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  1. Those look like some nice animatronics. It's good to see some good wood at the Mountain!
  2. ^The vehicles on Mulholland Madness at DCA are constantly moving through the station...and theres no moving floor there. It can work rather easily. It's very easy to stop and resume vehicle motion. And Rock It vehicles will be easier to get into than an Xcar Im sure.
  3. The first week that SFMM is open daily is the week of the 22nd-28th. (March) But SFMM has extended hours April 4th- 18th. So, we can figure out from this that SoCal schools have different weeks where they have off for Spring Break but a majority of schools will be off during the two weeks between the 4th and 18th. Now, which week were you talking about Robb?
  4. X-Works X-Works X-Works X-Works X-Works X-Works X-Works X-Works X-Works X-Works What does it mean!?!?!
  5. And the GCI curves begin to take shape! I love it! Looking good.
  6. Not if you're counting the lift hill, bud. You can roll those eyes right back at yourself! LOL. Like Electerik said... it goes -Lift hill: 1 -Hill into ravine: 2 -Hill out of ravine: 3 -Hammerhead -Hill under 3rd hill: 4 << But Matteo would be right...its the 3rd hill in THAT picture.
  7. I really hope this thing has some speed to it after the first set of brake runs...cause this has a lot of potential. It's a great looking coaster, and it's not even landscaped yet! Or the most impressive sections up!
  8. Aw, I wish they were getting an original Dive Machine layout. Oh well. Fireball is looking good, though.
  9. A "Major Kings Island Coaster Event" is happening this May. Details are going to be released soon.
  10. This coaster looks like it should be a lot of fun. It's very unique and has some good height to make it pretty thrilling.
  11. Why does such a long coaster look so short to me? I'm assuming its just cause of it's height. Still looks ridiculously fun as I've only been on Raging Bull out of the B&M Megas.
  12. Thank YOU! I was reading through the thread waiting for someone to mention Screamin'! Hades pre-lift is probably the best part of the ride, so I'll echo nearly everyone else on that. Love the BTMRR's pre-lifts...the tunnel always gets everyone to scream and then the deafening roar of the lift and bats immediately follows. Its...magical.
  13. That drop off the upper brake run looks fantastic. This coaster is looking huge, too! I'm glad it'll have a huge capacity, too. Hopefully the lines won't be horrendous.
  14. I'm looking forward to actually seeing what this coaster will look like. That funky drawing of it doesn't really do much for me. It would've been nice to have a computer generated image of the layout...but doesn't matter now! We finally have some vertical construction! You can tell they're ready to haul some butt on construction with all those bents ready to be put up.
  15. More great photos! I remember that Jungle Cruise ride...Someone had just died or something. And what hot tub?
  16. Loves it...Was a most excellent time! Looking forward to reliving it here in this TR!
  17. This really is a shame as it does seem like a park with potential and a nice batch of some really interesting attractions. Japan has to have one shortfall though, right?
  18. Great TR! I love all the pictures! I love Disneyland during Christmas and was really glad to be able to make it there this year! Oh! And great Mark Twain pictures! It always amazes me that you can find that sight in the middle of Anaheim.
  19. This last Saturday...first park: DCA...first coaster: California Screamin'... Wouldn't have it any other way!
  20. No issues on either video. Neither stalled or lagged. The difference in quality was not significant, but the larger file looked slightly better.
  21. Yeah, I couldn't believe this. Absolutely horrible. And this lunatic was incredibly normal to everyone that knew him. This happened less than 5 miles from where I used to live...It's just crazy.
  22. I just went to check the Diamonback webcam. That's some thick fog!
  23. White Christmas - Garth Brooks YEEHAW! Ho Ho Ho!
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