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  1. all the coasters are scary on your first ride. But oh man, Deja Vu still gets me every time. especially the back row in the outside seat.
  2. just beware of the offramp, it is an accident waiting to happen.
  3. i know a less popular road that nobody uses to magic mountain. takes you directly to it without the traffic on the freeway. don't you wish i would tell you,
  4. my legs are VERY sore and i have to do running all week next week, for PE -50 yard dash -180 -1 mile -2 mile -600 yard
  5. its the only small thing in someone's pants that everybody wants!
  6. i guess i could be marked under doodle. i didn't really spend much time on it.
  7. the person who sits next to me in algebra BREATHS REALLY LOUD!!!
  8. i was bored today so i decided to draw some of the people from TPR. here's Elissa. there is more to come. http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/86/elyssa7vn.th.jpg[/img] not bad for a 13 year old? huh?
  9. *taping finger on table impatiently.* i hope i get those pics soon. *swallows back a bunch of horse pills and continues taping finger*
  10. unfortunately, no. and no incredibly politically incorrect, completely offensive Wok either. lol
  11. PARK PHOTOS an old favorite Insanity at night: Boomerangs's station: Boomerang at night: Falcon: Falcon's station:
  12. new car the car my parents bought. they call it an uplander, i call it a space ship. lol
  13. a quick little doodle i made in 5 minutes th finished version will be tomorrow.
  14. i'm making a concept drawing on what i think it might be like that i will show you guys tomorrow.
  15. this is a pic i took of my brother Peter during Christmas, looks like he likes the Lakers jersey i bought him: what's on TV???!!
  16. actually, the braking system i put up there is very complex.
  17. here is my new park, it is a WIP, so be patient. but here is a teaser vid for one of the rides teaser vid: insanity.wmv park pics coming soon
  18. the reason most people pick their nose is because they DON'T like boogers. think about it.
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