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  1. One thing that bothers me about this contest is that it gives the impression a regular non-theme like generic isn't as good as a specific theme, I beg to differ because a generic theme is way harder to pull of nicely than any other theme.
  2. I bet you guys saw this one in the preview thread a few days back But since it is takeing good shape and is getting finished to the point I can show you guys some decent screens here's a topic all of its own for this beast. First off only the layout is a recreation so don't come tell me your station isn't like the real one, I decided to do the surroundings my way since I didn't find any good recent pictures of the real station and its way too far of a trip to go see it in real life at the moment. None of the things I'll show is finished so everything can still change screen from preview thread
  3. Is cool and stuuf but its already getting old to see this type of thing, last week alone we've seen 3 of these rides already so sorry to say its quite a shame for putting a lot of work and quality into something that already looks dated a bit Nevertheless it looks very good and I applaude you on having the patience I haven't got
  4. Looks good but I suggest using some form of custom supports for both coasters, and I'd like to see the original earthquake mines from the good old version.
  5. Ryu and Hebi came 1 point short as did BGSA They'll be released as honorable mentions
  6. Very nice coaster in the works, BTW its a semi-recreation
  7. Its very nice but the castle needs to be higher if you want it to look perfect
  8. Dude this awesome, I'll get on the we love Manta bandwagon and I'll make one myself^^ in RCT2 ofcourse YOUR MY INSPIRATION!!! I hope after the trackwork you'll do the buildings aswell because its always nicer when you've got some themeing.
  9. It works even better on windows 7 and you can eliminate the 8cars problem because you just the game in xp mode
  10. VERY IMPORTANT NEWS!!!!! HIGH ANXIETY will never be the same, I always felt the layout missed a specific element in its layout and ever since I've build that huge hyper coaster who took me a lifetime to support and do stuff with its surroundings I've never stopped thinking about what it was missing, and last week I was struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration and I knew the answer to my question, it needed a HAMMERHEAD TURN!!! I was way too fond of the sexy turnaround that can be seen in the first screen ever of this beast so I thought by myself where can I put this, then another lightening bolt hit me! I've always felt the part after the MCBR was a tad short in comparison to the kick-@$$ first part of the layout so I completely redesigned the part after the MCBR, with succes because the ride interacts better with its surroundings, its longer and more realistic towards the end of the ride and has an even better flow than what I had before. So now TPLA's hyper has a hammerhead turn and a sexy turnaround, the result of the changes are in the screen below. I hope you like it because it caused me a lot of trouble to get it right and I just think its looks way too cool not to keep it Enjoy
  11. I have to say the black coaster looks too big for the area its in, Too bod your only showing coaster ATM because you already have a lot of coasters already the black intamin is the black plague or isn't it? I think this isn't so good that your putting a giant coaster next to an already big coaster and I think you'll draw away the focus on the brillant Fury wich looked extremely good in its surroundings
  12. Well to be short on this I wanted to keep some things realistic, like I have the eurofighter, the hyper, the boomerang and the accelerator, all the rest of the coasters are concepts. Just look at ultraball, the new ride, Kishin Gari, Iron butterfly, these are all concepts so I wanted some real life rides aswell to keep that realsim level a bit on standards
  13. It was inspired on what stormrunnerfan build last week, I had a plot of land that was pretty much the same size and thought it fitted. but I didn't copy it I made my own version
  14. Had some time to build today and most I did was just redoing some stuff and doing some final touches here and there so I got a lot done today, The first 2screens are finished the other 2 are in the works ENJOY Like the idea?
  15. I say take a different colour of whats standard in the park, it'll make the ride pop more
  16. I really like the foliage on this screen, it breathes the type of atmosphere its intend to be, it looks natural and wel composed, good job on this one I really like it
  17. If I can get it to work I'll pm you and we'll discuus it then, don't need to hack your topic about this
  18. LOL I never pick any items myself anymore TBH I just use the Geewhzz bench and H2H5 bench from NE, can't have a better standard bench I think
  19. what is triple thrill pack? Some kind of expansion, If I could get it to work I'd like to finish it for you if I may because I still think the first version ruled
  20. UPDATE I know its been a long time but I've got some new stuff I was working on like bayview and my design But here are some changes, Spirit is now named High Anxiety, thought this was suited since the thing is over 200ft IDM is fully supported an I've posted the layout below New coaster is anounced, its a 4D but thats all I can tell atm A lot of buildings have go up as part of some themeing around the entire park, and we've also installed a boomerang
  21. I never wanted to sound preachy but to be honest your work hasen't really improved over the sunrise v1.0 wich I really loved and I only wrote those paragraphs about foliage because you said I didn't give enough hints to improve so thats what I did. And about being critic, BGSA was one thing, TPLA was another step up but Bayview amusement is again another step on the ladder, I don't want to keep building parks without improvement, and I'm missing that in your parks ATM, sneak in some little details, like the duracel like battery was a cool idea but do more of those things, Also another thing is themeing is more than putting a good queue and some foliage, try to incorporate more buildings, headchoppers and stuff like that. I'm not perfect myself like except for the station and the shaft building of the eurofighter in TPLA has no themeing except some foliage and I'm planning on doing a complete revision on a lot of the park I currently have. My advise to you now is to keep the things that are good like the layouts of the coasters, the overall theme of your park but make it more complex and detailed, I think it'll make a lot a difference if you do just those 2 things. I like the style you had with the first Sunrise and I think its your best work to date still, everything else you posted just looked a bit rushed and not so well thought through if I may say so. So try to improve the concept of this park and I think you'll have a winner. Make a screen worth more than looking 20sec if you know what I mean
  22. First off I don't want you to build like me or anybody else, build like your own style makes you do it but I don't think thats an excuse for not listening when somebody is trying to give advice. So next time I'll just say great work like everybody else I think
  23. I'm sorry to asy thiStoks but every screen you post looks so unfinished
  24. Oh But I've got some nice B&M planned for the park and a mack coaster like blue fire
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