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  1. Looking at the web cam you can see the second drop has been completed. Also, I was wondering about the drop heights as the official site is kind of confusing me. I understand the lift hill reaches a height of 230'. Then they say the "length of the first hill" is 222' but "length of first drop" is 215'. What's the difference? But after that I'm guessing the just completed drop is the 193' tall drop, right?
  2. I'm sure Deja Vu will still be down. I've gone in January a couple times before and I don't remember anything significant being closed.
  3. ^Nothing is currently announced or planned. If anything, they'll eventually add animatronics or more theming. But thats years down the line and will most likely not even happen.
  4. If you're having trouble downloading, just try again. The first time I downloaded it it "finished" at 28mb...but I tried again and it downloaded all 530someoddmb just fine.
  5. Robb, you rock! Now I can say I participated in Black Friday! Haha. Thank you!
  6. Christmas to New Years is basically the busiest 7 days of the year for the resort. But, if you know how to use Fastpass, you can rock both parks easily and have a great time.
  7. Wasnt me, im the guy in the video at the bottom of the TR =P I know who you are! I didn't get a look at the guy who yelled...I was just wondering.
  8. I was at Dollywood on Saturday, too! You wouldn't happen to be the guy who yelled, "Yay! TPR!" at me would you? I was wearing my awesome new TPR Hoodie!
  9. I don't know what web cam you're viewing but the track pieces are not even close to being all in place. There's a long way to go before this coaster is complete. It looks amazing so far.
  10. Great report! The aqua loop looks ridiculous! And GCI Joe! I'll never forget my Voyage-night ride with him. AMAZING.
  11. ^, ^^I think it's funny how you talk about how it does the same thing as so many other coasters but then go on to talk about how Manta was built to be unique. (And have you been on Tatsu!? It's amazing.) Hmm...Well thought out. Anyways, Manta is going to be compared to the boring Superman clones because so far it does the same dang thing the Superman clones do. With that said, it does follow a unique layout after the pretzel and I like how it turns into itself rather than going around the loop. It definitely looks like it will be more exciting than a Superman clone.
  12. ^...Remember a page or two ago how everyone was talking about how they weren't able to make it to the park because of the freeway closures and the fact that the park was closed on Saturday?...thats why there isn't any new info. Park is closed during the week. I imagine will have some news of the progress this next weekend...when the park is open.
  13. While there's no doubt that it is pricey, it's an amazing product. It made a busy day at SFGAM extremely enjoyable. It will be interesting to see what rides are on SFMM's Q-Bot system.
  14. I like how this coaster will interact with the pretzel loop. The exit looks nifty and it will pass through the pretzel again. It's definitely going to make this element the focal point of the ride.
  15. ^I figured I'd see you on here eventually, haha. Yeah, I'd say it's worth it. Say your in Country Fair and you're like I'd love to go on Thunderhead...You queue up for it in your Qbot and it would give you a ride time in like 5 minutes. By the time you get to Thunderhead it's time to ride. So, it doesn't really matter if you can only queue for one attraction.
  16. I'm going that day cause I'm taking friends that are visiting me here that weekend. I have no choice.
  17. Here are some grabs from the web cam. They were working on the station today. We'll have quite the view from the top.
  18. I remember when Mickey handed me my Disney ID...I loved every second of it.
  19. The new Raw DVD looks awesome...And it says it's "Fierce" so it has to be one of the best DVDs ever. May just pick up a hoodie this time around too!
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