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  1. I believe that Revolution will be closed for nearly the entire construction period of the new ride. Chris B oh yeah, i totally forgot. tyler wount be happy. oh well. i am starting to get anxious about how long it will take before it goes VERTICAL.
  2. i am going tomorrow, i might bring camera. i just wanna know if revy is still closed. And thanx arrowmanfan for the update! they are really moving along! sad to hear about X :? , but hey, there's still goliath and Deja Vu.
  3. Before he died, Dr. Clayville built a secret getaway machine that only he knew about. It was built to give a speedy escape when the ghosts of the Red Hills came for him. Unfortunately, when he had gotten into his getaway machine, the ghosts twisted and mangled the track. the machine crashed in a matter of minutes. Still, nobody knows about the track... Until today. You have been specifically asked to spend a night in Clayville Manor. The ghosts that reside in the Red Hills lurk the halls...waititing. The very walls that hold together the callaboration of rooms and corridors are embedded with secrets. But remember, all secrets are kept behind closed doors. final teaser (click the picture):
  4. HA that's you that works at goldrusher?! i thought you looked familiar when i whent on.
  5. sfmm has THE most snobby tourist ever! they complain about the heat, they complain about when a SBNO ride is closed, they complain when they can't find a ride (too dumb to look at a map or ask someone), they complain about prices, they complain about EVERYTHING! i think they should call their groups CRYBABIES TOURING CALIFORNIA! But their not all bad, the ones from the UK are fun to talk to, and they don't whine half as much.
  6. hell, move it sfmm, that's what they did with flashback.
  7. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! *catching breath* at least the costumes are anatomically correct.
  8. imagine having to hear superman every 10 minutes. from 9:30am to midnight!
  9. they already have plenty of pretty good hotels, 2 shopping centers, restaraunts, and a movie theater just down the street. i don't think they need any more... i think it would be VERY cool to have a new section of the park added.
  10. it took a lot to get me to ride Goliath for the first time.
  11. it will in the next vid. AND there will be a little addidition to the story.
  12. because of the amount of axiles that put the riders in flying position, this is gonna definitely have a dual atation. 7cars-per-train + 14 axiles = dual station
  13. Vid #2. Please, if you have not seen the first vid or read the story, please do before watching. This vid focuses more on the disappearence of the 3 boys. click on the pic for video:
  14. it looks like he has giant ears for cheeks. and in the second pic, is that guy wearing LEATHER pants?!
  15. can't wait for the update. Looks like they are making some progress, so i wonder how much they've got done now. (page 69, ooooooh yeah )
  16. turn sfmm's parking lot into a parking complex, it would take up less space and leave more parking spots for those who come in the middle of the day, who can never find a parking spot.
  17. actually, i never use custom scenery. but I do layer, mix and everything else with scenery. and each vid will show a different part of the house.
  18. in this vid, you get to see more of the story than the coaster. The story will unravel more in the corrosponding vids teaser vid (click black box):
  19. loading/ unloading station one of the many rooms in the sprawling mansion Nothing good can be in this cellar
  20. i saw monster in law last night. pretty funny.
  21. i've been on many broken down coasters. maybe every coaster at sfmm. revenge of the mummy, etc...
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