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  1. I'm really excited to visit Holiday World. I think it's right behind Cedar Point for me on the "what I'm looking forward to the most in '07". The slide looks cool, but a Tilt-a-Whirl?
  2. Hey! My name is Dane Massie, I've posted on Westcoaster.net for a looooong time. I think since 2002ish. And I registered here a little over a year ago but just lurked every now and then. Upon hearing about the Midwest Trip and deciding I'd sure as hell be going!...I decided to become a little more active here. So, if ya wanna know more about me or find out what I look like...click on my little "www" link! EDIT: Well the little "www" thing don't work...so: www.myspace.com/danemassie
  3. I was there today too. I got there at about 1:30pm. Waited a little more than an hour for Tatsu... It was a good time. Walked back by Deja-Vu and it was testing. Was about to ride Riddler's but the line was hella-long and the heat was getting to my group and me. We hit up some Frozen Lemonade and went on Scream. By then we were way passed ready to get the heck outta the park. I think I've hopped on the bandwagon: PTS FO LYF!
  4. I went today but got the hell out after riding Tatsu and Scream! It was hot as heck. It was about 105 degrees most of the day. Retards all over the place cutting in line. Ride operation SUCKED on pretty much everything. Dispatch times for everything were terrible. What's new? Nothing. The only time I think SFMM is even worth visiting is on the cool weekends of October or January/Feb.
  5. Well, my parents went over their credit card limit. So my deposit will be a few days.
  6. Looks like I'm good to go. I'll be sending my deposit tomorrow morning!
  7. Wow, I haven't been here in forever, but this flyer over on WC was enough to get my to come back. I'm DEFINITELY interested in the Midwest Trip! I can do it financially. I'd love to finally meet some people after lurking for many years. Should know soon. R&E...I'm sure you two here this all the time, but you guys are awesome...putting these trips together and all. I don't think I have any questions, I read the flyer.
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