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  1. It would not be such a bad thing if Cyclone went under the RMC treatment. Yes it is a classic, but ridership is low and generally it is not seen as an exciting ride by the GP. People ride, experience how uncomfortable it is and don't bother coming back.
  2. The Swarm will be accessible from both directions in the future, when they develop the land on the adjacent island next it. Eventually this will form a loop and connect with the area behind Rumba Rapids. There's already a space for the future path between the low turnaround and final turn.
  3. Some more photos of opening weekend here. As much as the rock work is missed - they have done a really good job with the Runaway Train.
  4. Yes, but your opinion is irrelevant to a park - that wants a good looking, high capacity, reliable, fun ride that will still pull in the crowds like an Intamin can.
  5. The trains on Vampire do not track half as well as the Arrow versions, and are a nightmare with capacity due to sticky restraints you have to pull down to release. Plus there's the seatbelts. Better off keeping the current ones - especially as they will have Banshee next door.
  6. I liked the purple and green - that colour scheme seems to be in decline!
  7. Love the bat head, such a beautiful design. Note that this was then used on Vampire at Chessington, before that was neutered! Do we know what is happening to the trains? Just a paint?
  8. True - however they have not started putting them back yet. Nice update from the 20th here.
  9. I love how they have slotted the ride in a tight space, but have been so sympathetic to the surroundings. It's a beautiful park.
  10. Does anyone know how the park is doing now? I haven't been keeping that up to date, but last I heard is that the government were planning to close the railway line which serves the park, which was a bit of a concern!
  11. Hmm, yes the Batmen may not have the scenery and the landscape, but they are equally as good as Nemesis in my books. The back to back loops and Zero-G are nuts.
  12. I wouldn't say it is rough, but lots of shuffling is felt towards the back of the train. Like Saw, it has crazy transitions which just throws you around in the seat - and the OTSR's are not the most comfortable out there.
  13. Ditto - it's a very photogeneic ride! Loved it, but have got serious bruises on my shoulders from four rides over the last two days.
  14. In this instance though the dog is on the chain rather than the car. This also works as the anti rollback, and the magnetic brakes prevent the car from rolling backwards should the chain snap.
  15. I think this photo sums up the Smiler - incredible. Credit to Matt - more of his photos here.
  16. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Awesome new testing video from AltonTowersMemories.
  17. All of the track installed has been seen from the air - so there is no room for this made up washing machine element. The disorientator is simply the indoor inversion with strobes.
  18. It's a shame the music has been removed - but I don't think it added anything to what is a great ride anyway. At least the throughputs will be a little higher again.
  19. Trust Mack to ace the throughputs! Will be interesting to ride this as I have only done Sierra Sidewinder which I thought was fun, but more of a kiddy coaster. The immelmann turn looks great.
  20. They will probably create the most outrageous water park in the world if their theme park theming is anything to go by..
  21. Such weird looking track. Should be amazing though. Will get to Texas eventually..
  22. Is it bad that I look at S&S concepts like that and just think *sigh* = it'll be rough and unreliabe.. Great coverage
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