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  1. waiting in line for GOLIATH my first time made me VERY VERY nervous!
  2. i snuck into the mountain today. got some new pics! good ol' bendy: turn sections: transfer track: F-O-O-T-E-R-S!!!
  3. the back of X is pretty cool. but i love how the front of goliath just sort of dangles over the drop.
  4. i LOVE sfmm's funnel cakes, and universal stuios' frozen chocolate-covered bananas!
  5. ANY haunted maze. and thrill shot made me nervous seeing the towers sway.
  6. it is the winner of the contest! what professional park would name their coaster THAT!? i mean, the name alone sounds like something you would see in rct3. lol
  7. i think the colors are well picked. it looks like a trail of fire burning through the woods.
  8. i waited an hour for the Santa Monica West Coaster. BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!!
  9. what where the boarding passes about? the security guards kept handing them to me but i never had to use them.
  10. here are the pics! i will leave you with this sign that was over the soda machine. this has not been altered in any way! afterward we stopped by burger king for grub! grrr! now gimme some candy! thank God! oh, wait. its not. eeeeew! anything but mr. six! OH NO! it's mr. six! it's a zombie stud BOO! after the parade and Carnage E Hall and blood falls, we decided to end our night in monster alley the scariest monster of them all! night falls over gotham insert caption here actually, this crowd was light compared to at night! tyler: I HATE LINES! Move stupid car! see anything new? neither do i. ooh! support heads. ooh! long supports. what are those red things? move stupid bus! hello giant spider! hello giant parking lot with nowhere to park! Welcome to six flags it woun't be the same without you! From here you get a better view of where they are taking it apart. and it's being taken apart Here Comes X! newhall land (big whoop) same pic as all the other times.
  11. i was. the crowds where outrageous. i got there at 3:00pm and had to park in the back of the dirt parking lot. we where only able to get in 3 attractions (backwards colossus, carnage E hall, and blood falls) before closing time . the line for scream was out to Carnage E Hall. the line for Carnage was out to Gothom. the line for batman was all the way to the entrence. i will have the pics up soon. it was so busy, i could not even make it to the left side of the park! so my pics will pretty much be a fright fest TR.
  12. every thread on this topic (which is better), ALWAYS ends in a flame war. i mean look at this: http://www.rcttown.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1946
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