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  1. I think that'd be the case with any ride thats getting replaced! Regardless of what it ends up being replaced with, I personally, think it will be a step in the right direction.
  2. Should be switched in my opinion. I'd rather have a smooth wicked intense ride than a wicked intense ride that rattles my insides.
  3. Har har har, Jeff... And I'm glad you still remember the good times, Elissa!
  4. And now we discover the REAL reason why you liked The Dark Knight more than Sex and the City! I knew you didn't ACTUALLY think Dark Knight was the superior film.
  5. ^I could EASILY see a Joker "themed" Dive Machine going in right there. However, I don't think we'll be seeing an investment that big for the next coaster.
  6. ^That's part of what I like a lot about Thunderhead...all the pops of air going into the turns. Craziness.
  7. I'm happy Voyage is still the #1 Woodie in the US! I'm not sure a SBNO should be counted...but that's purely cause I would've like to have seen Thunderhead in the Top 10! The Steel poll results are pretty interesting. Maverick should be above MilF and I'm not sure why SheiKra is so high or even above Montu.
  8. Since its been way to long... And the job I miss way too much. A gangster one... A nice one...
  9. Instantly reminded me of TubGirl...Ew. Anyways, is there any way both could be integrated somehow? Have TPR TV be the name over everything and CoasterTube be the sub-section that consists just of coaster footage? I realize that this video database will feature more than "coasters" so I really like the TPR TV name covering it all.
  10. Amazing, hilarious, trip report so far! Can't wait for the rest!
  11. I made the poll to get the results I wanted! And I have. Including "none of the above" would have done no good for me as I wasn't trying to figure out if anyone doesn't want to see any of the movies but rather which one they would choose if they had to. And G.I. Joe looks horrible (its a Sommers film! LOL) and won't be anywhere close to being one of the top-grossing films next summer. Sorry, Matt! Thanks for voting to those that have...And to everyone else...keep voting!
  12. Select which movie you're most excited about and let me know which ones you plan on seeing in theaters. Going to help me out with a pointless debate.
  13. I'm a fan of all 3 and I remember being excited years ago when Keira Knightly was rumored to be attached to #4. Too bad its been canceled; although I'm sure we'll see a 4th one sometime in the future. It's only a matter of time.
  14. Gas is $1.41/gallon. Down 10 cents over the last 36 hours.
  15. ^I believe its the zone reset that is being referred to. After an e-stop is pressed or when powering up an attraction, each zone has to be manually reset by walking to each block break. I miss all 8 you had to walk out to @ Screamin'!
  16. Well that amount of blocks allows them to operate the ride similar to California Screamin'. It looks to have close to the number of zones Screamin' does.
  17. People don't like to read instructions...It's they're own dang fault. But thats what comes along with working with the general public.
  18. You'd hope Hurricane Harbor would expand someday...The direction of Flashback's spot is the best direction for it to go.
  19. SFMM has plenty of room w/in park boundaries. Thats for sure... Also...I just noticed that a baby-Riddler had been built by Intamin at La Ronde 3 years before B&M built Riddler at SFMM: from rcdb.com Interesting, no? It's even right next to a Batman clone. LOL.
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