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  1. Thank you for the great TR about my birthday 8)
  2. ^^^ Yes, the name is Camping Turist . I like Croatia
  3. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and thanks to Sören for show the photos here. --Fynn
  4. Hey Sören, great TR. I can´t wait to see the first match on the 14th. You know, I am a big Werder Bremen fan, too --Fynn
  5. Wow, thanks for all the nice words. However, Graig you can be sure he only told me some good things. --Fynn
  6. ^^^Hey Craig, my brother (Sören) told me a few things about you (only good things)! You are welcome... --Fynn
  7. Thanks for all the nice words. We really had a good time there! I think it is 1.500km --Fynn
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