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  1. Hi guys I kinda need help on something, ever since I went on Kingda Ka last year, I've been wanting to get some POVs but this time I'm going to Busch Gardens Tampa tomorrow and I was wondering how I would go about Getting permission for this, Would I have to Call, Email, Or ask in Person? If call, what number should I Call? If email who shoild I Email? And If In person who should I ask specifficaly? Just want to this as safely as I can. Thanks for any help!
  2. Lol, I know, sometimes i make up names for them, sometimes i dont have time to think of it.
  3. I have fixed the images, they should work now. Keep those Positive posts coming!
  4. Hello guys I' back with another ride called Kistune, I hope all of you know that my friend, Rin, requested this, so dont be too hard on it please! Ok first is the Ride logo with one of the train coasting over the airtime hill. Going up the 150 foot lift hill.... A train going town the first drop! A train exiting the reverse diving loop. Pictured here is inversions #3 and #4 which make up the Serpent Roll. The finale of Kistune, a roll over a small little lake. And here are a few more extra photos I took Of the layout at different angle. Angle #1 Angle #2 And here is a Youtube video to go along with it Please post positive comments about this, and remember it is something I made for my friend (a Christmas present). Thanks! My very first "Big" project Superman's Vengeance. A Floorless B&M Coaster that will make you feel like you flying next to Superman! The first pic I have here is what I call the "money shot" of this ride. The First 140 foot drop and the Zero-G Roll. A View of both the main attraction, and the Intamin Drop Tower, Kryptonite Plunge. This is a Zero-G Roll over the entrance to the ark" to give peeps a taste of whats to come Both of these rides where made by me, and both took up to 5 hours to make I worked all through the night to put them together, but I enjoyed every last minute of it!
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to take screenshots on the No Limits Roller Coaster Simulator. It says to press "K" to take a screenshot, so I press K and it says "Screenshot saved" I go to my screenshots folder in the "No Limits Coasters v1.6" Folder, and nothing is there, any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  6. Oh well, I might as well trash my 1 month of work then, no need for it anyway, I know I can do better!
  7. Hello there, I'm back with another creation, The Corruption, It blasts you up a 310 foot main hill and then safely comes to a stop shortly after it hits the brakes, Its a basic Out-and-back-coaster. And yes I did add the Footers to make it look more realistic, so, enjoy The Corruption! The entrance of "The Corruption" which now has Turnstyles under an arch entrance. The main queue area of the ride, Pretty good if you ask me. As I stated before it is just a normal out and back coaster, nothing particularly special. The stands where spectators or non-riders can watch the ride rocket to speeds reaching 95 mph, and did I also mention that there is a snack bar at the back. Looking up the main tower of The Corruption, nice supports eh? This is going to be my parks icon, not bad choice to say the least, tell me what you think.
  8. Very nice coaster1000, I like the queue areas on all of your rides, very nice job there!
  9. Wait one more thing, may I ask where to get footers from? Most of the ones i found are corrupted and don't work, if you could help me on this last thing, I would highly appreciate it, Thanks.
  10. Thanks RCT3D I'll give it a go! Thank you for helping me with this, I appreciate it.
  11. My layouts are Ok, it's just like I cant properly place scenery, so yes if you could.
  12. Coasterkook16 here, I was looking around this section of the forums and I see some pretty damn well made coasters. I was wondering if anyone has any tips that can dramatically improve my coasters. If possible can you please post the custom scenery sets that you reccomend in advanced coaster building? Thanks!
  13. If you can, may you tell me where I can get the footers, if so that would be great.
  14. Sup TPR, I'm a RCT3 enthusiast, and a definite Roller coaster enthusiast. I live about 1 hour away from Bush Gardens Africa, and about 3 hours from Orlando. I started to love roller coasters the first time i set my eyes upon one. My first roller coaster was Scorpion, the original Schwarzkopf looper. I love Busch Gardens so much that I went on SheiKra a total of 115 times in a single day, Talk about thrill seeking. I also Design roller coasters off of RCT3, which you can find some of my designs on the Roller coaster games, models and other randomness section. Overall, I'm glad to be here, and I will enjoy TPR to the fullest!
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