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  1. Update from this weekend - looking good! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Full album - https://www.facebook.com/pg/XtremeCoasters/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2611694218943347
  2. It has been interesting to see various media completely screw up the initial press release. They clearly think 'Disney World' and Disneyland Paris are the same thing, which the latter is what they are basing the claim on. If the second gate does open a few years later then it may be a similar size.. but they shouldn't get ahead of themselves. There are some good people behind the project now, so as long as the finance and planning process go through okay, we should be good. Will certainly give Merlin a kick up the ass which the UK really needs. No more rides based around horror!
  3. Zadra is nearly ready to go! Source: XtremeCoasters.net - full album here.
  4. Update from today - the B&M hyper is looking good! Station, transfer and brake run track, along with the three maintenance bays have been installed. Really will be the Fury for Hershey Park - can sense the scale of the ride when walking to the entrance already!
  5. Great report! The area looks beautiful. I notice the Vekoma train has a strange cage / netting type structure on - I wonder why the clearances have made this necessary.
  6. Today Chessington have opened Room on a Broom - A Magical Journey. It's a nice walk-through attraction for younger guests, based on the popular childern's book by author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler.
  7. It's just disappointing that Merlin cannot come up with exciting new ride concepts. It's another horror themed attraction that a lot of people will not pay for if it is an upcharge. Alton Towers has never particularly had a 'horrible history', so I'm sceptical about how unique the attraction will be to the park. The location is awful - in a kids area between the bright and colourful Burger Restaurant and the rest of Cloud Cuckoo Land.
  8. With Merlin's cut backs, operations have certainly been tighter which is a shame considering the park has historically always had efficient operations. On Wicker Man, the trains were being starved of guests in the station as they had not got the pre show batching right, so are still in the middle of finding the balance. Like most coasters, Nemesis does warm up throughout the day, but is generally a consistent ride wherever you sit. You can cut down on the walking by using the Skyride, but appreciate it has been down a lot lately due to 'the heat'.. hmm.
  9. Just sharing a Wicker Man front and back POV that we shot at the weekend with permission from the park. It's no Mystic Timbers but can hold its own. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  10. Exactly - and it is well known the the other topper track RMC's such as Goliath, Wildfire and Outlaw run have not experienced such maintenance issues, so one could assume the launch is the problem. However, even a vague blog post /statement from Dollywood would prevent some disappointment and frustration.
  11. I visited Dollywood two weeks ago from the UK as part of a multiple park road trip. LR was the only coaster down out of all the rides in the seven parks we visited. Whatever the reason, launch or not, it's unacceptable that the ride is still experiencing such downtime in its third year. Must be a huge thorn in the side for the park, and as suggested, just stick a lift hill on the coaster and be done with it, if that's what it will take to make it reliable. We still had a great time at the resort and LR's downtime didn't affect what was a wonderful stay where the hospitality is hard to beat.
  12. Beautiful looking trains! Reminds me of the detail that went in to the Dueling Dragons.
  13. Efteling doesn't know the meaning of tacky - it's one of the most beautifully themed parks in the world. I doubt they would screw that up.
  14. Today, Chessington hosted the media preview for their new area for 2018, Land of the Tiger, featuring Tiger Rock. Dragon Falls, the classic Mack Log Flume, has been rethemed in to the new area and is now intertwined with Tiger enclosures containing rare Amur Tigers. Here's some photos from today: ..and a POV of Tiger Rock: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  15. So is that what looks like space for a block brake in the middle? Rather bizarre that there is just a straight piece of track before the helix.
  16. So X:\ No Way Out is finally no more.. and the zombies have taken over. Here's some footage from the media event last night. Spoilers.. obviously. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  17. No idea what you are going on about, but then most would disagree with your signature, too. Merlin have themed some coasters very well - Saw, Swarm and Inferno at Thorpe Park are good examples of that. Nemesis, is still subjectively one of the best themed inverts out there. But all some way behind the likes of Taron, Shambhala, and Disney and Universal coasters obviously. What is refreshing about it is that the theme is generally not 'run down' or 'dilapidated', like a lot of Merlin rides, which can sometimes we used as an excuse not to maintain them. The pre show and station on this ride are stunning, with some of the best theming and effects used since Hex.
  18. Here's some off-ride footage from yesterday's preview event. It's a great looking coaster, themed exceptionally well and rides pretty solidly. Not the most thrilling GCI, but over time the ride will sell itself. No gimmicks needed.
  19. No loss really. All of the above attractions have dwindled in popularity over the years. It would be nice for the Frozen area to feature a ride like Everest. It's a beautiful theme, so would be good for the whole family to enjoy an attraction in the land as opposed to just the littler ones, and be something else unique to Paris.
  20. It is an odd theme really - there could have been plenty of names for the ride in keeping with the story they wanted that are not associated with the corny movie of the same name. One of the first things the UK press did was associate it with the movie. For the park marketing department to then have to correct them, I am not sure why they didn't come up with an original name in the first place. Still, can't wait to ride.
  21. You did indeed take a photo of Vampire's old entrance. A lot of the original, beautiful theming has been removed - especially when they added the floorless trains. It has always been more of a majestic ride compared to the likes of Big Bad Wolf, Ninja etc - but was smoother with the original Arrow trains. It used to run three trains and dispatch every 40 seconds or so - a far cry from what it will do now. I wish Chessington would take a leaf out of Phantasialand's book - they are similar size parks, both have tough restrictions in place with the neighbours, and generally both attract a wide audience. The quality of your day out must have been very different. Great report!
  22. Correct me if I am wrong, but we have yet to see a park with consistently great operations run an RMC. I'm sure CP will speed up the whole restraint checking process compared to what we have seen at Six Flags and elsewhere..
  23. Colossus is a bit of a nightmare at the moment - has been running on one train for a while with some awful queue times. Concerning as the busiest period of the year is approaching. Saw queue times are no different to others - so not sure why they are doing that as they have no real way to measure so specifically. Hope you had a good day!
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