we reach page3 I give thefull layout My best hacked pretzel loop ever, its made out of 4 coasters Some shade during the long wait a shop near the coaster
  23. I'll reply Coaster Cow: I'm not planning on showing a full layout unless I think its themed to the point I want to show it, and thanks for likeing what I have so far Stoksy: you could call it a design but its more of a semi-recreation of a great coaster, if it gets finished I'll send it to NE as a design so yeah it falls under that category
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