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  1. you mean.... they're.....actually.............DEMOLISHING IT! noooooooooooooo! now how am i supposed to get up the hill without exorcising???! it's just not fair!!!!
  2. (me when i had long hair) trying to figure out how to blow out a candle: just me being dirty
  3. they're not cheating the system, there is such a condition where you can walk but only a limited amount. and sfmm is a lot of walking my friend.
  4. not very many six flags magic mountain (of course) disneyland california daventure adventuredome universal studios hollywood stratospshere tower nascar cafe buffalo bill's cedar point six flags mexico six flags great america
  5. the people who designed deja vu where not a very bright bunch. i noticed the last time i whent. the handycap entrance to deja vu has stairs.
  6. there was an article on it in a magazine. i dunno if it is real or not. it says the name is FLIGHT OF THE FALCON (or something like that). the pic was a concept painting of a jet the the people sitting on the wings. a jet themed ride? who knows.
  7. colossus at sfmm runs backwards during fright fest. it is really fun. bumpy, but fun.
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