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  1. FINAL UPDATE BEFORE THE RELEASE!!!! After a long time I've picked up the park again, got some fresh motivation and started building again, Last section to be completed is RIO The park is at something of 98% done and Most left is cleaning up some bits and mostly filling up unuseable patches of land with foliage etc This screen is the back spike of the last coaster to hit the park RIO GRANDE
  2. As of currently I'm themeing the rapids ride very intensely with nearby lava river, ruins, etc Also I'm planning for another big coaster, Its a concept I've being thinking of next update will have a teaser for this Also I've pretty much finished the layout of the park so right now Its just thnking of good rides for the spot and themeing the lot wich will ofcourse take some effort to complete,
  3. As for the rapids I'll first make the basic themeing before I'll add anything with use of hacks and such I've worked like this and it works for me. Also if I post a pic and saty its unfinished I mean it 3New screens I've been working on are these, the first 2 are finished the third is a work in progress
  4. I'm also mostly hand-build if I work in NL only corkscrews are a big fail if I do them myself
  5. SRRY BUT THIS WASN'T GOOD AT ALL I'm not the best builder for NL, and I hardly ever comment negative but this just did it for me, EVERY hill had red G-s, no turn was properly shaped and the overall layout was a few bumps a Helix and a few other bumps I suggest putting more time in trackwork and testing your rides before posting them and first of all eliminating all red G's, I don't mind pumps, and cliche layouts as long as the G's are fine wich in this case just failed, If this was real the park owning the coaster would have some serious problems with people dying from extreme G-forces 1/10 for the effort
  6. That hs to be one the mot original rides I've seen in NL so far, good trackwork, nice elements, and a cool and compact layout
  7. OK so after a long break from this park I've restarted working on it again, Next year BGSA will be opening the new ride EXPEDITION ANDES, wich is a bobsled type coaster with a splashdown at the bottow of the mountain For the rio section planned for within the next couple of years thepark is suggesting to make a carnaval type fairground with lots of colour and mostly flat rides since the park doesn't have that much of them as for now
  8. I think red would be cool as a base colour but I suggest using a different colour to mix things up a bit, maybe 2 sections in yellow or orange if you like, would definatly spic things up a bit more
  9. I know layout-wise it shows little comparison with something like Insane but I think I did the best possible seeing the limitations of RCT2
  10. The rapids is supposed to be a tunnel where the entrance ofthe tunnel is shaped like a dragons head because it'll have a medieval theme where it passes castles and such, look close and you'll see the eyes and the horns as key features
  11. Well its just that I can't do those very tricky hex edits yet, and I don't intend to because thats just sick hard, Maybe I schould cover them up a bit more or since its a non-peep park I just don't build any exits or entrances anymore, Maybe I'll send you the file and you see what you can do with it LFTL pm me about it Anyway I have a new concept that I haven't seen very often in RCT2 A ball coaster, I know its a very simplistic one but I just could't make something like insane but still here goes ULTRABALL
  12. Toggle chain is like the easiest way to make divers, no merges are required, you can have block brakes and only need to hack the cars Its actually very simple so I'll explain it Build you layout, with a floorless, stand-up or sitdown B&M looper make the steep hill you want as lift hill ordinary track so you can make it go steep, Finish the layout Now comes the hack, Paint the part you want as a lift hill with alternative sheme 1, 2 or 3 because it doesn't matter Go to edit rides select the coaster you just build go to alternative sheme 1, 2 or 3 depending on wich you used and simply click TOGGLE CHAIN, press apply and then ok Go back to your RCT2 and you'll see that you now have a steep hill on a Floorless coaster NOTE: this is only possible with the latest version of 8cars
  13. Once your in the right timeline, you really need to build that sick custom boomerang I saw on atari, when did boomerangs come to life?
  14. Had some fun today, worked a bit on the Hyper but I've been thinking of making an asian or medieval themed Rapids ride themed to maybe a dragons castle and such, had the idea of making a tunnel for the rapids to go inside a landscaped dragon's head and this is the basic idea
  15. To make your life easier download the newest 8cars and make it with a floorless type coaster, if you want a steep lift like the dive machine allows you just hack it with toggle chain, so you can build it in 1 coaster and not mergeing stuff get your layouts done and just change the train type in edit rides, otherwise there's no way to have block section with a merged coaster that I know of
  16. Did you see the full layout on pg3? its 200ft+ high in total an i think that turn is about 135ft so yeah the trees are very small, wanted it be a realistic hyper thats very tall to KDCOASTERFAN, just dl the Geewhzz bench at NE and you schould be fine since this park is made in the same workbench
  17. This has to be the best non cs rct2 project i've ever seen Can't wait to see more, and I really hope you can do tatsu
  18. It all shows very good potential but I think yu schould finish more stuff before posting, and I recommend putting a lot of effort in good foliage because thats what makes a park good, Also fo atom smasher you schould build a lab for a station with a Large Hadron Collider going into a mountain.
  19. Its just a regular brake, its not needed to be a block EDIT: to avoid double posting here's another screen
  20. Here's some more, I knowits not much different from the previous screens but I'll post it anyway, Also the coaster is currently called SPIRIT because I couldn't think of anything better so feel free to suggest some names, NOTE: the name for the eurofighter still hasen't been decided so keep posting ideas for names ADMIN EDIT: Pics removed. Please resize them to 800x600 per the TPR posting rules and Terms of Service.
  21. I won't change the layout because I've just finished the mammoth job of supporting the damn thing, but agreed that the final brakes could have been longer, and to say about the MCBR, its perfectly placed because it all trains can go from station to station without stopping or being held up, also the pacing is very realistic, Maybe I'll post the stats in the next update
  22. Have some more stuff on the hyper I've finished the supports(needed real patience since its a very long coaster) and made a first version for the station, here are the screens
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