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  1. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Awesome new testing video from AltonTowersMemories.
  2. All of the track installed has been seen from the air - so there is no room for this made up washing machine element. The disorientator is simply the indoor inversion with strobes.
  3. It's a shame the music has been removed - but I don't think it added anything to what is a great ride anyway. At least the throughputs will be a little higher again.
  4. Trust Mack to ace the throughputs! Will be interesting to ride this as I have only done Sierra Sidewinder which I thought was fun, but more of a kiddy coaster. The immelmann turn looks great.
  5. They will probably create the most outrageous water park in the world if their theme park theming is anything to go by..
  6. Such weird looking track. Should be amazing though. Will get to Texas eventually..
  7. Is it bad that I look at S&S concepts like that and just think *sigh* = it'll be rough and unreliabe.. Great coverage
  8. Shame really, but not surprising. I've only visited the park twice, and on my second visit the ride was very painful. Not because it was particularly rough, but one of the running wheels had blown, leaving a bite shaped chunk out of it. I informed a ride op who did nothing. The ride was only shut down when I complained to guest relations on how serious of an issue it was..
  9. Nice try Very sleek looking though, just wish the Swarm had the extra helix at the end.
  10. Looks exactly how Swarm did on its first runs and first thing in the morning. As mentioned it does appear to have a less of an inline tiwst off the lift and more of a dive, hence why the train starts off quicker.
  11. It is, and it's a very good ride - but it still feels quite fluid and controlled unlike the older coasters.
  12. It rips your head off with 7 cars - imagine it with 8.. So it looks like they are creating a new path to get really close to the ride? Dragon Khan has only ever been photographed from the front - so it'll be nice to get some orginal views and appreciate the Shambhala water splash.
  13. "Yet another Thorpe Park cock up" - Really?! That's a bit harsh. Suggest how they could have done things any differently to avoid this "cock up"? Pretty sad really - wouldn't be surprised if that was you who contacted the BBC. Do you expect a ride on opening day to run absolutely smoothly from the word go? Errors would pop up on any ride when it first starts running with train loads of people. You shouldn't even have a camera on there anyway..
  14. It's by the helicopter on the low turn. The ride has now been handed back over Merlin Studios - there's various things which have not been installed / finished such as station queue TV's, fire ball from the fire engine and the splash. It's not working completely in sync yet and is due to be finished this coming week ready for opening day. More photos from Saturday.. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150320486888495.350458.213894828494&type=1 Amazing ride!
  15. I've actually got tickets for this Saturday where the Swarm will be running for the friends and family preview day. Will post some pics after.
  16. I think it's the fact it's so exposed and pretty much on top of a hill towering above everything around it. What an advert for the park though..
  17. The second pic was taken late last season - note the scare maze tents.
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