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  1. I really wish someone could have made it out to the park today to get some pictures.
  2. Red Dawn has a release date of September 24th, 2010. Yeah...Red Dawn!
  3. ^Why would they do that? And I'm sure the structure wasn't designed for that.
  4. The transfer track/station/pre-lift isn't how I thought it would be at all. It was looking to me like it would go straight out of the station and up the lift. Anyways, it's interesting to see it all come together!
  5. I think the "new" sun looks good in pictures...not so much in person.
  6. I have a Six Flags pass. I've had a SF pass off an on over the years. Usually had a Disneyland Resort pass but haven't needed one for over a year.
  7. Some recent movie reactions: Knowing: Loved it. I Love You, Man: Probably my favorite out of the recent movies in this genre. Monsters vs Aliens IMAX: Amazing. The 3D was beautiful. Adventureland: Great. It was what I expected but different from the previews. Fast and Furious: Horrible...and I kinda liked the first two.
  8. Quoted just to make sure he sees this genius bit of advice.
  9. Thank you for the testing video! It was interesting to see it hit the water so violently. You can see the boat jerk up and down. I know this will be fixed and has to do with the water level, but it was funny to see. Whiplash, anyone?
  10. Great PTR. However, I could have done with more coverage of SFOG's awesome enterprise.
  11. I was going to say that I think rush "hour" is more like 3-9pm...but then I realize you said 5:30am and not 5:30pm. ...and I have to agree! The 5 freeway, which is pretty much what most of the parks are off of, is a disaster during all day light hours and evenings with the exception of Sunday morning. Anaheim is a nice hub for a "So Cal Parks" trip if you'd like to stay in 1 hotel for the whole trip. I'd plan at least 2 hours to get to Sea World. And about 2.5 hours to get to Magic if your visiting during the week. 2 hours on the weekend. (And I definitely recommend the 710N/10W/5N detour...will cut 10 minutes easily out of traffic). I'd even plan 30 minute travel time for the 6 mile journey to Knott's from Disneyland area. Whoops forgot about Universal...About 1.5-2 hours should be decent enough time.
  12. The crane's location is shown in the picture I posted a couple posts above.
  13. Ya, it's quite noticeable. I'd even consider it "huge" when it's in its condensed state...as seen in this image from Darkbeer posted in one of his MiceAge updates:
  14. Apparently they've chucked the World of Color plans out the window and decided to build a skyscraper. Someone high up really wants to expand the San Francisco area. But seriously...its like 400 ft tall.
  15. Hey look...a big huge crane. (Images were captured from the HOJO Anaheim web cam by MouseInfo poster Stinkerton)
  16. Disney had previously announced that Toy Story and Toy Story 2 would be released in 3D and had given them separate release dates. But now, as Disney announced at ShoWest, the two movies will be released as a double feature on October 2nd. Taking Toy Story 2 3D's original release date of February 12th, 2010 is Beauty and the Beast 3D. I think this is fantastic news as I'm a big fan of the 3D technology and I feel that anyone who saw Monsters vs Aliens in 3D this last weekend would agree! ComingSoon.net has more information.
  17. It's special, because you'll probably never be able to go there!
  18. A park hopper no less! If you figure that the park hopper was discounted to $30 bucks and the lunch was $39 (technically, it was $69) or even the other way around, we definitely had the opportunity to eat $40 worth of food. Some of us had two servings of the buffet before we got our entree and then had two plate fulls of dessert. So, you definitely got lots of food and it was all pretty tasty. But none of it compared to the amazing Black Pepper Popcorn Taco! Best $3.29 plus tax you'll spend at DCA! Good! I was starting to second guess it because of my color-blindness. Another picture of Chris enjoying his taco.
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