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  1. Carowinds was awesome! Thanks for arranging such AWESOME ERT Robb & Elissa!
  2. Seeing as how Carowinds is my new Home Away From Home Park, I'm excited that a "big" hyper is a possibility as I've only been on Raging Bull and SFOG's Goliath....and I don't consider either of those a "big" hyper. Watching construction of this probably won't be as thrilling seeing as how I just watch Diamondback under construction from start to finish. We'll see if its very different...
  3. Love the Dixieland pics. Wish I was there for the Tyler and Robby dance off and the fireworks! Looking forward to the Carowinds pictures!
  4. There is a thread out there that's similar to this one, but I'll go along with this one anyways.... You can usually find me at California Screamin', but I'll also be at the Maliboomer, Orange Stinger, Jumpin' Jellyfish, Golden Zephyr, Mulholland Madness, King Triton's Carousel, or Toy Story Midway Mania from time to time.
  5. The only logical explanation about the "Check" policy is what Elissa said. It makes sense whereas all the other reasons clearly don't. It's still dumb. Electrik, amazing PTR! Even with all the pictures of the down rides it painted the park in a good light for me. Maybe I don't look at too many CP PTRs but it really shows how photogenic the park is. There are a lot of nice looking areas. I want to go to there...again. "Baby I'm ready to go!" OH! And I loved Maverick when I rode back in 2007. I wonder if it's not aging too well.
  6. LOL...I miss you Piers. Anyways, a 23 second dispatch interval is entirely possible, especially with the people-moverish type system. Madness dispatches every 17-18 seconds if you time it out. And there are basically 2 cars cleared to leave the station at any time. Another 5 seconds to check two more rows isn't expecting TOO much. And like Piers said, the trains won't leave if the Guests aren't ready. It won't be hard for them to hold a train from dispatching.
  7. ^Tickets won't be available at registration if the event sells out. Over half the tickets are gone according to Robb's last post. So...I'd pre-register...Which has been encouraged several times already!
  8. Do the other station fly-thrus have "TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!!"...I think not. TS:TR wins!
  9. The pre-show of TOT is basically 50% of the experience. And it's re-watchable. If TOT didn't have the pre-show, the elevator experience wouldn't necessarily be the same.
  10. This pre-show doesn't compare to TOT if you ask me. If the Terminator ride actually had something to do with the pre-show it would be different. Here you're riding an outdoor coaster. It's not the same as the experience you have with TOT.
  11. Had a blast at the KROQ event last night! The park was empty and X2, Tatsu, Deja Vu, Terminator, Riddler's, Batman, and Goliath were all open with NO lines. I almost want to say the best thing about last night was X2 with NO line. Empty rows went out every train. Didn't wait at all for my first time rides in the front in the back. (I had ridden X several times in middle rows and X2 once in the middle)...Loved my 3 rides on it, couldn't take much more of such and intense ride, though. On to Terminator. The ride really kicks butt at night. The pre-show surprised me the first time I rode; I thought it was really good! But...Its rather annoying for re-rides. And was rather annoying to walk up to the station and see them dispatching a train with only 2 rows of people in it. This can't happen with a full line of people, if it does, they need to be ready for a lot of angry people. I'm not a fan of the audio. It's too loud and the only discernible things are when they yell "They're here!" and "Take the tunnel!" at you and some gunshots. Other than that...noise. The fire is perfectly placed, and the queue looks fantastic. Overall a fantastic ride. It is a shame that two of the ride ops were pushing down unnecessarily hard. It was enough to cause some pain...even for another Guest that was riding behind me one cycle. And it's also too bad they weren't allowing row requests either.
  12. Ya, so I'm a liar. I said in the Terminator thread that all the coasters were to be open. I misread something and took it to mean all the coasters would be open....But, it doesn't actually specify that. I don't care though, I just want to ride Terminator!
  13. I think we should meet in front of Terminator...Cause it's obviously where a majority of us will be. I'm secretly hoping KROQ listeners are dumb and won't want to go on that "old wooden coaster"...
  14. Chris Fourmont and I will be at the KROQ event. Can't wait!
  15. I heard next years coaster is going to be a B&M Dive Machine called "Splinter". Anyways... Terminator Salvation: The Ride looks awesome. It's looking like the station will actually be enclosed which makes the station fly-through even MORE awesome.
  16. Well, I don't know where I was, but I just stumbled on this thread! Thanks for sharing the construction with us! Looks fantastic already! Can't wait to see the final product.
  17. Agreed...And I could help better too if I knew some of your preferences, Chrissie! Since you're not renting a car. (I highly suggest you do.) When you're in the Anaheim area, Angels may have a home game during your trip. It would be easy to get to if you call a cab from the hotel. Anaheim GardenWalk is footsteps from Disney and has a great movie theater (check out the 21+ section!) and an amazing bowling alley (300). If you're going to the beach and want to make a day out of it, I'd suggest either Santa Monica so you can hang out around the pier or Huntington Beach so you can walk around their pier area, too. Hollywood...I never was impressed with anything in Hollywood, as far as just "sightseeing" goes. I'd recommend seeing "Up" at the El Capitan Theater...or Fiddler on the Roof or Legally Blonde at the Pantages Theater. I don't see how you can make a full day out of Hollywood without seeing a show or something similar. Hope this helps!
  18. A cover couldn't incorporate a grab-bar. MF's don't have grab bars, and they wouldn't have a grab bar on the car in front of yours...that wouldn't be safe.
  19. AGREED. The front panel is bland and uninspired. I'm wondering how the front row will have audio. However, I will say, the side paneling looks good, but, the view from the back is less than stellar. True, I'm being way picky about this...and the trains will look good from the side...but best MF's ever? Um...I don't agree with that..
  20. The news just went from swine flu to child welfare officials questioning Octomom about one of her billion kids' black eye. ...really. Oh! And coming up next...find out what Lady Gaga's real name is! I wish I was making these up. [/serious]
  21. It doesn't help when I turn on the news and they're reporting that someone on Obama's team has swine flu symptoms and a ticker that says "President Obama is healthy." Blah blah blah....Someone has a cough and runny nose...maybe a fever. Sure, people die from fevers in countries like Mexico...but not the grand ol' U.S. of A!
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