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  1. Ha! Jeff, you're gonna be pissed! I'm downloading the update now! It's out and it involves whacking things!
  2. Dang... I knew that. I keep thinking today is Thursday.
  3. ^Ok, but when is the update today. I want it.
  4. danemassie Elissa, I had 129 coins and was just able to get more in a friends Springfield by clicking on decorated homes.
  5. The Disney Parks Blog has the most up to date information! Look for the entry titled World of Color Viewing Tips.
  6. ^What exactly makes a Cast Member "regular"? We're all Cast Members.
  7. Oh...If Al Lutz said! ...Granted, it's Al Lutz or Chris Fourmont. YOU DECIDE! You'll realize that Chris was quoting information from Disney, though. Just sayin.
  8. This truly looks amazing! I can't wait to try it out someday. Awesome pics!
  9. I can't help but look at that and just laugh! It's so ridiculous! I hope it works! Can't wait to ride this thing.
  10. ^You'll also notice, in that quote, he brings up positioning Imagineers around Paradise Pier to tell people to look away if they aren't in the viewing area. Funny stuff.
  11. Amazing! So sad I wasn't able to make it! Hope your Birthday Cruise is awesome, Robb!
  12. ^It looks like the 3rd or 4th, I think. It looks like 2 were built last year, one in NY and another in NC. And isn't the slide Raging Waters is getting a Tantrum, too?
  13. I want to see the Christmas Parade in the snow! Great pictures!
  14. LOL! The faces were amazing. Robb's matched his character perfectly!
  15. I understand why Six Flags parks are whoring themselves out to advertisers and it makes PERFECT sense....but, Viper's Got2B trains are ridiculous and hilarious. The banner and wall ad are a bit much, too. They gotta do what they gotta do , I guess.
  16. Yay! I'm super excited for the PTR! Your PTRs are always hilarious!
  17. Yay for the first WC Trip Report. Can't wait to read it! Starting off nicely with the In-N-Out!
  18. The movie is fun, and way entertaining...But I don't remember any boobs. I do remember the "scene" between Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, though. Good stuff.
  19. I miss Holiday World...Actually, I miss Voyage. It being #1 is alright by me! Love the pictures, Big Mike!
  20. So, Chris...Would you say you enjoy riding Beaver?
  21. There were three coasters submitted...Only two are on the poll... Someone got the shaft.
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