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  1. You're right! Sorry Erik! I couldn't remember who came up with it so I just assumed it was Robb!
  2. I totally agree Robb! Monorail Orange looks very much like Monorail Red! LOL...That might even be a pic of Red...but Orange was out on the track! (I'm pretty sure that is ACTUALLY Orange, though.) Thanks for reading/viewing!
  3. Even more pictures! We left after pyro and found this awesome yet hideous contraption...Awesome cause its Batman....hideous cause...well...its an xB. The VIP Viewing area is PERFECT! The show was delayed for about 15 minutes because of winds but ended up going off without a hitch! George surprised us with VIP Viewing for Remember...Dreams Come True! And for some reason some of us look high....lol. After Robb & Erik left and my friend George met up with us...We hit up Space Mountain! Chris enjoying his taco. Erik documented me enjoying my delicious Black Pepper Popcorn Taco...Hopefully he'll share! Chris showing off his Popcorn Taco. Next...Robb had the genius idea of filling the Mission Tortilla Factory tortillas with the delicious Black Pepper Popcorn! YAY! One of my favorite coasters. Time for the reason we were in DCA! Hey Rand! Make sure they build good stuff! Hector's happiness had turned to disgust. Some guys were building things... BAM! DCA!.... POOH! "Who's glad Pirates is over!?" ...Honestly not my favorite attraction! We want the red head! A decent shot of Davey Jones On to Pirates! Love it. Chris captured this beauty...note that we've joined up with Robb and Erik!
  4. Woohoo! On our way to meet up with Robb and Erik we saw the new Monorail Orange! STAY TUNED! MORE PICS SOON! One last photo in the infamous Club 33! Obviously we weren't UBER impressed with all the nice stuff inside the restaurant, it was all about the views out the windows...like this one on the walk back to the elevator/foyer. Clever... They had these animatronic birds in the Trophy Room. After paying our ridiculous bill (but the experience was totally worth it!) we did some exploring...Ryan check ed out the kitchen. We got back to our table and had these mints waiting for us! ...thru that door! We entered from down there... LMAO Ballin! We fly high, no lie, you know this. Another view from the balcony...
  5. Continued... Another pic from up above!...STAY TUNED! MORE PICS COMING SOON! Don't forget...I was there too! Hector, Chris, and Ryan (thru the bush) One of the several Club 33 Balconys We're cool on the balcony. BALCONY SHOTS! The food was all delicious and the desserts were nice, too...here's a small sample. I got the Pan Roasted Chicken, Mac & Cheese Croquette, and Pickled Sweet Carrot...and Hector and Ryan got the Fresh Pasta 3 x 3...Which was pretty much just a lot of pasta. Chris got the Prime Flat Iron Steak, Truffled Potato Puree, and Merlot Demi Glace ...and I got regular ice...yes, it's important! I was disappointed that Ryan got crushed ice... Chris enjoying his machiatto-sized soup. Ryan...thru the Club 33 Flower Centerpiece! The lunch menu... I'm happy with our view of the Rivers of America Our table...Hector is still happy...that might be because his menu doesn't have prices on it. Crammed into the elevator YAY! We're on the other side of the door! This is the foyer...
  6. Hey TPR! Today was a special trip to the Disneyland Resort, and you'll find out why soon. Lets just start at the beginning: Then Ryan talked to the lady in the box and was like "I'm the King let me in!"...STAY TUNED! MORE PICS SOON! Chris was celebrating... Hector was happy... Thanks Ryan! No need to be so disgruntled, though! Club 33! New Orleans Square! Home of... We entered Disneyland to find Sleeping Beauty's Castle hiding behind some walls... Hmmm...This guy looks like he might be joining us... Then Ryan gave us these! These are special! It's Ryan! ...Chris proceeded to punch him in the cock. I think we need to go meet that guy ...thats reading a book...at Disneyland...He might have something for us! We weren't celebrating the slow as heck trams either... We weren't celebrating the # of people that would be at the Resort... Cause it's time to celebrate! Stay to the left! Right on Disneyland Drive! Right on Ball! See...Chris and I Chris and I were headed to the Disneyland Resort.
  7. Great shot of Terminator! Not so great shot of Robb! haha. Loved the event, had a blast! I've never been at Magic Mountain for so long...6:20am to 10pm!...and I can't say I'll do it again anytime soon...at least for another year. But, I had a blast! Thanks Robb, Chris, and Magic for an amazing event!
  8. I have to say that, after seeing it in person, I'm wayyy more excited to ride this. There's some crazy maneuvers this thing is going to do that I can't wait for!
  9. I'm not understanding how the reach envelope wouldn't clear the NILoop... Anyone know more to explain?
  10. This just looks ridiculous. In a good/weird/bad kind of way.
  11. ^In concept art the large circle looks like a sun burst. So, I imagine it will be painted if they go forward with that idea.
  12. Guests would call it Mickey Mountain...Now it'll be known as Paradise Pier Mountain. Sign looks neat-o though! EDIT: It looks fantastic from inside the park: More photos!
  13. Crazy cool dude! Can't wait to see what models you make over time! I love the Sheikra one!
  14. Great pictures! Monsters Inc looks incredible! (^Or like TSMM and Monster's Inc...LOL )
  15. Seriously...it looks terrifying. Especially if the train has decent speed thru it. Looks great!
  16. The discussion of this coaster is taking place in this thread: Alton Towers 2010: Secret Weapon 6
  17. I'm a bit upset I'm probably too tall to get the "Zoink".
  18. ^ I imagine it's just to create less of a demand for it. The higher the price, the less the demand. And X2 doesn't reach the highest capacity, but would be what everyone would want to use their Flash Pass for...so...Charge more for it and less people will use it.
  19. ^^Tyler you're making this too easy...Helen Hunt is hardly gorgeous in that picture. I mean...you couldn't even try and find a nice picture of her...like this?
  20. Tyler was burnin up for some JBros...However it was Ms. Swift who had me slippin into the lava.
  21. Harry Potter is my favorite. Harry Potter landing is going to be amazing. The new ride with the dueling dragons re-theme....It will surely be the best land of any theme park anywhere. Universal is the setting the new standard in the amusement industry.
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