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  1. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!! that makes the coaster SCARIER. i felt the exact same way on my first ride on Goliath at sfmm. after the drop, you will feel a scense of euphoric ecstacy and just pure fun! then you will be hooked!
  2. i'm the one in the group that MAKES everyone else go on the scariest coaster.
  3. i am goin to a grad party at sfmm with all my other classmates at sfmm in june. 1. sfmm LOTS OF TIMES 2. universal studios 3. disneyland (maybe) 4. pacific park 5. many others
  4. depends on who i am with. if i am with my funnier friends, whe'll scream our lungs out on the tinest, least scary part, as a joke. Or well have screaming contests on rides like buccaneer (when one side goes up they all scream as hard as they can, and the other side has to beat that). but if it is my first time on a rollercoaster, that really scares me (like my first ride on millenium force) i will scream. i will never forget how hard i screamed on the drop, on my first ride on X, or goliath.
  5. actually, we do know. remember the "Q BLDG" and "Q WALK" markers. (wehere the path used to be.
  6. i have 2. universal studios, and of course, SFMM BABY!!!
  7. looks like riddler's crew marked up the park... and you know, some of those markers could be for fright fest (decoration spots, side shows etc..)
  8. WELCOME TO CLAYVILLE MANOR In the 1800's a wealthy man by the name of John A. Clayville built the house of his dreams in the Red Hills. He knew the hills where haunted but he refused to go anywhere else. two years later he was found brutally murdered in his cellar. The house was later left abandoned becase nobody wanted to live in such a haunted place. In 1923 a group of young boys snuck into the old mansion for a halloween scare... they got more than the bargined for. out of the four children, only one survived. He said, " We where in the old living room, when we heard a noise. Tim wanted to turn back and go home, but we told him to be a man and find out what it was. In a split second a loud bang came flashing through the halls and Alex crashed through the third floor window. I turn around and Tim was gone. David and i where alone. As we where running for dear life, the house came back to life. all the burnt out lights came on so strong most of them bursted. Then a loud boom rang through the house followed by every window shattering. Before I knew it david had disappeard." When police came to the house, none of the windows where broken, none of the lightbulbs had bursted. the house was exactly the same. the cellar: The hall where the noise supposedly came from: the gardens:
  9. X, it's so short but has so much meaning. i don't see any other coasters that only have 1 letter in the entire name!
  10. i live a few miles away. it was raining ash a little while ago.
  11. i couldn't tell ya, the ladies naturally love me. in fact THEY ASKED ME to mud wrastle with them! as in these pics :o :shock: : -good times-
  12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre any of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies JAWS Blair Witch Project (original, sequal sucked) Alien The Ring 1 &2 Boogeyman
  13. That JP ride looks so scary. i would probably wet my pants befor i whent in.
  14. and that would be a huge opprotunity to show the public what they've never seen before.
  15. after about 7 inversions, it would get pretty boring. i think it might be the longest flying coaster.
  16. *screams in DATman's face* THEY'RE NOT GETTING RID OF FLASHBACK, SO GIVE IT UP!!!!! *catches breath, looks around room* Anyhoo, i think the new coaster is going to be a major record breaker. You know, somethin to dangle over Cedar Point's head, and brag about.
  17. Maybe you shouldn't ride it then...I found it really bumpy and painful too...so I choose not to ride it! shorter line for me then
  18. i will when i am done adding trees and themeing. along with a vid of the press day.
  19. here's a teaser vor the new ride (vid and pics) vid: blue streak.wmv pics: in the station: the monsterous tower:
  20. i love revolution, especially at night, when you come out of the tunnel and see all the bright lights of six flags plaza. and Flashback is really not as bad as people make it sound.
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