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  1. wow, sfmm and cp are really at eachother's necks to have that one title. but at least CP has a sense of humor. lol.
  2. well it is in samurai summit. it makes sense. i kinda like the colors.
  3. best : revenge of the mummy. (either one) worst: flashback sfmm. it was fun but rougher than the other parts of the ride.
  4. i actually liked flashback. sure it is bumpy, but i have been on rides that are MUCH more rough.
  5. i saw the 40 year old virgin on saturday, it's was really dirty. lol.
  6. obviously, you haven't been there on a weekend or holiday. lol. even gold rusher gets a long line full of whiny kids.
  7. GLASS HOUSE, one of the best movies on the planet. other than the fact that i know one of the actors from the movie. 8)
  8. i have worked with professional haunted houses for a long time, so i know how to really get people's heart racing. first, you need lots of hanging obstacles for the people to walkthrough, (bodybags, skeletons, etc.). it all depends on how much expense you want to go through. you absolutely NEED music, i would recommend the soundtracks from signs, X-files, exorcist, anything that fits well with your theme. you should keep to one theme. have scare-actors where people are most vulnerable (where there is fog, strobes, and dark would be the most vulnerable place.). have a lot of corners, and curves, it is also important to have a long corridor as well. if, you have it go through your house, be sure to use the garage and backyard. NEVER POINT STROBES DIRECTLY AT THE PATRONS. strobes go well in a foggy area. use fans, to make it cold. when people get cold, they become more vulnerable. hang wires from the ceiling, so when the people walk through them, they feel like spider webs. blacklights are good in small amounts (unless you are doing a 3D maze). here is a trick i learned a few years back. lay a row of PVC Pipes on the ground, and lay boards on the pipes. (be sure to have a handrail) when people walk on the platform, the floor shifts. this place will be of a lot of help: http://www.dumptv.com/holidaze/halloween/hall-house.html or if you are looking to pick up ideas from other people i would recommend this place: http://www.deathndementia.com/category/halloween.html
  9. when you go on rides like TTD of S:TE, rain drops feel like rocks!
  10. oh wow. catching breath. that was funny. i'm still laughing!
  11. the first loop on batman the ride at SFMM. not so much of a black out, but a grey out.
  12. i have a siberian husky. he looks like niko, he is just black and white, and both his eyes are blue.
  13. i rode goliath at sfmm, when i was eleven. i was scared sh*tless. i had to wait for 3 hours making the ride even scarier. AND by the time i got on it, it was well into the night, so i didn't know what was happening. i should have bought my onride pic. i was SO scared. now it is pretty tamed to me.
  14. wow! i am on the 6:30 diet. i woun't eat any food after 6:30pm it kinda works in curving my appetite.
  15. i wandered around looking for pics of magic mountain a year ago and found out that this place is pretty cool. so 11 months of looking at pics, i decide to join.
  16. Hey everyone, SFMMFREAK asked a good question, but unfortunatly there wasn't a poll, and this is a question that screams "TURN ME INTO A POLL!!!!" So even if you've already replied, please vote for your sign! --Robb Original post only said: what's your sign? i'm a gemini.
  17. writers are SOOOOO unoriginal now. every movie they have been making are remakes. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House Of Wax, The Honeymooners, Dukes Of Hazard, and on, and on, and on. it is really irritating.
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