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  1. Hmm...I was wondering what this was. I had seen the posters. Sounds like a big ol' fat money making scheme. We'll see what's offered, though.
  2. ^Ya, sorry, I didn't follow the names of the cranes. ^^Thanks for the pics of Maverick. I forgot about the semi-elaborate pulley-systems these things can entail.
  3. Thanks Paula! We've been discussing it in the "Pilgrim's Plunge" thread.
  4. When Disney added the Fast Pass option, the "normal line" at Fastpass Attractions was renamed the "standby line"... So basically, if an attraction has Fastpass, it will have a Standby Line and a Fastpass Return Line. A Fastpass attractions Standby line does move slower than it would if there wasn't any Fastpass, but if you know how to use the system properly, it can be very beneficial.
  5. ^Har har har. So, I'd think either some track movement would have happened or some additional track/supports would have been placed out by now... Anyone seen anything?
  6. ^I have no idea what you mean by Clifford...but, you could've just missed the pull through. That's very possible. Or they're in an area where you wouldn't be able to see it clearly. Or...it hasn't started yet.
  7. ^I believe its pretty much all done with a crane...basically pulling it up the hills, and lowering it down the drops.
  8. It's a shame that they had to nix the video screen on the lift's structure, if thats true...I'm sure that would have been a very cool feature.
  9. ^I'm excited to possibly, maybe, but probably not, even though you're totally hinting at it, ride Deja-Vu again. It's been awhile...
  10. No reason to be sorry... As far as I know, pull-thru's are to check all clearances and how the train navigates the track. I don't know what worthwhile data would be retrieved in a pull-thru as the vehicle wouldn't be traveling at normal speed.
  11. This will be amazing with all the trees filled in. The beginning looks great with the zig-zag set up and the return run with all the air time should be very fun. Lookin like a great coaster!
  12. If your seat actually did something different than the first 2 rides, like you say...something went really wrong, as that's not even supposed to be possible. But, I'm not quite sure what you mean anyways....what "hill" are you referring to?
  13. ^LOL...well thats funny. It's El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Designed by Intamin. http://www.rcdb.com/id3183.htm
  14. ^^Perhaps it'll be a dueling coaster...Ketchup vs Mustard? Dueling Condiments?
  15. This sounds a lot like the old rumor about how the Sub Lagoon couldn't ever be drained because the Matterhorn would sink. Maybe...but sand can actually hold something in its place, water can't...at least not in this instance. The water in the sub lagoon would OBVIOUSLY have nothing to do with holding the Matterhorn up. However, sand around a footer...thats a different story.
  16. Seems like pretty much everyone won. I didn't even register until several hours after the Super Bowl was over, yet, I just received a "Winner" e-mail.
  17. TPR loves Transformers...so the Transformers teaser was mine!
  18. IHC Register for the lottery! Secure your place in one of the Floating, Celestial, or Subterranean Cities.
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