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  1. Hi, since I've posted a screen in the preview thread you guys know what this is about. Its an asian themed design with a sort dueling coaster design I say sort off because I didn't really want them to duel all that much, The dragon part is a flyer and soars high above the ridge is situated in nd really fliesover the mountains, The snake (Stand-up) on the other hand has no wings so I designed the coaster to really crawl the mountain and use way more terrain features except from the inversion it has, all in all they have some meeting spots and really find eachother to the later part of the design. Plz let me know what you guys think since only the entrance part is worth showing at the time, sry but you'll have to wait a few days before I release any coaster screens. overall progress is about 35%
  2. Architecture I don't want to sound overconfident but hs archy isn't on the level that gets you design, I'm working on a design as of lately and its looks way more detailed, less blocky and layout-wise better thought through than this, no offense here stoksy but you need to sort out these things before thinking of building in the first place, I always skecth my layouts first to see if they flow, draw where I want my buildings, point out my queue's. My advice is to check out designs over at NE and try recreating the buildings you like style-wise, get a grasp of how the buildings work and flow, look at foliage composition, colours and overall structure of the park your building, get a concept and they work on it because this looks like you started with a blank map and no refined idea to start with. Before opening a workbench KNOW what you want to build and how you want it to look, also don't be afraid to put a LOT of effort into it, foliage is a tough one for you I reckon in the screen and take your time to make look organised while still remaining a natural feel to it because now it just looks random to me. Again I don't want to sound like mr.Pro here but I think if you really want that front page I suggest taking this advice and start working on something fresh and refined. Belgian "not trying to be an @ss" Guy
  3. First off all your layout isn't good and realistic enouggh for a design, for what I can see you archy lacks detail and is way too blocky and simplistic, foliage is way too repetitive and contains too much full-tile trees Sort out the foliage and archy first they think of a better layout to start with
  4. I like your work but everything you build tends to look the same like everything else you've build before. Other than that very nice indeed
  5. I am kidding actually its an entrance for a design of dueling stand-up/flyer So yeah its kinda seriuos goofing TBH the building alone took me like an hour and a half
  6. The only thing I suggest if you'll try that style of supports again use footers like they do at NE for woodies
  7. If it gets awarded bronze or whatever you'll have the overview at NE with the dl
  8. Fingers crossed, I've just sended in for NE Lets all hope I get a silver or a bronze either way the park will be released here aswell
  9. Here is some greatly unfinished work on a new mini-project, I'm building a mini park thats supposed to be the unltimate Gotham city theme section in a six flags park, It will include a B&M floorless: The Dark Knight Schwarzkoph shuttle loop: Joker: Arkham Escape Vekoma Boomerang: 2Face S&S tower: Wayne Tower Twist-ride: The Riddler Robin, Poison Ivy and Mr.Freeze still need to get a ride themed to them that aren't coasters The park entrance will be Wayne Manor and you'll walk your way up to the city part where The Dark Knight will be souring through, then further in the suburbs of the city you'll find Arkham Asyllum where the Joker will be blasting he's way out.
  10. The finished IDM is coming around the corner but the park isn't anywhere near finished, only half of themeing on Spirit is done landscaping and foliage are proving to be a huge task ATM and I've got some ideas for the rapids ride to doctor out. But I can give you this screen
  11. Well TBH the park is done and finished^^ I just need a cool logo that suits the park but my photshop isn't working so I'll need some help here if anybody wants to help, Reason I haven't released it here yet is because I'm thinking of sending in at nedesigns for a bronze maybe silver
  12. Its a little on hold since I'm slacking on the supports of the newest coaster. On topic again, it looks good and nice to see your using cso again, non-cso looks so plain to me and not so varied so good job on this one
  13. I've o words for this, finish it and you'll get design for sure
  14. You asked for IT!!!! More of the IDM I've tried to use the queu line in a very playfull way, in a sense that it kind of explores what will happen to you IF you dare to take on the "KISHIN GARI". Yes I know its an asian themed Invert but I thought it suited because "Kishin Gari" means Demon Hunter, And this coaster hunts your inner demon called fear The screen I've finished today is the queu-line entrance building , and the second your through the building the coaster is all around you wich is a very cool thing IMO
  15. nin that just looks so fre@king awesome, nice colour scheme and very good use of supports. I hope you finish this
  16. I've been asking myself the same question JK but its supposed to be a volcanic wasteland covered in dried up lava wich is motsly dark-grey to black other things to report is this!!! !UNDER CONSTRUCTION! IDM on the way, this is after the MCBR
  17. I'd like to judge if nobody thinks I'm not suited for the job Can't enter cuz I'm too busy with other projects currently (Inverted Dive Machine happens to be a bitch)
  18. About the Lava-river I figured it suited the theme since dragons like places where there's a lot of heat, And for the overview you'll have to wait a little longer
  19. Cool thinking with the Goliath sign, and Very cool archy for non CS, Can't wait to see more of this, I hope to see Tatsu soon
  20. UPDATES, Haven't got the new coaster concept working as of lately, mostly due to my 8cars malfunctioning when I need it the most BUT I can tell I'm trying to make an Inverted B&M Dive Machine, Other things to the update is some progress on dragon river ENJOY -Stijn-
  21. how do you mean a readme for the logo or for the park because of all the weird incan names I used?
  22. I've been thinking about sending it in but I'd need someone to make me a cool logo for the front page because I suck with logo's Anyone willing to do this PM me about it
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