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  1. I really do hope Merlin sell the parks to an owner who puts the customer experience first. Their focus is clearly sucking all of the profits from them and expanding midway attractions which are literally all about quantity and not quality. If you have been to one Sealife or Legoland Discovery Center, you have been to them all. Merlin doomed the parks as soon as they bought out Tussauds by selling the land they sat on to an investor, who then charges significant rent halving the profitability. Seems like this was a move to recoup the money they had to shell out to buy them in the first place. It is only Chessington they still own outright, as the land is so valuable. Heide Park pales in comparison to most other German parks. The traditional charm, beauty and quality attractions are just being taken out for tacky IP based rides which are clearly not helping attendance. Fingers crossed Colossos will reopen - but generally Merlin don't spend major money on anything that won't see a decent return on investment.
  2. I appreciate HP is a huge money-maker for Universal, but developing it should not be at the expense of an absolutely incredible, completely unique attraction which is still loved by many. As mentioned above, the reason for removal may solely be down to maintenance. The Hulk had to be rebuilt and the same may now apply to the Dragons which would be twice the cost. Universal are a business, so would it be worthwhile spending that amount of cash on a ride that may not make a return like an HP attraction would? Unlikely..
  3. Aerial update showing a decent overview of the construction site here. And for fun..
  4. Some nice new construction photos. Brake run is now appearing and work continues on the remainder of the foundations and theming feature. Rest of the photos here.
  5. They definitely push down if you don't do it yourself.
  6. Thats looks absolutely awesome. Love this ride system.
  7. Looks great! I believe opening has been pushed back until December, so they have plenty of time.
  8. Ten days after my planned visit, damn. Let's hope for a soft opening!
  9. As Air was the prototype it opened with various differences from today's flyers, including those arm rests - which were less comfortable.
  10. Hi Zach, This particular weekend is actually one of the busiest of the year. Schools are out and the event is always slammed as it's close to halloween. I would definitely recommened Fastrack - it is expensive but totally worth it. The mazes can be really good, but only as good as your typical Six Flags maze.
  11. The lower track sections of the loop where presumably there are higher G's seem to be thicker, but difficult to tell without further close up pics. If you compare an older pic: With a new pic: .. you can see that the main loop supports are different and have a round connector similar to what Valravn has on some parts, eg the main drop.
  12. The later B&M's use this type of connection opposed to the ball and socket joint, mentioned on the previous page. You look at rides like Nemesis and the track literally moves and bends in front of you with the weight of the train. Newer rides do not do this and are clearly a lot more rigid, which I am assuming is one thing the Hulk definitely needs to be with its operational hours.
  13. The tri-support they have placed is the same as the previous one - left hand side of corkscrew.
  14. I have been five times this year and never experienced these issues. The staff are not the best, but efficiency is something that Thorpe Park have never had a problem with. I guess it just may be that annoying time of year when the park is flooded with school kids..
  15. Horizontal shooting mode on the iPhone is always good!
  16. Great pics. Taron looks breathtaking and it's about a quarter done..
  17. Thanks for the great report - I'm visiting here next week. £100 ($150) for two tickets - ouch! Hope it's worth it..
  18. Fantastic photos. Especially loved the ones of the park (and more) from the tower.
  19. Beautiful. I like how even the railings on the lift hill steps are custom.
  20. All of the wing coaster inlines look like that - it's due to the strange position of the heartline. B&M just don't screw up with these kinda things..
  21. Photo of the new lodges development 'Enchanted Village'. http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/blog/2015/01/07/mi7-strikes-again-alton-towers-resort-aerial-update-part-2/
  22. Further photos of the base here: http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/blog/2015/01/06/mi7-strikes-again-alton-towers-resort-aerial-update-part-1/ Apparently it will be a Zamperla clone, not sure which model yet.
  23. Attached is a pic of the beer hall - amazing atmosphere. The food is pretty genuine - bratwurst, currywurst, chocolate covered fruit etc - just damn expensive. Bavarian Village
  24. Nice pics! You photographed our group on Balder during our ERT in the morning! As Robb has stated - the hospitality at this park is incredible, and I have never been somewhere where they treat fans so well.
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